“A whole new world outside this bubble…”

Game is an interesting artist, half of the time he is a great MC and spits some ill stuff. Other times, I think, “come on Game, what is this crap?”. I’m just a fan wanting the nice MCs to shine ya know. Game can be one because he’s a talented artist but only time will tell what his legacy will be. “Letter To The King” ft Nas is one of those classic Game records.

“Sometimes I want to give up or at least take a break, that’s when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scott’s face” – Game

Game  reminisces on his life and those who came before and paved the way for him, specifically, Martin Luther King Jr. Some deep stuff for sure. It make you appreciate your everyday life even more, drop all the petty stuff we waste our time worrying about today. Stuff was a lot worse back then. The striking moment for me was when the Jaggerz sample said “A whole new world outside this bubble…” and I thought “so true”. Truth is what Game and Nas tells in this track. At first, they didn’t fully appreciate him but now its a different story. Get a listen.

Game ft. Nas – Letter To The King

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