Albums I Loved That Most People Hated

I don’t think I’ve heard one person or seen one review that say that this is a great Jay-Z album. This was the first album after he came out of retirement and most people didn’t like it. I love this cd, how can you not love it? I would say its a near classic…minus “Anything” and “Hollywood”. This album got that grown up feel, real mature. Also, Dr.Dre mastered this album so the sound quality is superb. The production is impressive, lyrically it’s Jay. Great album.
Jay-Z – The Prelude

I been listening to this one since it dropped in early 1998. The LOX’s first solo album on Bad Boy wasn’t as bad as you may think. They were all lyrical and there are some hard and creative tracks up here but there is also some ‘happy’ tracks up here too (blame Puff) but they weren’t too bad. Styles was and is still my favorite member of the trio. I remember seeing a review where a guy was hating on Styles for the line “condo is Fresno with the lesbo”…I kinda liked that line :-/ This album has way more highs than lows if you ask me, very solid. Worth the purchase for sure.
The LOX – Bitches From Eastwick

Most people counted this one out because it didn’t top Come Home With Me in success, a lot of the album leaked and it also came out under the radar after many delays. The end result was one of Cam’Ron’s best albums. It’s on point lyrically and production wise and shouldn’t be slept on. You may remember the “Down and Out” single featuring a lesser known Kanye West (at the time) but that’s not even in the top 3 of the best songs on the album. I recommend you checking it out.
Cam’Ron – Purple Haze Intro

I don’t care what no one says, this is one of the most slept on albums of the 90s. So many people diss this album. Of course it’s not better than the debut, illmatic, but man it’s easily my 2nd favorite Nas album. The production is great. Not too much, not too little. The beats are pure but still allow Nas not to be overshadowed by distracting sounds and such. It invites the listener to mentally absorb and visualize the stories that Nas is telling (similar to how production was handled on Jay-Z’s American Gangster). Nas is one of the best storytellers in Hip Hop and this album has plenty. Continue reading…
Nas – The Message

My brother and I use to blast the hell out of this album back in ’98 and we loved it. This was the first Method Man album I heard (I have since went back and copped Tical) and I was hooked. Back in school, one of my friends always showed hate towards the album (I see you, K-Rod). Smh. Critics thought the same, they pegged it as having too much filler tracks and ‘decent’ songs. I would have to agree with the filler argument (this CD has 28 tracks with 11 skits!) but most of the tracks are pretty good, the beats are pure and they have major replay value. Streetlife was on a handful of the songs and man, he sounded so hungry back then. I recommend you check this CD out. Most of the tracks are pod-worthy.
Method Man ft. Streetlife – Grid Iron Rap

There are obviously more albums to mention here but these are just a few that I wanted to share. I know you have own lists and I’d be interested in seeing what albums your list consist of.

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