Jay-Z spittin over Take 6’s Spread Love

When it comes to Jigga’s music I’ve been a fan for a while and I’ve always said that I would pay big money to see/hear 2 instances of his musical history. #1 would be that Jigga versus DMX battle. #2 would to hear Jigga spit over that “Spread Love” by Take 6. Well it just so happens that I came across the latter.
First peep this Take 6 – Spread Love

Of course this came with a b-side with the instrumental. As mentioned by Jigga in Decoded, he did indeed used to spit over this beat. You will surely recognize some of the lyrics too.
Take a listen to this whole thing, especially around 1:00

I see you brought your little crew, and?” I believe it’s lines like that which made Jay such a standout artist. That’s a small piece of his talent but you can’t really name another artist at the time to bring an attitude like that with that much wit.

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