Old Hip Hop Gems…Part 2

“We like a smooth fam but rougher than how DeBarge is…”

Nas ft. Mobb Deep – Live Ni&&a Rap (produced by Havoc) (1996)

One of the classic Mobb Deep/Nas collaborations that was on Nas’ It Was Written album. I was hooked to this track since the first time I heard it. Prodigy was in his prime, Havoc held his own, and Nas brought it all home with a memorable verse. Just a mean track all around.

2Pac – To Live & Die in L.A. (1996)

Always felt this track. I remember the video dropping not too long after his death. This is definitely the Pac I enjoyed listening to the most. The humming on this track really adds that umph to the groove of this track. I had this on repeat while listening to his Makaveli cd the other day.Peep the Dr.Dre diss at the very end.

“If ya deaf, dumb or blind, you’re suspended in time…”

Group Home – Suspended In Time (prod. by DJ Premier) (1995)

This is always a good track to just vibe to. The production forces your head to bob. Group Home was not the best rappers but they weren’t terrible, they rode this beat well. This is my favorite from their 1995 album, Livin’ Proof. It gets crazy spins on my pod.

AZ – Ho Happy Jackie (Prod. by Buckwild) (1995)

The title is self-explanatory. I like how AZ tells this story, providing details while still maintaining nice wordplay. You already know I’m a big AZ fan and anything from Doe Or Die getting major spins from me. Nonetheless, this is a great track.

Crooklyn Dodgers 95 – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers (Prod. By DJ Premier)

CLASSIC. This track should be on everyone’s pods. The vibe and the lyrics of the track is what grabbed me. Chubb Rock killed this.

SwagGordon’s 2 Cents

“Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ, he’s just nice, he just slice, like a Genzu” – Biggie

Red Hot Lover Tone – 4 My Peeps (remix) ft. Notorious B.I.G. Organized Konfusion, MOP

This is a track that embodies the rawness and grittiness of hip hop. The track starts out with some crazy scratches laced with those funky drums. Everybody held it down on this song with the nasty flows. My favorite verse came from Biggie though, the authority in his delivery is so compelling. If somebody took The Symphony and recorded it in the basement of a run down crib in Brownsville with a 1980’s microphone and blunt smoke in the air, the results would sound like this song.

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