My Top 5 Fav Tupac tracks

It’s amazing how music can stay with you for such a long time and you still fall back on that music whenever you are in a mood where the new music won’t satisfy your thirst. I have to admit that I wasn’t a Tupac fan for a long time, mainly stemming from that whole conflict with the East Coast and Big. It’s inevitable that good music cannot be ignored for long, you will be drawn to it sooner or later. His music touched on so many points, social inequalities, emotions, and reality. I want to acknowledge right now that he has a variety of great songs but I want to take this to time to share with you my top 5 favorite songs of his.

5. Ambitionz Az A Ridah

I remember I first heard this song at my homie’s house back when I was a little notty headed figga. Sittin in the homies’ room lookin at that Death Row poster on his wall with Suge, Snoop, and Pac in all black while this sh#t blazed out of his boom box. At that time I believe I still wasn’t Pac fan but the beat had my head bobbin for sure. Now I like this song because it contains the spirit of a rebel. These are the words of a man who has a vendetta to settle and his soul won’t rest until all loose ends are fixed. My cousin also was bumpin this song in his hoopty back in the day. I remember riding 5 deep, I was the youngest by like 4 or 5 years, and everybody in the whip was mean muggin. I was sittin on the subwoofer in the back head nodding. Thug Life we still living it!

4. Dear Mama

There’s no way you can deny the greatness of this song. The stories are so relevant to parts of my life which is one of the reasons that I gravitated to it. This song make a brotha wanna cry, word to mother (no pun intended). You can feel the real in the song just by listening to the tone of voice that he used to deliver the lyrics. I love this song because it highlights the strength of the black woman also. Till this day I haven’t heard a song with this much emotion in it. Everytime I listen to this song I have to pick up the phone and give mom dukes a call. (sh%t dialing the number right now). How can someone take their thoughts and emotions and transcribe them on paper and make them rhyme and fit a melody, smh G!

3. Keep Ya Head Up

I recall seeing the video to this song when I was young and I was like ‘damn this video has people that resemble the people around me’. I’m not sure if I got the message of the song at that point or later. This is one of my favorite Pac songs because it sounds like an excerpt out of his unknown memoirs. The lyrics of the song are dead honest and are parallel with reality. It’s a song that I can listen to and still receive the message from it that was initially intended to be received. Through the obstacles and bad times you have to keep your head up. “tupac cares if don’t nobody else care” G sh#t!

2. Temptations

tryin to run a biz-ness around here“…lmao
Just the very conservation format of this song is sick. The song is full of mixed messages but the attitude that Pac displayed was so smooth. This song could be a slow jam at a house party, you know you don’t want to slow it down too much that’s a party killer. I like the overall feel of the song, it’s chill and the funky melody is second to none.

1. Changes

It was between this song or “Until The End of The Time”. Both songs address society’s problems and good times but Changes just hits on all cylinders. This is a track you could dance to and chill do. I remember the night of Obama’s Inauguration I walked out on the balcony of my apartment and heard somebody blasting this joint. This song is for the moments for sure.
cause I always gotta worry about the pay back
some chump that I roughed up way back
come back after all these years, rat-tat-tat

Those bars are so true, whenever I go back home sometimes some of my friends are a direct image of that line. It’s crazy how Pac captured reality within a couple of bars and it was so blunt that you if you never been thru what he was talking about then you can understand it in some manner. I think the singing during the chorus also touched me too. Just a classic song, outright.

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