Common ft. Nas – Ghetto Dreams Song Review

Much anticipation since the 30 second Amazon clip that premiered a few months ago. Us heads have been waiting for this collaboration for years and now we have it. From the start, my head is bobbing as Common starts to speak about his dream woman.

“Til I get a nice chick to get me on some nice sh&t, crib, raise a kid, Labrador behind a white fence” – Nas

Lyrically, its signature Common and Nas. Both match the momentum of the production with an aggressive rhyme style. The subject matter was a bit of a surprise to me but it’s all good. Common and Nas both came strong with their verses, lots of energy. I’m loving the scratches throughout the chorus and ending of the track, its gives it that raw feel.

“Steal a ni&&a squares not wanting me to smoke” -Common

The production is pretty solid, sounding like some renegade ish. The timid drum pattern and hard snare controls the tempo of the speeding sample loop, No I.D. did his thing. The breakdown every few bars keep the beat from being stagnant as you hear the delicate moan.

“The type of b&^$h that Big said he would die for, is the type that I ride and stay alive for” – Common

This is a dope track that’s worth the sync to the pod and if this track is what we can expect Common’s next album The Dreamer, The Believer, then I can’t wait.

Overall Song Rating: 8.5/10


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