The Three Degrees – If And When

So I’m cleaning up and got random oldies blasting through the crib. A song came on I never heard and as it progressed I started to ponder, “Hol up, I heard that voice before” and then “damn, listen to those notes….beautiful”. The entire song is great, ain’t nothing like oldies man. It happened to be a sample I have been trying to identify since 2006 from a song I heard. I always loved the voice tones in it. Take a listen to the original and some tracks that sampled it… Continue reading


My Top 5 Fav Tupac tracks

It’s amazing how music can stay with you for such a long time and you still fall back on that music whenever you are in a mood where the new music won’t satisfy your thirst. I have to admit that I wasn’t a Tupac fan for a long time, mainly stemming from that whole conflict with the East Coast and Big. It’s inevitable that good music cannot be ignored for long, you will be drawn to it sooner or later. His music touched on so many points, social inequalities, emotions, and reality. I want to acknowledge right now that he has a variety of great songs but I want to take this to time to share with you my top 5 favorite songs of his. Continue reading

Something interesting that caught my ear

While doing some browsing the other day I came across a band that I had never heard before. This group called Radio Galaxy is a neo-soul/hip hop type of group. Their sound is very experimental but it contains some structure as well. Their take or perspective on how music is supposed to be pieced together is different from what I’ve heard from any band before. It’s like they listened to Common, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Jill Scott, and others and they just got it. They got what the music is and will always be about. Please check out their new release “We Come In Peace” Take a look at this video too Continue reading

What would The Roots sound like without Black Thought?

I got to thinking tonight while I was watching The Roots perform on tv and I was so drawn in by the whole composition of their music. Black Thought’s flow was effortless and it meshed so well with their instruments. At that moment I started to think what if Black Thought never was part of The Roots, what would their music sound like. I want to know what others think about that scenario too. Here’s what I came up with Continue reading