P-Funk – Everybody Gotta Eat Review

Yea I know, I’m late as ish but I’ve been bumpin this piece hardcore lately. I’m glad I took chance on this artist. Its only right that I give yall a look into P-Funk’s work of art. Check out what you can expect if you choose to get P-Funk’s latest project
True to the album name, he takes an excerpt from Paid In Full when Ace was talking to Rico in the club. You can hear that girl gettin it in the background lmao “see I hit her with the Doug E”
Money Mitch
I was kind of skeptic of how this song started out because the melody was sounding so cheesy. When the bass and the synth in the background came in my head started to bob. I like the chorus on this song, it has something to it. For an uptempo song it has the spirit of a neo-soul track.
Cheer Me On
This track strongly reminds me of a Bink! production. I noticed that P-Funk does a lot of boasting at times, but not all of the time. His flow reminds me of Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz on one of their tracks, excluding Deja Vu. His punchlines are somewhat clever and I believe that some people would catch on to them after a few listens. This track was very short, which surprised me because it had the substance to be a really nice song for him.
Fall Classic

My face became so ugly when I heard the first 10 seconds of this song. (for those who don’t remember Kendrick Lamar used this sample in his song “Faith“). The sample is called “Tired of Fighting” by Menahan Street Band. I believe P-Funk just sped up the tempo of the sample and rhymed over it which I really enjoyed. His flow on this song is really nice. “they tryin to kill they heroes like Watchmen“…nice line! Even when the beat is switching up and going bananas P-Funk manages to tame his flow which is impressive especially for a fairly new artist.
Off Top
This was the very first song that I heard from P-Funk peep! That Metal Gear Solid line still gets me lol!
From the first 20 seconds of this song I get the feeling that I had when I first heard a couple random tracks from Warren G. Made me wanna scream “REGULATORSSSS!” This song contains the soul of that old skool str8 up westside sh#t.
Bordeaux Flow
Not sure what to think of this song. Sounds like a throwaway Jeezy song. P-Funk is too laid back for a production like this one. Overall it’s not terrible and it’s not great.
Give Me Space featuring Enoch

Enoch comes in straight rippin the beat. Straight out the gate the beat will have your head moving. I like how P-Funk echos part of Enoch’s verse, that is creative in it’s own way. That chorus is legit but the drop after the first chorus was terrible, keep the beat rollin bro. For a song that has a nice chorus it truly contains some substance within the lyrics of the verses. I like how the beat fades out, more newcomers should learn how to format a song, start with that!
Day By Day
A song about P-Funk’s struggles and his ambitions. “Day by Day I’m just doing my thang I aint got nothin to lose just the world to gain“….nice! P-Funk must have been listening to that Illmatic while working on this project, he makes a second reference to it on this song.
Keep It Moving
This beat got that Zapp & Roger feel to it. “Pretty girls wanna know what I taste like, no Iphone 4 but they wanna do Face Time“….lol! This song is really laid back and easy on the ears. I like how he reminisces about those golden era albums like Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang tracks. P-Funk is so true to himself and lyrics are personal. Not sure what’s up with the harmonizing but it’s not bad, I just kinda noticed it.
This Has Nothing To Do With Nothing

Goodness when this song came on it just took me back. For those that don’t remember the beat is from Beenie Man’s “Girl Dem Sugar”. A smooth track with a crazy smooth flow. I can’t really name another artist who has rhymed over this beat. This track is clean right here. “I make that money stretch like Dhalsim” nice!
Air Strike featuring Enoch
Notice to all new artists, whenever you got the urge to rhyme over a classic beat, please think about it for a long time. Enoch & P-Funk did alright over this beat. The flows could have been better but the punchlines were pretty nice. That Daytona 500 beat is just too big of a challenge for newcomers. I don’t know if I would ever listen to this song on purpose but I wouldn’t skip it, mainly because it’s a classic Ghostface beat and they didn’t do terrible on it.
This song is what really made me go get this tape. Check it out
P-Funk knows how to pick a beat for sure.
No More featuring iamsu! & P-Lo
Sounds like a throwaway Drake song. He even uses the filter that 40 uses in those Drake songs. I do like how he references that Mase line lol. When he makes a reference to Bone Thugs he even mimics their flow, which is very creative and he manages to tame it on this beat. The two features must be his homies or something, I could do without them on the track.
So Awake
An amazing song. I was taken by surprise when I heard this track. I’ma make you look for this song, I just can’t give you this heat for free, you gotta work for this one. All I gotta say is “I’m so awake that my eyes won’t close

I’m glad I took the time to listen to a couple of his tracks and finally obtain his most recent project. The majority of the songs up here are easy to listen to and some contain some crazy good substance. The beats helped P-Funk prevail at times and his punchlines were clever. The Paid In Full concept was carried thru somewhat. P-Funk as an artist was very honest on this album and he knows how to choose the right productions for his style for the most part. He repped for San Francisco for sure. A couple of tracks on the tape could have been left off. Overall I would recommend this tape for download and a swift sync to the pod. Go get it!
Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Farewell, So Awake, Off Top

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