Just My…Favorites 2011: Beats

In 2011 we saw a resurrection of the older producers with the addition of different elements to beat making. In part 2 of 4 we would like to share some of our favorite productions from 2011. It’s always good to hear a great song come from an excellent beat. So let’s get into it…


1. XV – Wichita (prod. by Just Blaze)

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better here comes another jewel from Just Blaze. I know I hyped this track up all year, not to say XV was slacking but this beat was epic to me. When the melody kind of switches I swear my face gets ugly.

2. Skyzoo – The Definitive Prayer (prod. by David Axelrod)

Sounds like a jazz band is just freestyling and letting it all out. The instruments used in the beat were all pure and the composition was pretty clever. The drummer was spazzing in the background with the horns were bananas.

3. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Excellence (prod. by Symbolic One)

This is the second part of the beat to Murder to Excellence for those not in the know. The pitch of sample in the background just had me levitating with the funky a@# drums doing their thing. The drops in the beat were on point and the melody was just right for the song. The pattern of the bass was on point and it wasn’t too much. Nice and simple that’s something to appreciate.

4. Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers (prod. by Tyler, The Creater)

Another simple beat that just took me to that dark place. For the rest of 2011 I had wished to hear people cyphering over this beat, it’s just right for that type of thing. The chorus part of the beat just had me OD-ing. The long dragging bass was perfect for the song. That synth just made the beat IMO. I don’t listen to a lot of instrumentals but this is one beat that I could just listen to without anybody on it if I had to.

5. Kendrick Lamar – ADHD (prod. by Sounwave)

That Jet Age sample that Sounwave used was just so pure. He took the best part of the sample and catered it to Kendrick’s flow. The drum pattern was on point for sure. He took a mellow sounding sample and made a hyper sounding beat. Not sure if those are strings near the end or just a synth but it’s presence is correct for this type of production.


1. Common – Blue Sky (prod. by No I.D.)

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why. The vocal sample tacked on top of the pounding drums always gets my adrenaline pumping. I also like the filtering done throughout the track and the violins added during the chorus. This was a great song but the beat contributed a lot to it, this joint bangs!

2. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Murder (prod. by Swizz Beatz)

This is the first beat of ‘Murder to Excellence’. It sound like little kids singing in a choir or something, smh. Leave it to Swizz Beatz to add an INCREDIBLE groove to the sample. Damn. This joint had me walking through corporate offices humming “la la laaaa la!!….”. The piano keys and bassline took this beat to another level.

3. Oddisee – The Carter Barron (prod. by Oddisee)

You hear that Curtis Mayfield sample start out sounding so smooth and then a drum-less melody comes in for a few seconds then the full beat comes in. The beat is full of live instruments that came together so well as it does in a symphony. Its bassline impressive and whoever was on the drums deserves a hand shake right about now. The remix at the end is an added treat for listeners, its like the cherry on top. The beat will take you on a journey and was perfect riding music for me, it got major spins in the whip.

4. Currensy – Success Is My Cologne (prod. by The Alchemist)

I promised Alchemist never ceases to amaze me. The tempo of this beat is kinda hesitant, then you hear those soft voices along with a nice deep bassline. The voices sound like some Final Fantasy ish, kinda futuristic. At one point it sounds like a voice says “breatheee”, incredible work from Alchemist. However you want to label this beat, its definitely a different groove that I’ve come to enjoy extensively since it dropped earlier this year. ‘jetlife jetlife jetlife…’ Haha

5. Common – Summer Madness (prod by. No I.D.)

Ain’t nothing like a crazy electric guitar melody. Listen to it during the chorus…my goodness. (plays imaginary guitar) . The sample shines here but the organ and bass guitar help give the beat even more feeling. This beat always gives me the chills, it’s a real laid back production but it still has crazy energy if you ask me. This is a nice song but the beat is the star and always will be. Props to No I.D.

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Part 3 coming tomorrow….

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