The Weeknd drops a new mixtape (my 2 cents on it)!!

So The Weeknd decides to drop a random mixtape as far as I’m concerned and the mystery around this guy is no longer such a big deal. The name of the new project is called Echoes of Silence and it’s a short project with 9 tracks. For the tracks that were placed on the project I think that maybe 3 tracks will stay with me longer. One of those 3 tracks influenced me to write about the recent release and you won’t have to guess too hard which track that was.
The Weeknd -D.D.

I originally thought that he was going to slaughter such a classic track but I was impressed by the amount of energy present in the rendition. I like how the instruments are live and I like how he added the bridges in the song. It was mellow but hype at some parts just like the original! A very impressive track, especially because he didn’t try to mimick Mike’s notes and the tones that he used in the original.

Another track on the mixtape that I found to be decent was called “Outside”. This song is very airy, it absolutely sounds like a track that they would have playing in the background if there was a sex scene in Crouching Dragon Hidden Dragon. Sorry str8 to the gutter ha!
The Weeknd – Outside

The production was complex and The Weeknd sounded just like The Weeknd on this track, a true R&B track if I ever heard one. You can hear the emotion in his voice and the lyrics seem like they mean something to him. I like the overall feel of the song and the composition was pure.

There’s a track on Echoes of Silence called “Same Old Song” and it trapped me from the first guitar note. It has a gloomy feel to it and it kind of reminds me of some of the Gorillaz work. I like how he layers the choruses in the song, it just gives it more of an umph. The electric sounds used in the song match the mood perfectly and provide an exotic melody.
The Weeknd – Same Old Song

The listening experience is something different compared to what you would tend to hear nowadays. There is so much true emotion in the song and you can hear it, there’s no denying that. It’s songs like this that make me want to go listen to some of his earlier work to make sure that I’m not missing out on that good music ya dig.

Well maybe I lied earlier about there just being 3 songs that would stick with me. The fourth song that I really liked is called “The Fall”. The other songs on the tape are just blah in my opinion, strictly for the girls.

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