Pac Div – The Div (Album Review)

With the release of that new Pac Div it’s only right that we throw in our two cents even though you might already own it, if not then maybe after reading this you may want to go make a purchase. Switching the format up a little for an easier read. Aight let’s get into it.

The Greatness is a song that has that soulful No I.D. feel. I think that Pac Div sounds right at home on this beat. If you have been listening to Pac Div for a while you will not be surprised by the content of the lyrics. The lyrics are humbling and contain stories of struggle and admiration.
repo man just trying to take your smile
clean man couldn’t even wipe me down with a Sham Wow

I love how they chose to start this album with this song.
Posted is a different type of sound that I haven’t heard from Pac Div. It’s got an international feel but contains the spirit of songs like Shut Up & Shine. If you haven’t seen the video for this joint, check it out. It’s definitely on some different shit. This is a track to chill to and maybe cruise to, especially because the bass is heavy in the song. “them yellow broads with me like they might be out the Simpsons“. LMAO

Useless featuring Asher Roth
Not really feeling this song. It’s got a cheesy beat and the lyrics don’t really help to make it any better. It sounds like it could have been on a post-The Div mixtape as a throwaway track. In all honesty, this song reminds me of the early Cool Kids tracks. Asher’s verse was ‘useless’.


PAC DIV: The Series, Episode 1 from CRÜZ on Vimeo.
Move One got that futuristic melody to it but I dislike the singing portions so much. A song for the women, maybe. “Rick James 3 times a day super freak……morning after I can’t find my Levi’s” lol. I like the beat switch near the end of the song, I would have rather had this been the whole song. Like road that beat smoothly.
She is a song that people have been raving about for a while and it finally made the album and now I know why people love it so much. Its a mellow track and the harmony makes the song easy to listen to. This track is radio friendly but it contains the essence of the golden era of hip hop. There’s gotta be a video for this track in the makes.
Chaos (The Recipe)
When I first heard the snippet to this song my face was like this.

I was hoping that this song had leaked so bad. “destiny….destiny….destiny“. The song got an airy feel to it and the bass just hits right. The lyrics are so down to earth and the background vocalist help to just take this song to another level. The chorus is witty and the drops in the beat are on point. The breakdown at the end is full of so much energy and sounds epic.


PAC DIV: The Series, Episode 2 from CRÜZ on Vimeo.

Life Is Good is a song that you can blast out your hoopty or at the house party. Will definitely make you want to move your body. Big Mibbs has that careless flow and Like sounds playful with his parts.
cool as a penguin
till I’m pudg like N.O.R.E.” lol
High Five is another smooth track to chill out to. The production has that 90’s Lord Finesse feel to it. You can tell from listening to tracks like these that Pac Div as a unit are thankful for the life they live and they don’t overly try to stand out. The flows are natural and the lyrics are thorough, 100%. If you didn’t believe my Lord Finesse reference wait to the end of the song.
Top Down featuring Skeme & Casey Veggies
I initially hated how the song started but when those taps came in and that bass just started to bang suuuuu! A track to get hype to and jump around to. Skeme come in ripping like he was Mystikal in the late 90’s. “let me get that head, let me get that head, girl can I get that head“. “corvettes and rolling stones” for those that missed that line, you gotta get that line. Rolling stones aka IROC Camaro. Man Casey Veggies has been rippin features lately and this track is not different. The beat switching at the end of the songs are excellent, I haven’t heard this sound before out of Pac Div.

The Last Break people

Number 1
The song sounds out of sync initially with the singing and all the tones in the song. Then that background keyboard sound mixes it all together well. The song is a conversation with the females, for the ladies. The bridge in the song is a bit risky and I’m not sure what I think about it. “a$$ so fat, you can’t fit it in your Honda“…goodness lol. That low pass filter at the end of the song with those exotic sounds are sex. “he wanna buy you Louis but his budget says Sears“…I f$%kin feel that bro
Brown is a song that just makes my face wrinkle too. Kudos to Like. “said up jumps da boogie da bang da beat“. An extremely chill track with lyrics that reflect the beat.
Thank You
All I can think about is that Golden Girls theme song. I was scared when I first heard the intro, I was afraid that it was going to turn out corny but Micky Park managed the whole thing well. This song is for the homies and the fans for sure.

If you are a Pac Div fan and you had faith that they could release two dope projects within 1 year then you will be extremely satisfied. The album is fresh and the essence of the group was not lost at all. The beats were banging and lyrics were real. A couple of tracks sound like throwaways but the rest of the album had a strong structure to it to a point where these weak tracks didn’t make the whole album collapse. I was impressed by the creativity of the group, especially with the addition of background vocalists to their songs and the extended productions, very risky, but played out well. If you haven’t purchased this album and you are in the market for something fresh, easy to listen to, and retains the spirit of that golden era of hip hop, well then, take your a#$ to itunes or amazon to pick this sh%t up and sync to your pod.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Top 3 Fav Songs:
The Greatness

Chaos (The Recipe)


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