Crazy Verse – Rick Ross “Maybach Music III”

Not too many people give Ross his respect when it comes to putting down some rhymes. I think that he displayed a lot of talent in Teflon Don. One verse that stood out to me from his album was that verse he laid down on Maybach Music III. I’m not sure if it was just the breakdown of the beat or the actual verse but anyways this thing deserves to be highlighted peep…
Rick Ross – Maybach Music III

I came alive like a moth in the summertime
Japanese wheels blades all samurai
shine brighter than them bi^%hes on the other side
time to make a blind muthaf%$ka recognize
ammunition got the competition none existent
had to bubble crack but didn’t have a pot to piss in
I double dat how dare you try to knock a n%^$a
street scholar graduated no father figure
still tote chrome check my chromosomes
meet me half way with things in a mobile home
money machines, yea they riiinng like a mobile phone
I’m a 7-Up and need a Coca-Cola loan
I’m in the hood like I’m James Evans
cashmere hand made sweater
Me and money got a vendetta
lookin back to tell the truth I coulda did better
parents never had a good job
now it’s black American Express cards


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