Game – The R.E.D. Album Review

Dr. Dre Intro
I’m guessing that Game got Dr Dre to narrate his life using these skits. It resembles how Menace To Society was narrated.

The City feat. Kendrick Lamar

This sounds like a 40 Shebib production due to the usage of the sample. I like how the Game comes in and spits about his experiences and he doesn’t name drop straight out of the gate. Kendrick Lamar’s energy is nice on this track. The way he comes in gets you prepared for something that will take your breath away. Game rhymes with so much animosity in his voice, he sounds bitter about his perception in the rap industry. I’m glad The Game has confidence that he thinks he’s the best from the West, then you hear Kendrick rap his ass off even when the beat has gone off. Damn KDot!

Drug Test feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Sly
What in the world is this garbage? I have listened to this track several times and it has yet to grow on me. I think the production is just terrible and the way these guys were flowing was horrible. This track is hard to listen to. Snoop was the only artist that kept it funky and didn’t rhyme like he was trying too hard. Smh Game come on man.

Martians vs Goblins feat. Lil Wayne & Tyler The Creator
I like how the beat comes in with those hard hits, kudos to 1500 or Nothin. Game is name dropping but not in the manner that people usually criticize him for. “tie Lil B up to a full tank of propane, SWAG“…”sniff a whole f%^kin unemployment line of cocaine” LMAO. Tyler The Creator came in and dissed a lot of people, “my shit is as bright as Christopher’s new hair cut” lmao. Having Wayne on this track was pretty much useless, he didn’t even spit a verse, he gave the track a lame ass chorus. Word to mother if I was Lebron I would have to confront Game about that line about his mom, that ish aint cool maine.

Red Nation feat. Lil Wayne
Nice sample. College sports bands usually play this during games to symbolize unity, Game uses it to capture the unity of a nation of Red. Interpolate it however you would like.

Game was serious dead serious when he named the album The R.E.D. Album. Wayne over emphasized Red during the chorus, to a point that you just make a nasty face like whatever. With Cool & Dre producing this track I was expecting more, but they failed to impress me.

Dr. Dre 1
Another Menace To Society like reference

Good Girls Go Bad feat. Drake

Goodness this my jam! “this song is dedicated to Natalee Holloway, I feel for her daddy so I wrote this on Father’s Day” nice way to start off a song. Cool & Dre have just revamped from the previous track. Drake’s verse was mediocre but he had a few dingers in there “I love your a%$ like Milhouse loved Lisa“. Goodness this sample

Smh the intro to this song is so dramatic, a direct excerpt from Boyz N The Hood. That Cuba Gooding part just added something to the song. RICKKKYYYYYYY. DJ Khalil, smh good job homie. I like how Game described that Malcolm X in the window with a gun visual, except he inserted himself, no surprise. “I’m from where n%$#gas get murdered over stock rims” smh goodness. I’m thinking that Game is trying to paint the listeners a picture on this track, and I’m hoping that he’s not trying to glorify the street life. Just my thoughts man.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
I like the transition from the previous song into this song. The production is pretty simple but this that cypher type of ish. Game’s verse was pretty decent, rhyming about a day in his life or somebody’s life. This isn’t a stand out track but it’s definitely not garb. “I watched First 48 so f%$k a 25 years

Heavy Artillery feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel
I hate this beat but I’m glad that Ross, Game and Beans are on one track together, so you know that the verses will be, strictly gangsta! Nothing but tough guy talk to build around the title of the song. “Come thru blaring guns out of the McClaren” why would you do that? Game must watch a lot of First 48 because he makes another reference here lol. “this the Art of War, you n%##gas are just drawing“…Beans nice line.

Paramedic feat. Young Jeezy
A fake anthem. Nowadays any track Jeezy step on sounds the same. This song is unbearable. I’m skipping this track. What an annoying beat.

Speakers on Blast feat. E-40 & Big Boi
Game, here’s some advice, make your next album minus all of these features. The production sounds like a Houston beat but incorporates a Bay Area artist and Atlanta’s own. I like Game’s verse tho, he tried another flow on this. What makes this song good is Game’s new found flow but what kills this song is the fact that he spits two verses then he has two features. Big Boi has that Stankonia flow WOO! E-40 has always been a better actor to me than a rapper.

Hello feat. Lloyd
A pretty smooth song. I’m still confused how the album goes from hardcore to mellow. Game speaks about women on this track. Not really sure what this song has to do with a “red nation”?? Basically a song for the radio.

All The Way Gone feat. Wale & Mario
Another song for the radio. At this point the album has lost it’s “red” feeling. I do enjoy Game’s flow on this track. Wale’s features was alright, nothing amazing. Ugh

Pot of Gold feat. Chris Brown

Yea this song features the artist that Tyler The Creator that made fun of on an earlier track. Doesn’t this track remind you of B.O.B’s

The melody, exaggerated by the guitar sounds. I’ll let you be the judge. A dull song IMO

Dr. Dre 2
So we back to the Red?

All I Know feat. Lu Breeze
Not a bad track but I thought we were going back to something hardcore? On some songs Game is such a switch sider. smh. If you like semi-live feeling beats and r&b laced hip hop songs you will enjoy this track.

Born In The Trap
I just fainted. This is the Premo that I enjoy listening to, kind of disappointed that Game was given this beat. Don’t get me wrong he rhymes about more of his experiences and things that went on back in the day. The chorus is different but decent. I can’t hate, Game knows how to flow on a Premo beat. A NY influenced song for sure.

Mama Knows feat. Nelly Furtado

A Neptunes production for sure. Out of all of the soft sounding songs on this album I would have to say that this is the smoothest song. Surprised to hear Nelly Furtado on the song but I enjoyed it. “from my mama’s wound” that part sounds like Tupac circa ’94. I could definitely play this track on repeat on the pod. Kudos to Game, the Neptunes, and Nelly Furtado for this song.

California Dream
Game’s verse was the best thing on this song. The beat sucked basically. If you want to hear a complete song, skip this track please. Don’t waste your time. Mars go murk yourself right now.

Dr. Dre Outro
Yea this concept didn’t carry all the way through the album. FAIL!

The Game tried to make a conceptual album but I found at parts that the main concept didn’t carry all the way through. He included too many features and a majority of the album was over-saturated with radio songs. I thought that the album was going to be on another level when I heard the intro and then I heard Kendrick holding it down but it turned out to be a sour grape. If the Game had taken maybe half of this album and made it the actual cut then he would have had a pretty decent album. One thing you have to get used to when you listen to the Game and especially on this album is him name dropping. Some of the productions were nice and the others were just terrible. Some people may consider this album a “highly anticipated” album, for those people, they should be prepared to be disappointed in the content provided. I wouldn’t recommend a download of the whole album. I would suggest getting a few songs off the album from itunes or amazon or wherever and syncing them to your pod. Maybe a collage playlist of The Game’s best tracks?
Overall Rating: 5/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Good Girls Go Bad, Mama Knows, The City

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