Great Expectations: Common’s “The Dreamer, The Believer”

With only a few months away from year’s end, I start to think about some of the great albums 2011 has brought and albums that still are to be released this year. One album I am hyped about is Common’s new album, “The Dreamer, The Believer”. The first two singles have been nothing short of spectacular. That damn “Blue Sky”, such a great song. Smh. Partial credit should go to long time collaborator, No I.D., who produced both singles along with the entire album. No I.D. and Common doing a full album once again. Think about it for a second. No I.D. has always been nice on the boards but over the past couple years his beats have been incredible (see “D.O.A.”, “Success”, “Tears Of Joy”). I feel very confident that the production on this album will be one of the high points. Common also seems to be at the top of his game lyrically, but that’s nothing new as he has been one of the most consistent MCs in the game for years. I feel like when Common has the right producers, he easily makes classics (see “Be”, “Like Water From Chocolate” or “Resurrection”). Subject matter is something that Common does well on most of his albums, he always tackles a slew of subjects keeping his songs fresh and interesting. At this point, I’m thinking this album will be one of the great albums of 2011. Who knows though, these are just my thoughts.

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