Crazy Verse: CurT@in$’ verse on Schoolboy Q’s “Live Again”

I’ve been listening to Schoolboy Q’s Setback tape a lot lately and most of the artists that he featured on the songs ripped it for the most part. One particular song stood out that contained features and after a few listens I was like damn this Curtains dude ripped the shit out of it. Peep his verse

I seen this young’n on the train I had to pick his brain
he said he on his way uptown to get a brick of caine
he said he needed a come up cuz sellin nicks was lame
he needed a chain, so I gave him 50 cent
he looked at me like I was crazy I said “listen man…
I rather give you my last than see you live again
just cause you change what you pitchin don’t make a difference
you gotta give off the mound and put the game down
petty thoughts can keep your brain down
I leave you with that jewel go get the chain now, and put it together
see coming up we ain’t sh%t to keep our mind focused
I love Mike, but it was hassle tryin to buy Jordans
my ni99a hustled all day in front the corner store
to get a pair and ni99as killed him right in front the mall, huh
so all that hustling for nothin then, I threw my pair on the light pole because of him
like f%$k it man

I liked how he wasn’t promoting a life that a troubled youth may chase rather he told the listener how it really works out in real life. Kendrick & Schoolboy killed their verses as well but Curtains’ verse sounded so personal. The excerpt at the end of the song makes the listener bare witness. Take a listen
Schoolboy Q – Live Again featuring Kendrick Lamar & Curtains

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