Dom Kennedy – II: From Westside, With Love Mixtape Review

Dom’s Prayer

SwagGordon: at first when this song comes on I was like hmm not really sure if I was feeling it but then the piano keys come in
Satchford: Yea that choppy melody volume is lowered then.
Satchford: Dom keeps it 100 on this one.
Satchford: “I’m handsome from my daddy’s face”
SwagGordon: yea I like the truthfulness of the song
Satchford: the keys do bring this track to life…I’m feeling this one
SwagGordon: I’m kind of feelin the singing at the end….good ole doo-wap
SwagGordon: “oooh baby ooh baby”
Satchford: sound like some d’angelo circa 1995
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: This track is good to ride to
SwagGordon: I tell ya what this is a totally different vibe from The Original Dom Kennedy str8 out the gate
SwagGordon: yes sir!
Satchford: yea I knew when I heard that singing…it was going to be something different here.
Satchford: Dom hasn’t really wondered from his lane much since I’ve been listening to him but I know he can be versatile if he wants to. What you think?
SwagGordon: I feel that this song has the same feel as the intro to From The Westside with Love
SwagGordon: yea but he does what he feels and that’s what I respect
Satchford: I guess


Satchford: answer the phone when a real nigga call!
SwagGordon: “I fuck with Casey Veggies, nigga that;s my lil young’n”………lmao
Satchford: man this joint feel like some saturday afternoon, blast in the whip type ish
Satchford: high school graduate huh. congrats
SwagGordon: I like the scratching and the whining sound in the background!
SwagGordon: “everybody tryin, wanna be the king, but I’m a little lion”…..simba?
Satchford: no
SwagGordon: ha!
Satchford: “your album came out damn and we aint even notice” haaaa
SwagGordon: my first listen I found Dom’s flow to be annoying but I became attached later
Satchford: this track is real smooth, it flows well….
SwagGordon: I concur
Satchford: Dom’s flow on this one fits perfect in my opinion
SwagGordon: idk I’m still kind of itchy on the flow but I appreciate the effort
Satchford: the track is signature DOM, what more could you asked for?
Satchford: he stay switching up the flow, I appreciate that
SwagGordon: not sure….got that Chuck Inglish feel to it!
SwagGordon: that video is killa
SwagGordon: peep that Land Rover
SwagGordon: Birdie style!
Satchford: dude rubbed his eye through his glasses like Calvin….lmao!
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: the video added a lot to the song for me.
SwagGordon: same here…..I enjoyed it
Satchford: needed that to fully appreciate the track
SwagGordon: good man

When I Come Around

SwagGordon: this sounds like some Jazze Pha ish
SwagGordon: this is the DOM Kennedy that I’m used to hearing
SwagGordon: that easy going flow
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: “yall be in the club with all them nerds, I be in the house with a girl with all them curves”
Satchford: listen to that sound in the back….melody is similar to J.Cole – You Got It

Satchford: this that house party type jam here
Satchford: the beat is good….i like the DJ addition
SwagGordon: this could get a few good spins on my pod fa sho
Satchford: def
SwagGordon: “going all night like give me 5 tapes”…….lol DOM=pornstar??
Satchford: ha idk
SwagGordon: man this track make me wanna bust out some moves
Satchford: yea man, in the middle of a house party, break somebody table. mama pissed
Satchford: punch bowl tipped over. a head bob is inevitable when this track comes on
SwagGordon: true true
Satchford: “Hen Dogg come through”…”b*&^h im workin” lmaoooo

Come Over
SwagGordon: now this is some teddy riley ish!
SwagGordon: “11 minus 1, yea she a dime for real”
Satchford: yo it has the same bassline as this Jodeci song. I cant remember the name though
SwagGordon: word?
Satchford: peep this

Satchford: dom’s tempo is slower
SwagGordon: “pants so tight, girl how you fit em on? if this was junior high they would have sent her home”…….lmaaoooooo
Satchford: hahaha
SwagGordon: yea I hear that bassline in this Jodeci song
Satchford: yep
SwagGordon: the chime in the background of Dom’s song adds that extra umph
Satchford: yea
Satchford: what you think of the chorus?
SwagGordon: I like what it’s sayin but the vocalist was decent on it
Satchford: yea, its pretty good
Satchford: not sure im feeling the flow on this one. lyrics is cool but the flow is too slow for me
Satchford: thats minor though. good song I think
SwagGordon: I have no problem with the sound of the track, I give it even more props because I believe he spit like 2 verses on it
Satchford: haaa

She Ain’t In Love
Satchford: the intro had me thinking the beat was going to be terrible
Satchford: ….but it pretty good. man its HITTIN
SwagGordon: yea it threw me off as well
Satchford: this chorus is really bad. Not feeling it at all.
SwagGordon: yea the chorus was subpar
Satchford: “you in a 08 but you got dealer plates” lmao
SwagGordon: “I live in a skyscraper, I ain’t got no neighbors……it’s two girls on they knees playing hot potato”…..lmaooooo
Satchford: “cancel yall ni&&as like Will & Grace”haaaaa
SwagGordon: terrible
Satchford: hahaha
SwagGordon: the keys on this track as nice…..they bounce
Satchford: sound like claps in a hi hat pattern if you listen hard
SwagGordon: this sounds like a failed attempt at some old Heatmakerz track
SwagGordon: that’s a different part of the beat than I’m talking about
Satchford: haaa FAIL at that but the beat was good
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: i can picture Juelz coming in and yellin “A!”
Satchford: chill
Satchford: maybe A-Mafia
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: lol

Money Don’t Stop
Satchford: the beat got that west coast feel for sure
SwagGordon: I can’t agree…..this thang sounds terrible
Satchford: “take your shoes off right quick, real leather couch”
SwagGordon: nice line
Satchford: “main squeeze like the hymlick”
Satchford: “im tryin to let my chest hairs show, playing Bingo”
Satchford: his flow on this one was meannnnn
SwagGordon: i can’t vibe with this track
SwagGordon: DOM outshines the production and that don’t go good to me
SwagGordon: goodness this production is sooooooo cheesy
SwagGordon: I would definitely skip this track on the pod
Satchford: you buggin man
Satchford: heavy replay value here.
SwagGordon: psshh maybe if I’m sleep and left the pod on repeat
Satchford: haha
Satchford: one of the best songs up here so far
SwagGordon: smh that’s definitely just your taste
Satchford: “the wifi work in the jacuzzi, ungh” ok ok
Satchford: of course of course
SwagGordon: lyrics are good but the song just doesn’t mesh to me
SwagGordon: it even puts a dent in the flow of the album to me
Satchford: not me, still flowing!
SwagGordon: smh guess we just built differently
Satchford: dern right
SwagGordon: just rated this song a 1 star on my itunes playlist
Satchford: 5 in mine
SwagGordon: welp agree to disagree
Satchford: yup


Satchford: this thing is sooo groovy
Satchford: that bassline is str8 from the west coast
SwagGordon: yea definitely that Roller Rink jammy
Satchford: baby fro head bob
Satchford: i like this chorus, sing a long type ish. its real smooth
SwagGordon: honestly I wouldn’t intentionally repeat this song
Satchford: grown man ish
Satchford: good!
SwagGordon: if the playlist is just going thru I would let it ride tho
Satchford: haa
Satchford: “dont let a new girl make no spaghetti” lol
SwagGordon: lol goodness
SwagGordon: I like how the beat plays out at the end got that family reunion feel
Satchford: this is single quality. Idk if Ive heard dom make a record like this before. have you?
Satchford: you right you right
SwagGordon: nope
SwagGordon: it’s not that Watermelon Sundae but it’ll do
Satchford: he need to put snoop on the remix.
Satchford: ha
SwagGordon: yep u right Nephew
SwagGordon: this excerpt at the end of the song sounds like Dame Dash
Satchford: you right

Platinum Chanel
Satchford: “wake up real early to Eggos and fresh-squeezed”
SwagGordon: “that’s not a 300 that’s a Rolls Royce”…..I feel ya there DOM
Satchford: ya
Satchford: “Im a Mac, dont let these ni&&as Dell you out”
SwagGordon: lmao
SwagGordon: red button in the keyboard huh
Satchford: thinkpad smh
SwagGordon: “everybody say they want Peace, until the piece showin”………very clever
Satchford: “take a couple shots then im done, B.Bowens” hahahahah
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: you right, lots a quotables in here
SwagGordon: “don’t wear Lebrons to the club, them shits ugly”…….smh no love
Satchford: hahaha i feel ya dom
SwagGordon: “do like Kendrick Lamar and don’t weary”…..lmaoooo
Satchford: lol
Satchford: Im not totally getting the track title with the verses. you?
SwagGordon: it’s more like some better life type of ish…..shallow wise
SwagGordon: cashmere thoughts
Satchford: thought of that…thought it was deeper. guess not. fair enough
SwagGordon: a lot of player lines in this track
SwagGordon: slick talk
Satchford: for sure. thats dom for you. 80% of the dom raps is slick talk lol
SwagGordon: true
Satchford: remind me of Too Short
SwagGordon: yea homie!
Satchford: Always appreciated his slick talk
SwagGordon: same here
Satchford: this joint smooth like Money Dont Stop
Satchford: heavy replay value here
SwagGordon: yea something like that
Satchford: “ill take you with me when its time to go on Oprah” haha oprah is no more
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: “aint no one way in, its try and fail” real ish
“i laugh on my way to the bank, this sh&&’s funny” lol
SwagGordon: so G!

I Love Dom
SwagGordon: this reminds of some more Too Short style
Satchford: i was just thinking the same thing
SwagGordon: “them the Bo Jacksons that I had in 92″………goodness
Satchford: haaa in 92 i had some LA gears
Satchford: smh
SwagGordon: old school right there
SwagGordon: these songs seem short but they all around 3:30 for the most part
Satchford: idk bout you, but these tracks have more of an album feel to me. havent heard much of that from Dom
SwagGordon: pssshhh go murk ya self
Satchford: hahaha
SwagGordon: “all cranberry b&%ch that’s a lil goose”…..tipsy?
Satchford: nah
SwagGordon: man that Too Short comparison got me thinking alot now
Satchford: yep, thats DOM. Too Short Jr.
SwagGordon: hmmmmm will have to sleep on that

The Ways

SwagGordon: this got that Neptunes feel so you already know how I feel about it
SwagGordon: the pauses in the flow are sick
Satchford: I really like the chorus here
Satchford: and the synths
SwagGordon: yea I agree
Satchford: those claps are subpar
SwagGordon: I have no problem with the claps….sounds just like the claps from that Pharrell and Robin Thicke song
Satchford: that mean they are amateur lol
SwagGordon: pssshhh u need to wet napkins your face again
SwagGordon: this breakdown at the end=sex
Satchford: its the truth…pharrell is overrated.
SwagGordon: that’s another subject bud
Satchford: yea, sound like some 808 and heartbreaks ish
SwagGordon: yep on point there
Satchford: this track is cool minus the claps and your pharrell comparison ha
SwagGordon: no further comments

Mr. Champagne Intermission ft. Polyester
Satchford: feelin the vibe here
Satchford: Polyester come in like he Warren G
SwagGordon: it starts like Biggie’s Things Done Changed
Satchford: “when im out of town, mmhmm, i miss you very much” lolol
Satchford: true true
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: sound like Lil Cole in the background of the chorus
Satchford: damn this track is super short
SwagGordon: yep intermission bro
SwagGordon: decent track tho
Satchford: yea

Ice Cream Truck
Satchford: “im boardwalking this monopoly”
SwagGordon: this song sounds like Will Smith’s Summertime with the tempo slowed down and the tone of instruments changed
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: chill, please jump out the nearest window
SwagGordon: smh no love huh
Satchford: not for that comparison
Satchford: how you liking this chorus?
SwagGordon: lmao Iisten closely
SwagGordon: hate it
Satchford: subpar
SwagGordon: I like when Dom bring that energy with the confidence in his bars
SwagGordon: this mellow Dom don’t go well in my ipod
Satchford: “that first biggie smalls album stay in my car”
Satchford: Im liking the mellow dom
SwagGordon: the mellow dom reminds me of Oddisee…..Oddisee=terrible
Satchford: plz press the power button on your cpu. smh
Satchford: no love for Oddisee. i knew you hated him. lol
SwagGordon: just stating my opinion
Satchford: I think these mellow tracks really fit dom’s rhymes and style better
SwagGordon: I feel like in this case this is an adequate comparison
Satchford: like that Locals Only….soooo mellow. perfect dom track
SwagGordon: i bet to differ
Satchford: just my thoughts man

New Jeeps ft. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks

Satchford: this got that 1991, krs 1 feel…..the beat is mean
SwagGordon: lmao this Chuck Inglish on the boards!!!
Satchford: word?
SwagGordon: yes sir
Satchford: he stepping his game up
Satchford: so much bounce on this
SwagGordon: game been up trick
Satchford: not really
SwagGordon: see this how I like to hear DOM
SwagGordon: sounds like he rhyming with a smile on his face
Satchford: lmao chill man
SwagGordon: Asher comes in with his awkward flow
Satchford: Asher Roth came in and did his thing. He been impressing me a lot lately
SwagGordon: he got too much confidence in his mediocre rhymes
SwagGordon: Sir Michael Rocks did his thang
SwagGordon: sounds at home on this beat
Satchford: “new jeeps no doors no top”
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: Sir Michael Rocks verse was ok…..weakest out the 3
SwagGordon: pshhh he basically owned the beat…everybody else sound like a feature
Satchford: I beg to differ. ive heard better from him.
SwagGordon: Krs 1:”wooo woo, that’s the sound of the po-lice!”
Satchford: basically!
SwagGordon: of course but he did his thang on this track
Satchford: not really
SwagGordon: there should not be that much hate in one man’s heart like that
Satchford: just my thoughts man. Michael Rocks nice but on this track….Asher and Dom got em
SwagGordon: smh yep truly your thoughts here bro

2mph ft. Big K.R.I.T.
Satchford: i knew i heard that chorus somewhere

SwagGordon: came from Will Smith in Summertime bro!!!!
Satchford: yea but it was not the chorus it was in his verse
Satchford: luda had the chorus
SwagGordon: it was better in the verse
SwagGordon: chorus sucks
Satchford: def
SwagGordon: that Jay line doesn’t work here “yea u made it a nice a verse, I made it a nice song”
Satchford: ha
Satchford: dom says it with no energy but he has mad energy in his verses
SwagGordon: man Big Krit held it down on this track
SwagGordon: I can’t front
Satchford: of course man
Satchford: came in sounding like Sweet Jones
Satchford: r.i.p
Satchford: “you need a king well im akeem”
SwagGordon: Welcome to America!
Satchford: I like this beat, dom verses are cool, chorus terrible, like the KRIT feature
those horns sound like some parade ish
SwagGordon: that’s true
Satchford: the flow of this tape has started to take a turn around track 10
SwagGordon: yea for worse I suppose
Satchford: those first 10 flowed so well
SwagGordon: we’ll see how it ends

Beats, Hoes, & Rhymes ft. Casey Veggies & Schoolboy Q
Satchford: chorus is terrible
SwagGordon: wtf is this talkin at the beginning of the song
SwagGordon: I want to shoot myself in the knee cap right now
SwagGordon: this song is so terrible
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: smh….come on DOM!
SwagGordon: “I’m not no fuckin intellectual”………yea we can tell from you putting this song on this tape
Satchford: lmao
Schoolboy Q up here sound like King Mez
SwagGordon: kind of
SwagGordon: Schoolboy Q should just stop rapping right now
SwagGordon: so terrible
Satchford: this track is skippable for sure
SwagGordon: why he trying to flow fast on this terrible production?
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: the production was decent…..the song was the bad part
SwagGordon: production=part of song
Satchford: not really but ok
to clear that up….the rapping and chorus terrible….beat is ok
SwagGordon: true

Dream to Me
SwagGordon: this sound like some Kooley High happy go luck ish
Satchford: this beat sound like some 9th wonder. im feeling it
Satchford: is he rapping or just talkin?
SwagGordon: got that Watermelon Sundae feel to it
Satchford: true true
SwagGordon: Written Word huh
Satchford: dom just wasted a good beat.
Satchford: shouldve just been a instrumental track
SwagGordon: pshhh I rather he left it off than just waste space with an instrumental track for some of these amateurs to f&%k it up
Satchford: the beat is the star here. thats about it
SwagGordon: yea nothing much to say about this track


Satchford: the guitar is this is real smooth
Satchford: sound like Jazza Pha on the chorus
SwagGordon: yea the guitar sounds like the default Acoustic snippet that comes with Fruitiloops
Satchford: lmao
SwagGordon: I like how DOM rhymes over the part of the beat that is not crowded
Satchford: “SWV show, these ni&&as throwing chairs” damn
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: im feeling this one. nice and MELLOW lol
SwagGordon: yea it’s mellow…..not that bad of a track….i prefer the last track of The Original DOM Kennedy tho
SwagGordon: “remember back in 98 u was so feminine”… lmao
Satchford: same vibe.
Satchford: he ends the tape nice here, reminiscing on the good times he been through growing up in Leimert Park
SwagGordon: psssshhhh go drink a gallon of Drain-O with that “same vibe” comment
Satchford: hahaha
Satchford: a mellow ending on both tapes…same vibe
SwagGordon: smh
Satchford: you know im right broham
SwagGordon: DOM wtf

SwagGordon: I was anticipating for this tape to be decent but even with such low expectation I was halfway disappointed. After listening to tape I totally understand how Freeway felt after he battled Cassidy “I blew all my load earlier on in the day”…meaning that DOM should have let The Original DOM Kennedy soak for a while and then maybe at the end of this year release a tape. After track 10, he lost my interest. If you are a big DOM fan and you don’t want your perception of DOM to be scared, ignore the rest of album after track 11. This tape doesn’t have the same energy as DOM’s prior work. I do recommend this tape for a download but I don’t recommend syncing every song to the pod. The productions just didn’t hit like you would expect either.
Overall rating 4/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: DOM’s Prayer, The Ways, & She Ain’t In Love

Satchford: This was a pretty good tape from Dom. For me, this tape has more of a mellow feel and its flows pretty well. The lyrics are still there, its signature DOM. Although this tape is not better than his previous, its still worth the sync in my opinion. The production really gives this tape a different feel. The setback was a few tracks towards the end of the cd, it just didnt flow well with the rest and they were subpar.
Overall Rating 7/10
Top 3 tracks: Dom’s Prayer, Grind’n, Money Don’t Stop

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