Good Read: Loyalty And Betrayal: A Debate On The Future Of J. Cole

An interesting conversation between writers on J.Cole and his fanbase. Good points are pointed out but I can’t say I agree with it all as it is a subjective read. While Cole’s debut was a solid offering, I’m like a lot of fans who thought it was less than what was expected from such a great MC. Read this over at HipHopDX and see if you can relate.

J.Cole -Sideline Story

100+ Kendrick Lamar Quotes

  1. “Kendrick Lamar, his mama called him that, he watched House Party and ate Apple Jacks”
  2. “Yall married to the game well I’m about to crash weddings”
  3. “look at me look at me, im a loser, im a winner, im good, im bad, ima christian, im a sinner, im humble, im loud, im righteous, im a killer, what im doing, im saying that im human”
  4. “grown….men never should bite their tongue unless you eating p$#@y that smell like it’s a stale plum”
  5. “some say im crazy cause I think like I need a shrink”
  6. “I stole a Bible, is that a sin?” Continue reading

Crazy Verse: yU – Brainwash

You got some quarters? Brainwasssshhhhhhh

we were born in warm water
started when pops filled up the slot with four quarters
push forward, you born then
long live the ones who never fall in the trends
we evolving again, spin cycle
seen so many others just like you and I that got bleached but my roots run deeper than that
we interact, mingling dark and light colors Continue reading

Phonte – Charity Starts At Home Album Review

Dance In The Reign (prod by Swiff D)
The start of the album is a hard hitting, organ melody where Phonte shows that he is so content of his so-called rank in the rap game. He clearly could care less about it. He cares more about his overall life and not just the rap game, rap is only a smart part of it. A cool look into the mind of Phonte. Solid track.

“No one can’t say his life aint his, some might even say ‘underachiever’ cause they are not believers that I don’t want the world but I done seen the world and if you ever saw it, hell, you wouldn’t want it either”

The Good Fight (prod by 9th Wonder)

The total honesty in this track will resonate with the average human being. The bluntness from Phonte is almost hilarious because a lot of what he says is totally accurate. Everybody is fighting that fight, that grind and it can be tough at times. Phonte paints such a clear picture of that. I’m loving the beat as well. What a wonderful track.

“Everybody prays for the day they see the light
But the light at the end of the tunnel is a train
5 dollar gas, and poverty rates, are rising much higher than your hourly rates
So if you thinkin ’bout quittin you should probably wait Continue reading

Good Read: Empire State Of Mind

I picked up this book and honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been a Jay-Z fan since the beginning and know his music like the back of my hand but what I didn’t know was the business side of things, the things that are not publicized in the media, why and how such things happened the way they did. This book is a different perspective from the rapper we all know and admire, it starts from the beginning to present day. After reading in the first few pages of the book, it states that Jay-Z did not agree to participate in the making of this book (in return he released his own book, Decoded), I was curious of how it would play out and how Zack O’Malley Greenburg, the book’s author, would push forward.

Some of main topics revolve his business dealings with Live Nation, Def Jam, New Jersey Nets, Jeep, Armand de Brignac and more. Upon finishing the book, you will realize that Greensburg went above and beyond to make this book a success despite not having Jay-Z participate. In total, he says he interviewed over “70 people who have interacted with Jay-Z personally or professionally”. Its informative, funny, shocking, and inspirational all at the same time. Jay-Z really made a way from himself and Continue reading

DTMD – The Struggle Is Real

DTMD is a newer group from the DMV that I started liking after hearing their Basics EP that dropped a while back. Dunc’s sample choices are something I always appreciated. Toine is pretty good lyricist that is always speaking on something real, in this case, the struggle. I was just talking wit Swaggerdon about the struggle. Once something starts to go good, something Continue reading

Hi Def – Boom Bap Vol.1

I just recently got told about the new beat tape, “Boom Bap Vol.1” from producer Hi-Def . This tape has a good collection of smooth beats with a nice selection of samples. I like his use of the filters in some of the tracks especially “Feelin You”. This tape is worth the download. Check it out.

Hi-Def is a producer hailing from the fifth largest city in Tennessee nicknamed the “Gateway to the New South” and this is without a doubt the city of Clarksville, TN. HD is releasing his debut beat tape entitled, “The Boom Bap Volume 1″ for the hip-hop culture who people who miss and adore the essence of the 90s.”