100 DOM Kennedy Quotes!

A lil dedication to DOM’s work prior to FWWL2! hit it

1. “like damn you such a dick blower, ya whole clique owe us, even your own b$#@h know it, this my lane get over”
2. “my flow I don’t spit, it’s more the way I be barfin”
3. “so when I show up, put yourself down!”
4. “a T-Bone Steak, some eggs, a glass of Florida, your girl keep callin me up but I’m ignoring her”
5. “and yea she do drive a Ford truck but I’m exploring her”
6. “I’m probably the best Kennedy after Bobby so bob me with my hands behind my head like it’s a robbery”
7. “I’m sick, ya n#@$a stay with Vicks like the Falcons”
8. “I’m too sharp to be in megapixels”
9. “matter of fact if there’s a ribbon in the sky, I’ll gladly take a ride and go get it with you”
10. “Life ain’t sweet, Saturday thru Monday, but in the summer time you my watermelon sundae, hey!”
11. “if you wasn’t into me, I’d probably date your shoes”
12. “got spots on tees like clothes don’t clean”
13. “I’m in Porsche, I’m in horse”
14. “calm your voice like R&B”
15. “I stabbed a white girl too, no OJ’s”
16. “check the phonebooks, n#@$a I got a thousand boo’s”
17. “I’m more N.W.A. when they was running through them posters”
18. “and just yesterday some dude came up and asskkked me, where you performing? I told em n#@$a that was lassst week”
19. “hitting all the girls in skinny jeans that dress EMO”
20. “your girl is so wet, she know I’m gon swim”
21. “best ever? sh#t I better be!”
22. “I’m so Sucka Free but these n#@$as is tryin to Next me”
23. “Pinocchio ass n#@$as don’t even stick your nose in”
24. “her body is like O’God but I’m trying not to bless it”
25. “imagine growing up in a whole city of groupies, where every cute face is up in videos stupid, but see her in real life when there’s no video to it, there’s no Jiggas and she a lot less thicker, start raisin the kids and there’ll be a lot less n#@$as”
26. “I roll 7, I’m a pick up”
27. “buying cars, clothes, chains, ya know that n#@$a sh#t”
28. “give me a pair of old forces with the wrinkles by the check”
29. “and I had them LA gears with those glow ass lights, kids used to ask do those glow at night? And you’d put your hand around it”
30. “and she would pose questions like after I spend the night DOM can we got to breakfast? Huh?”
31. “and the neck you provide boo, was wet like the bayou”
32. “Leimert Park bring it, It’ll be hotter than some Folgers”
33. “the Westside is mine and I’m not finna share”
34. “cause Ed Hardy T’s is against my True Religions”
35. “Dana can tell you her only son been flyer than JetBlue”
36. “quote it you have been demoted, your album came out and we aint even notice…..we call that a floppy disk, this that Gucci shirt Versace sh&t”
37. “what hoe’s around, slows you down”
38. “my girl sweeter than berries, Halle too!”
39. “there’s money in the air like somebody sprayed fragrance”
40. “and I read a passage to keep my lyrics aligned”
41. “f%$k video girls I done seen em when they broke, you tryin to get a date I done seen all down they throat”
42. “she know I’ma make it, I just want it all, she know I’m a Laker”
43. “let her be the 1, you can run the 2”
44. “these hoes don’t pay attention probably because they can’t afford it”
45. “if this was 94 I would probably give this out to Suge”
46. “just because I smile, n#@$as be thinking that I be joking”
47. “if this was 92 they would have beat your ass n#@$a”
48. “and he good at pushing rock like he Rod, WHO?, Strickland”
49. “your sh#t is all plain, and my chain got that hockey”
50. “I ain’t Freeway Rick but it’s all on my Horizon”
51. “call me Mr. Clark by the way that they all lean onnnnn”
52. “fresh like the Prince b$#@h, you can say I’m Will’n it……throwin n#@$as out the house n#@$a, you can say I’m Phil’n it”
53. “don’t be chasing Waterfalls, I just hope she creepin it”
54. “Panties tripping wet? Yea tell her I can get her some”
55. “they like International n#@$as, and I stay flying”
56. “Dana’s boy is good hearted and soon it may emerge”
57. “if life’s a bumpy road, it’s a lot of hills with me”
58. “I’m heavy as a muthaf%$kin Jeep like this and I’m coming thru in your lane beep beep like this”
59. “they used to look down on me, don’t look now I’m coming up”
60. “I rep that David Blake cause you’ll forever be a legend, O’Shea gonna be the first and I’ll forever be the second”
61. “still play that old Nas, still play that old Chris, still play that same Jay, still got that same list”
62. “I get my James Yancey on and Raise It Up”
63. “Leimert Park Legend, I used to bump that Snoop-pay”
64. “bad azz n#@$a I am like Boozie, but that just might have went over your head like a koofey”
65. “I’m good on the track, Carl Lewis”
66. “they tell me sign up, I be like SH#T sign down”
67. “me and Cartier going harder than construction”
68. “naw DOM he ain’t cool, he got no heaters, then I went home, the gas shut off we ain’t got none either”
69. “the very first time I heard Black Superman, I knew it was ok to be just who I am”
70. “that gold around my neck, got me looking like I’m medaling”
71. “tell them lil n#@$as that they can’t f%$k with heavy weight”
72. “A full house of girls, so shout out to Mary Kay”
73. “chino’s and chuck taylors, ya know, gotta keep it urban”
74. “first beat that came in, first hit that came out”
75. “I tell her we like Method and Mary, all we need on em”
76. “My Jordans from ’85, homie if that ain’t old”
77. “your n#@$a had a Maserati, but he a mechanic now”
78. “Yall stood in line, I was standing out”
79. “people ask DOM what you chasing, hmmm? Take 900 thousand and n#@$a round up”
80. “no Corey Matthews, I be feelin like Shawn”
81. “I got big self esteem but I stay humble”
82. “I hit my first dice game on some beginner’s luck, and ate good all week, meet the winners chump!”
83. “lookin for a break, but we don’t bend as much”
84. “don’t try to be all flashy just work on the fundamentals, don’t go between your legs before you even learn to dribble, and the man that has a lot I bet he started with a little”
85. “so get off the cooler and pass me a cold brew”
86. “I swear she give good head, but she aint got no sense”
87. “sh#t I heard Funk Flex say that Pac aint sh#t and I hope that when you see him that he slap your mouth”
88. “I’m from the place where cousin Harrell tried to floss that Bimmer”
89. “f%$k a tattoo, I’m embedded in your heart”
90. “I’ma get it on tape so you can’t say that it was rape”
91. “it was like Menace, seen her in a Civic, asked for them digits, it only took a minute”
92. “so write my number down and tell your girl to keep in touch with me”
93. “I got a pocket full of singles and some centuries”
94. “I f%$ked to shorties in a house that’s 2 stories”
95. “it’s like a cashmere sweater, a million up front will make a bad year better”
96. “anytime you down to build I’m down to work”
97. “I was told sky’s the limit so I’m reaching up”
98. “I can read your body language like a conversation”
99. “I’m in a league of my own, Tom Hanks”
100. “there’s a lot of niggas in this club boy, I’m on this I need some new vagina like”

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9 thoughts on “100 DOM Kennedy Quotes!

  1. That line is from the second verse of Dom Kennedy’s “Back Around” off of his 25th Hour project.

  2. what song is #24 ?! “her body is like O’God but I’m trying not to bless it”

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