Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV Review

Satchford: Clever lines in this track, Wayne showing that he still got it. Never been a slouch with the metaphors. It shows here
SwagGordon: yea a bit too many metaphors
SwagGordon: nothin but punchlines
Satchford: The production is what I’m not feeling that much. It’s cool but you know, Wayne usually have nice intros on his albums
SwagGordon: yea the production is kind of simple
Satchford: “I left the bullsh&t in the waiting room” HA!
Satchford: No real subject matter here.
SwagGordon: pretty much
SwagGordon: I wouldn’t “ping” this track on iTunes….not too impressive
Satchford: It’s an okay track for me, nothing special. I’ve heard better from him.
SwagGordon: same here

Blunt Blowin
Satchford: The vibe of this one is still growing on me but I’m starting to feel it
SwagGordon: I think it takes too long for this track to really start…..the buildup is unnecessary….then that bassline drop in
Satchford: Sounds fine to me
SwagGordon: “life is a choice, and death is a decision”…..idk about that Wayne
Satchford: to each his own huh
SwagGordon: “shoot that humming bird down, humming bird don’t hum”….now that sounds like some Wayne from Sqad Up 1
Satchford: True. I like how the vibe changes during the chorus. Lots of bounce.
SwagGordon: yea I agree!
SwagGordon: “blunt blowin, polo draws showing”….lol
SwagGordon: skate board rebel music
Satchford: That line will be stuck in my head for a while
SwagGordon: it definitely contains a lot of animosity
Satchford: Wayne don’t care, he just do him. I can respect that.
Satchford: This track will get some plays in the pod for sure.
SwagGordon: not so much from me tho


Satchford: Although this beat is simple, it got a lot of bounce.
SwagGordon: yea a lot of energy
SwagGordon: “if life a b^%tch then mine a gold digger”…..a witty line
Satchford: Nice line
SwagGordon: “and I’m 100, a fast ball”…
SwagGordon: “boy I’ll send them bloods at your ass, like a tampon”….omg lmfao
Satchford: lol
Satchford: “Rap game depending on me like a bungee cord”
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: “Told the judge I couldn’t budge, it was him or me” damn
SwagGordon: yea right
SwagGordon: I wonder why this song is called Megaman?
Satchford: I guess he better than the average man
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: The first 3 tracks have shown Wayne just spittin bars, metaphors after metaphors. That could be good or bad, depending on the listener
SwagGordon: yea you pretty much nailed it with that statement
Satchford: “I’m a diamond in the rough, like a baby in the trash” smh
SwagGordon: I feel that he bounces around too much but some people like that

6 Foot 7 Foot feat. Cory Gunz
click here

Nightmares of the Bottom

SwagGordon: goodness I love this beat….the strings on this just are so easy going
Satchford: Yea, it’s a chill track. That snare pattern is tired.
SwagGordon: yea sound like Mannie Fresh on it huh
Satchford: “Searching for today instead I found tomorrow” I like that
SwagGordon: that’s pretty good
SwagGordon: “when the truth hurts…I take pain pills”…that’s a bit too far
Satchford: I like how Wayne shows that he’s still human even if he’s one of the hottest MCs in the game
Satchford: I like the honesty in that line
SwagGordon: I guess
Satchford: “I know my sh&t tight, so I aint screwing with it”
SwagGordon: ok ok
Satchford: “I bleed reality, I should cut myself”
Satchford: nice
SwagGordon: whoa that’s a bit drastic
SwagGordon: man I just love the vibe of this track
Satchford: Wayne delivers here lyrically, the subject matter is there. This is easy to listen to. The bass is deeeeeep
SwagGordon: I concur

She Will feat. Drake
Satchford: Intro too long?
SwagGordon: not really
SwagGordon: it’s builds up the track
Satchford: “I’m in Hell’s Kitchen with an apron and a hairnet” NICE
SwagGordon: “I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me”…..that line been in my head all day long
Satchford: I like the vibe here. It’s kinda hypnotizing, that sound. Smooth beat
SwagGordon: what about that Drake chorus?
Satchford: I’m feeling it. I think he did well here
SwagGordon: I agree
SwagGordon: “I like my girl face south and her a#$ north”…..hmmmm I agree
Satchford: lmao I don’t think any man would disagree.
SwagGordon: the structure of the song is bothering me tho
Satchford: why?
SwagGordon: the verse-chorus-verse-chorus…then like an awkward bridge where Wayne introduces Drake but he doesn’t rap he just puts down another chorus
Satchford: Hmmmm
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: The concept of the track is nothing new but the way Wayne and Drake did it is impressive. That chorus just brings it all together.

How To Hate feat. T-Pain
Satchford: I don’t know how I feel about that T-Pain verse
SwagGordon: me neither
Satchford: If the listener makes it to the Wayne verse, it’s pretty good
SwagGordon: yea something changes about the beat that makes Wayne’s verse sound different
Satchford: “When I went to jail, she fu**ed my ni&&as” smh dirty
SwagGordon: smh trife
SwagGordon: this song has a lot of substance
Satchford: If you ever had a girl do you wrong, this is the perfect song
“Forgive and forget b&&ch I already forgot”
SwagGordon: lol
SwagGordon: a very relevant song indeed
Satchford: “So much for being the perfect couple, I put in overtime, I was working doubles”
Satchford: Damn
SwagGordon: goodness….that was clever
Satchford: I agree, very relevant song
Satchford: The beat and tpain verse could have been left off, just not feeling it

Interlude feat. Tech N9ne & Andre 3000
Satchford: Same beat as the Intro
Satchford: man I’m new to Tech N9ne but he ripped this
SwagGordon: I didn’t even recognize that it was the same beat but now that you brought it to my attention
Satchford: Tech rode this beat like a school bus. smh
SwagGordon: yea he came in on that Bone Crusher flow
Satchford: Unexpected verse from Andre 3000.
Satchford: chill out
Satchford: Does Andre 3000 sound a lil off beat to you?
SwagGordon: yes and I was expecting more out of him
SwagGordon: not everybody can rhyme over these types of beats
SwagGordon: usually Tech N9ne doesn’t rhyme over these beats either
SwagGordon: but he held it down
Satchford: Agreed. The lyrics are there but the flow to this beat needs a lil work.
Satchford: yes, Tech owned this
SwagGordon: that talking in the background of the beat at the beginning….I like that
Satchford: True

John feat. Rick Ross
Satchford: What’s up with Wayne getting on these Jeezy-sounding beats?
SwagGordon: they are tough bro!
SwagGordon: “there’s provocative…..they get the people going”
Satchford: They cool.
SwagGordon: this beat make me wanna mean mug all day long
Satchford: I liked when Jeezy was on them. now everybody on this
Satchford: hahaa
SwagGordon: ROSS!
Satchford: “I’m not a star, ungh”
Satchford: Ross ripped this
SwagGordon: “in a red 911 looking devilish”…..BOSS!
SwagGordon: this track make me want to hop in a hoopty and pull off in a hurry with a choppa blurring out the window
SwagGordon: “that Banana Clip……let Chiquita speak”……..lmao
Satchford: lmao
Satchford: red Hyundai?
SwagGordon: smh HA!
SwagGordon: “red on the wall, Basquat when I paint”…..O!
Satchford: ha
Satchford: You right about the feeling of this track. It’s MEAN
SwagGordon: you would think that this alien invasion sound would get annoying but it’s cool
SwagGordon: UNGH
Satchford: Yea it keep switching, I like that
Satchford: “Big Bs, Red Sox”
SwagGordon: ha
Satchford: good track, nothing special though


Satchford: The first memorable beat of the album
SwagGordon: yea this is crazy!
Satchford: The drum pattern and that choir sound…smh nice
SwagGordon: this is Streetrunner and the Commission
Satchford: Now this is Wayne
Satchford: Good work, producers
SwagGordon: kudos
SwagGordon: goodness this beat is so epic
Satchford: “Sometimes you gotta fight the devil with a demon”
Satchford: you right about that
SwagGordon: I heard that line and I was like hmmm interesting
Satchford: “on the road to redemption, you gonna use a few stairs”
SwagGordon: smh this song just takes the album to another level
Satchford: So true
Satchford: it doesn’t sound like nothing else on this album thus far.
SwagGordon: “I just built a house on ‘I don’t give a f$#k avenue'”……so rude
SwagGordon: u right
Satchford: How you like the chorus?
SwagGordon: no problems with it
SwagGordon: it’s all Wayne
Satchford: “ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” haaa!
SwagGordon: lol not the speaker part of it lol
Satchford: “In a world full of ass kissers and di&k pullers” true
SwagGordon: don’t even get me started
SwagGordon: that’s the line of the album right there…for me at least
Satchford: I like the way he tackled the subject of the world being a crazy place
SwagGordon: I agree there
Satchford: This damn beat…..smh
SwagGordon: nough said huh
Satchford: Yep

So Special feat. John Legend
Satchford: These drums are interesting
SwagGordon: Cool & Dre!!!
SwagGordon: “and we finished I swear that said pu%$y thank you, and I said you very welcome”…….LMFAO
Satchford: smh lmao
“Love be the pilot but its kamikaze” Hmmm
SwagGordon: goodness the metaphors he used to describe some romancing….second to none
Satchford: Clever huh
Satchford: What you think of this chorus
SwagGordon: it’s decent
SwagGordon: nothing very impressive
SwagGordon: fits the song tho
SwagGordon: sounds more like Jamie Foxx than John Legend
Satchford: Yea I like it.
Satchford: This is a pretty good track. Not sure how much replay value it has for me.
SwagGordon: I think that it’s easy to listen to
Satchford: Yea
SwagGordon: I wouldn’t go out of my way to specifically check out this track and I wouldn’t go out of my way to skip it either
Satchford: Bingo

How To Love
SwagGordon: smh….terrible…why is this song up here for?
Satchford: Gotta please the radio
SwagGordon: sounds so generic…like one of those loops that came with Fruitiloops
SwagGordon: he got such a loyal fan base now that he doesn’t have to do this ish
Satchford: Idk man
Satchford: This track is ok at best. Probably won’t get any plays from me
SwagGordon: a corny Lil John “AY” thrown in here and there
SwagGordon: this will be removed from my iPod asap
Satchford: Ha
SwagGordon: he just disrespected his own album by putting this garb up here
Satchford: AY! smh
SwagGordon: he might as well grow himself a Johnny Bravo haircut and change his name to Bruno Mars
Satchford: chill
SwagGordon: don’t get me wrong…the song isn’t that bad…it just doesn’t belong up here
Satchford: I like the subject matter but the end product is ok. Don’t belong on an album. Mixtape ish
SwagGordon: it’s like Quincy Jones in the studio with MJ and MJ wanting to put “Man in the Mirror” on Thriller…it don’t make no since
Satchford: True
Satchford: This is like 100% R&B
Satchford: agree?
SwagGordon: pretty much sums it up^
SwagGordon: I can’t bear anymore of this song
SwagGordon: next

President Carter

Satchford: This beat sound a lil like “Officer I Don’t Know” by 50 when it drop
SwagGordon: I like the excerpt at the beginning of the song…..the verse is drowned out by the beat
SwagGordon: I can’t agree
Satchford: Those piano keys
SwagGordon: hmmm will have to check that out later
Satchford: “I tried to f&&k the world and couldn’t even get aroused”
SwagGordon: I don’t like how the chorus is managed throughout the song
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: kinda choppy
Satchford: “I do this for my uptown politicians”
Satchford: I like how he brings it home at the end
SwagGordon: yea the ends is pretty good with the beat kind of faded and his words and stuff
Satchford: True true
Satchford: Definitely worth a listen

It’s Good feat. Drake & Jadakiss
Satchford: Who is this singing?
SwagGordon: hmmm not sure
Satchford: sound like Michael Bolton
Satchford: This beat is boring
SwagGordon: idk I think it’s alright
SwagGordon: “give me three wishes, I wish I wish I wish you would b%^$%”…….tough!
SwagGordon: well that Jay-Z diss line just came thru my ear piece
SwagGordon: what you think?
Satchford: HARD
SwagGordon: idk why he mad for
Satchford: friendly jab
SwagGordon: fact’s a fact
Satchford: Jay threw it first
SwagGordon: but it wasn’t a lie
SwagGordon: ni99as really aint got his lady money
Satchford: but Jay aint have to call em out like that
Satchford: lol
SwagGordon: he’ll be alright….it won’t really matter unless Jay-Z responds tho
SwagGordon: which he rarely does
SwagGordon: anymore*
Satchford: I don’t think it’ll go nowhere, just friendly jabs
Satchford: “Drake Griffin” lmao
SwagGordon: smh
Satchford: too funny
Satchford: Jadakiss and Drake came with some decent verses, Wayne did his thing though.
SwagGordon: yea I felt like Jada didn’t feel comfortable on the beat
Satchford: Yea, beat was too slow for him

Outro feat. Bun B., Nas, & Busta Rhymes
Satchford: Same beat as the intro
Satchford: Bun B hardly ever drops a bad verse
Satchford: His flow is always there.
SwagGordon: yea he came in and held his own
SwagGordon: Nas spit some crack…off beat at times
Satchford: same issue as Jada had on the last track
SwagGordon: true true
Satchford: But I think Nas still came strong
SwagGordon: same here
SwagGordon: Shyne on the other hand…not so much
Satchford: “Your fate is sealed, no Heidi Klum”……Nas
Satchford: Idk why Shyne is on the track. smh
Satchford: BUSTA OWNS THIS. ……except that last line.
SwagGordon: “what the f&^k you ni&^as still hanging around here for, you old apostrophe b%$ch”….Busta Bust
Satchford: Wayne should’ve put Busta verse on the Interlude with Tech N9ne…would’ve blended better
SwagGordon: correct…..I felt that Busta started to lose it at the end of his verse tho
Satchford: I like it all except the last line
SwagGordon: hmmm interesting
Satchford: but that his opinion so it’s all good
SwagGordon: true

SwagGordon: This album surprised me, mainly because it wasn’t flooded with Young Money artists. I liked how Wayne stuck to his guns and the subject matter revolved around his personality and how he does things. This is an album full of metaphors, wit, and energetic beats. A couple of tracks really didn’t mix well with the album but Wayne made up for it in other spots. Cool & Dre definitely had a prominent presence during the album. Wayne is starting to gain me back as a fan after listening to this album. He chilled out on the yelling and made a cool album. Not too much suu woo-ing going on it’s just Wayne letting it all out. The music is very relevant. I recommend a download and a sync to your pod.
Overall Rating 7.5/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Nightmares of the Bottom, Abortion, John

Satchford: This album didn’t exceed my expectations. It was pretty on point with what I expected. Lyrically, its the usual Wayne. Some nice verses throughout the album. A hand full of songs with just straight spittin, no real subject matter but he also has some interesting tracks like “Abortion” and others that have some type of meaning to it. That’s not a bad thing I don’t think. The bad part here for me is the production. It’s good but I don’t think it’s up to par with what I usually hear Wayne on. Out of all the Carters, this is probably the worse with the beats. I did like his use of the interlude and outro to let some MCs get some verses in, that was a pretty cool idea. Overall, I think this is a real solid album. Not the best Carter album but it’s worth a sync to the pod.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Abortion, 6 Foot 7 Foot, Blunt Blowin

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