Oddisee – Rock Creek Park Album Review

Oddisee has become known for his theme-inspired instrumental albums. After the excellent Odd Seasons and Traveling Man releases, the DMV producer releases Rock Creek Park, which serves as somewhat of a soundtrack for the historical park in D.C./Maryland area. I always respected Oddisee’s vision and passion he has for music, he takes his music to another level by not trapping himself in just the hip hop circle. As Swaggerdon likes to call it, “world music”.

“Rock creek park is & has always been one of my favorite places in Washington, DC. It has a way of aging with you & adapting to where you are in life. When I was younger, it was a place for Continue reading

My New Obsession

yea not sure if I’ma fan of Tyler The Creator but this beat has caught my attention for sure. It’s perfect for a cypher goodness. If you out there and your crew has laid some verses over this beat, I will surely take a listen to it, send it our way. Such a simple beat but the mood of it is so suuuu

Please Don’t Start Following This Fad

Well a while ago I done seen Bruno Mar’s new hairstyle or whatever and I was smh. So terrible I don’t know wtf he is thinking. Anyways for all of you out there that follow a trend or fad (and yes if you had a Mohawk in the new millennium then you are a trend-follower) please do not copy this fool’s hair style or you will look like a Johnny Bravo wanna be as well. To each his own tho.

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV Review

Satchford: Clever lines in this track, Wayne showing that he still got it. Never been a slouch with the metaphors. It shows here
SwagGordon: yea a bit too many metaphors
SwagGordon: nothin but punchlines
Satchford: The production is what I’m not feeling that much. It’s cool but you know, Wayne usually have nice intros on his albums
SwagGordon: yea the production is kind of simple
Satchford: “I left the bullsh&t in the waiting room” HA!
Satchford: No real subject matter here.
SwagGordon: pretty much
SwagGordon: I wouldn’t “ping” this track on iTunes….not too impressive Continue reading

P-Funk – Off Top

Well seen this artist on the web while browsing and what initially attracted me to his work was his name, cause ya know I’m all about that funk. Well this track isn’t bad. A nice mellow joint with that video game intro. “I stay solid like Snake from Metal Gear“…LMFAO

Crazy Verse – Rick Ross “Maybach Music III”

Not too many people give Ross his respect when it comes to putting down some rhymes. I think that he displayed a lot of talent in Teflon Don. One verse that stood out to me from his album was that verse he laid down on Maybach Music III. I’m not sure if it was just the breakdown of the beat or the actual verse but anyways this thing deserves to be highlighted peep… Continue reading

Cam and Jimmy holla’n at Mase on the radio

Goodness it’s one of the worst arguments ever. Jim and Cam just speaking all over Miss Info and Mase. I do agree with Mase when he said “some people just don’t grow up and understand”. I feel him and his mans was in Atlanta tryin to chill and get away from the drama. Oh yea and I know that this is an old interview. Smh goodness, we’ll never find out the truth about their situation.

Game – The R.E.D. Album Review

Dr. Dre Intro
I’m guessing that Game got Dr Dre to narrate his life using these skits. It resembles how Menace To Society was narrated.

The City feat. Kendrick Lamar

This sounds like a 40 Shebib production due to the usage of the sample. I like how the Game comes in and spits about his experiences and he doesn’t name drop straight out of the gate. Kendrick Lamar’s energy is nice on this track. The way he comes in gets you prepared for something that will take your breath away. Game rhymes with so much animosity in his voice, he sounds bitter about his perception in the rap industry. I’m glad The Game has confidence that he thinks he’s the best from the West, then you hear Kendrick rap his ass off even when the beat has gone off. Damn KDot! Continue reading