Nardwuar vs Odd Future

This shit got me cracking up. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All! Nardwuar does the best interviews but he had no chance to control OFWGKTA lmao!

Who Run It!

There was a time when I listened to a lot of Three 6 Mafia. They had some bangers that still bang til this day. One of the initials tracks that got me hooked was “Who Run It”. If you ever need to get amped up, play this. SwagGordon would agree. I will probably will write more on my liking of Three 6 Mafia in the future but until then, enjoy the video.

Childish Gambino – Camp Album Review

I’ve heard  a few of this dude’s tracks here and there, most were decent but I saw potential. Let’s see how he fares on his debut album, Camp.


The start of the album starts with some beautiful harmonizing followed by a grand beat. You can feel the energy of this track from the beginning, knowing it will be something epic. Childish Gambino (CG) tells his story of his life. Yes, he’s an actor and famous but he struggled just like everyone. What a way to start out the album. This is a great track where CG Continue reading

Some of my favorite Just Blaze beats…

It’s not a mystery that Just Blaze is my favorite producer of all time and SwagGordon always asks me my top 5 or 10 Justin Blaze beats. Well, that task is entirely too hard for a man to accomplish in a timely manner. The main reasons Just tops my list is his versatility and his use of so many different sounds while still keeping it hard at the end of the day. I haven’t seen many producers be as consistent on beat quality as Just Blaze. So I’ve decided to just name a few of my favorite beats from him, no particular order. CAUTION: PLEASE PLUG IN YOUR SPEAKERS.

Young Gunz – Tough Luv

The way those hard drums start out after the perfect intro is just impressive. Match the drums with an intoxicating deep horn and airy chorus strings, you have one of the hardest beats ever made while still sounding smooth at the same time. Listen to that snare, smh. This beat is a hidden gem. Continue reading

The Three Degrees – If And When

So I’m cleaning up and got random oldies blasting through the crib. A song came on I never heard and as it progressed I started to ponder, “Hol up, I heard that voice before” and then “damn, listen to those notes….beautiful”. The entire song is great, ain’t nothing like oldies man. It happened to be a sample I have been trying to identify since 2006 from a song I heard. I always loved the voice tones in it. Take a listen to the original and some tracks that sampled it… Continue reading

My Top 5 Fav Tupac tracks

It’s amazing how music can stay with you for such a long time and you still fall back on that music whenever you are in a mood where the new music won’t satisfy your thirst. I have to admit that I wasn’t a Tupac fan for a long time, mainly stemming from that whole conflict with the East Coast and Big. It’s inevitable that good music cannot be ignored for long, you will be drawn to it sooner or later. His music touched on so many points, social inequalities, emotions, and reality. I want to acknowledge right now that he has a variety of great songs but I want to take this to time to share with you my top 5 favorite songs of his. Continue reading