Sample to Black Milk’ & Danny Brown’s “Nando”

This is crazy but I was listening to my freshly purchased copy of Black Milk & Danny Brown’s “Black & Brown” and I was like that shit is crae. Then I came to this track called Nandos and my head immediately began to bob. The song is short but within that 1 minute song I heard a familiar tune. First off peep this song.

Those drums are so funky. Seems like Black Milk took the theory behind The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd, which is if you play some of the tracks in reverse you can hear a subliminal, and used that airy sound to create something special. Now if you listen close you might can hear this sample by

Bananas huh?!?

2 thoughts on “Sample to Black Milk’ & Danny Brown’s “Nando”

  1. Let me tell you where I hear it at….listen to the first 10 seconds of Nando. The rest of the song is this 10 second looped over and over again.Then listen to the Berlin song from 0:04 to 0:12, that portion is what I believe Black Milk used to make the song. Of course he distorted the Berlin sample and the tone of the notes from the Berlin song are altered. But the same melody exists.

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