Skyzoo – The Great Debater Mixtape Review

Complicated Rhythm

Satchford: liking the intro
SwagGordon: it sounds like it would be placed in the score to “Taxi”
Satchford: “praised, yet looked over” true. Sky deserves more props. Dude nice
Satchford: true
SwagGordon: I agree
Satchford: sound like the start of something serious
Satchford: ahhhh this beat crazy
Satchford: Prod. By Best Kept Secret
SwagGordon: I’m feeling the drum pattern
Satchford: it’s smooth but still triggers a head nod
SwagGordon: I concur
SwagGordon: “you click on the zshare, you just brought you a syringe”……my goodness
Satchford: sick
SwagGordon: that Jay-Z excerpt at the end is a nice addition
Satchford: “wasn’t Dwayne Wayne but had a braud like Kenu” ok ok
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: from the Reasonable Doubt Classic Albums DVD
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: I’m feeling this joint, that jayz excerpt tops it off
SwagGordon: honestly, I enjoy the vibe of this intro, it’s not too much and it doesn’t lack anything, composition wise
Satchford: agreed

Rap Like Me
Satchford: the beat is cool. Smooth vibe
SwagGordon: who produced this????
Satchford: sound like a 9th beat
SwagGordon: sound like some Black Milk
SwagGordon: mixed with a bit of the Pete Rock funk
SwagGordon: if it was 9th it would have those skeleton drums
Satchford: I heard 9th lace drums like this before
SwagGordon: word?
Satchford: it’s not too complex
SwagGordon: true
Satchford: “swear id leave the beat alone if I could be with nia long” I don’t blame u sky
SwagGordon: heavy bass
Satchford: true. skyzoo’s rhymes will have you fetching for days. His music has excellent replay value
SwagGordon: Frisbees!!!!
Satchford: yup
SwagGordon: I agree
SwagGordon: if you don’t catch it the first time fo sure any time afterwards
SwagGordon: I like how he came in flowing on the beat
Satchford: he right on the chorus “they don’t rap like me”
Satchford: I think skyzoo is on another planet lyrically
SwagGordon: for the most part yea
SwagGordon: he’s not far out there but the way he places his rhymes together are complex to a point that forces you to replay the songs
SwagGordon: smooth delivery helps as well
Satchford: yea that’s what makes it sound complex, the structure of his bars. not the norm
Satchford: he has an excellent ear for beats too
Satchford: cool song, I like it

Written In The Drums

Satchford: love the beat. props to Swiff D
SwagGordon: agreed
Satchford: “written like Christopher, corner store literature”
SwagGordon: lol
SwagGordon: whoever would have thought the dude from 106 could rhyme this good
Satchford: true true
Satchford: he on a whole new level now
SwagGordon: you can definitely ride out to this song
Satchford: “should money bring me loneliness, I’ll be here alone counting out like yea the lonely wins”
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: true was vibin to this on the way home from work the other day. fit the setting perfect
SwagGordon: this was the track that he leaked a while back and I was wondering how it was going to piece in with the rest of the tape
Satchford: think it fits?
SwagGordon: so far yep
SwagGordon: the track is not overdone like some artist would tried to do with it
Satchford: “out of line penning, they was trying to find vision I was filling in the blanks that was provided by they ignorance”
Satchford: yep, I can’t find any flaws in this here. liking the track

Designer Drugs
Satchford: this beat is different. sound like 9th
SwagGordon: yea definitely
SwagGordon: that stuttering pattern is sick
Satchford: true true
SwagGordon: only flaw that I have will Sky is
SwagGordon: that you can tell that he spits verses already written…..then he tries to fit them to the beat
Satchford: this could be the case for this song but I’ve heard him say he writes to the beat
Satchford: “sentence roun ya nose, pardon me for going honest, I call it like I see when I see it sprinkled on her”
SwagGordon: yea he said it in one of the verses in the previous songs
Satchford: “mountains full of words”
SwagGordon: and the chorus dictates that too lol
SwagGordon: nice
Satchford: the concept seems simple but I like how he tackled it. nice track
SwagGordon: agreed’

Parade Me

Satchford: first off, the beat!
Satchford: shout to Juan Melas
Satchford: the horns!
SwagGordon: lmao!! got that Reggae feel to me
SwagGordon: the bass guitar
Satchford: got that Mexican feel to me
SwagGordon: that first verse flow is sooooooo sick
Satchford: them horns are so Mexico city
Satchford: “when it plays you would think you outside of my living room, none of more vivid….”
Satchford: he ride this joint like sea biscuit
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: love the breakdown with just the bass
SwagGordon: yea it’s simple to point
Satchford: “dip between the bass, you see the bass, I aint miss a chord” smh
SwagGordon: goodness
Satchford: these horns got hearts in my eyes
Satchford: I need this instrumental!
Satchford: “when the talk got em they talk bout em like pa, listen…”
SwagGordon: ugh instrumental
SwagGordon: I prefer the whole song
Satchford: “back and forth wording, call it catalog turbulence”
Satchford: yea I like the song but I want the instrumental
SwagGordon: going to spit a 16 over it???
Satchford: nah, just an instrumental lover
SwagGordon: ugh
Satchford: no love for instrumentals huh
SwagGordon: yea I got love for instrumentals when the original artist didn’t do the beat justice but in the case when the artist does his/her thang I gotta have the song
Satchford: that’s cool. idc if they did the beat justice or not, if the beat hot, it’s hot. I’d like to hear the beat alone to study the composition and capture the vision
SwagGordon: to each his own
Satchford: dern str8
SwagGordon: lmao

We Here
Satchford: the beat sounds similar to Show Me What You Got

SwagGordon: I was thinkin the same thing!!!
SwagGordon: mainly the horns and drums
Satchford: the way it’s put together…
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: the sample and them the breakdown
SwagGordon: somebody yellin in the background “O!”…..gettin busy perhaps
Satchford: I like that “ohh!!!!” yelling
Satchford: hand me those drumsticks?
SwagGordon: that low cut filter comes in I love that!
Satchford: haha I be
Satchford: t
Satchford: skyzoo is never slacking on the choruses
SwagGordon: this song make you wanna get you a good drum set
Satchford: “I be on my kooley, cochece…”
SwagGordon: Sam Ash what up!!!
Satchford: lmao!
Satchford: ohh!!!! -that is the cherry on top for this beat. so much energy in that one word
SwagGordon: “lens crafter that after, who f^$kin with EYE”……lmao
Satchford: dope
SwagGordon: that girl vocalist in the chorus is decent; I like how she had a short feature
SwagGordon: but glad it didn’t go further
Satchford: true
Satchford: I keep imaging jayz in that pagani zonda with this beat. sorry, can’t help it lol
SwagGordon: same here
SwagGordon: I can put this track on repeat and let it vibe out
Satchford: definitely. easy to listen to. cocaine verses sprinkled like a funnel cake
SwagGordon: bet

Satchford: !llmind on the beat
Satchford: its aight
SwagGordon: yea
SwagGordon: it’s too simple for my taste
SwagGordon: sounds like a club track
Satchford: yea this is an ok song….messes up the flow of the mixtape for me…kinda like Popularity did on the Salvation
SwagGordon: totally agree
SwagGordon: both are heavy bass songs
Satchford: the flow, wordplay is there, I think the beat is the downfall here
SwagGordon: yea this would probably get skipped on my pod
Satchford: same here

Expensive Habits feat. Jesse Boykins III
Satchford: man I heard this sample before.
Satchford: mom dukes use to blast it back in the day
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: can’t remember the name
SwagGordon: I know the song but they totally messed up the sample with this beat
SwagGordon: too choppy
SwagGordon: I’m turned off str8 out the gate
Satchford: it seems a tad offbeat, idk how sky raps over this
SwagGordon: the chorus is horrible
SwagGordon: don’t even sound like it’s been mixed
Satchford: the hi hats and stop n go in the beats makes it even harder to follow
Satchford: yea the chorus seems out of place. Jesse Boykins nice though. He got some nice tracks
SwagGordon: “and this is a BOSE so you can sing how you want boo”….lmaooo
Satchford: dope
Satchford: “at 725 you wake up and touch your thigh like damn it’s still shaking, well baby I’m not surprised”
Satchford: lmao
Satchford: beat it up I see
SwagGordon: omg lmao
SwagGordon: lyrics were there but the song lacked an adaquet beat
Satchford: sky make good tracks about the females.
Satchford: yea the beat was lacking here. 2 in a row.
SwagGordon: welp

Until It All Goes feat. Manhattan

Satchford: ok ok the beat fire!
SwagGordon: lol I’m feelin this
Satchford: the bassline and the tempo provokes a uncontrollable head nod
SwagGordon: the work up to the start of the verse is nice
SwagGordon: “but I’m brail over there, see your way thru the dark”………sick
Satchford: my neck hurt
SwagGordon: HA!
SwagGordon: “know that the allure is just a fixture”…….dope
SwagGordon: Sky does his thang thang and rides this beat smoothly
Satchford: signature Sky
SwagGordon: this Manhattan guy, never heard of em, but he ain’t too bad
Satchford: “these muhhf%%as wasn’t dope enough to sniff it”
Satchford: oh yeah, he did his thang
Satchford: “til there aint no rozay left to be poured, last call ni%%sa!!!”
SwagGordon: with songs like these you can definitely find yourself flowing thru the album in no time and not even noticing
Satchford: yep yep
Satchford: perfect for a long ride in the whip
SwagGordon: or the plane trip!
Satchford: def. above the clouds is perfect for music like this
SwagGordon: better than a freakin baby crying behind you
Satchford: ugh the worse

Test Drive
Satchford: smooth beat
Satchford: drums and snares is super hard
Satchford: “I’m more for the immediate, when all you see is mediance; I’m over the shoulders of the norm for the deviant”
SwagGordon: they definitely got Drake’s “Light Up” drums
Satchford: “you pay blogs to hold you down; I just throw em my poems”
Satchford: true
SwagGordon: so true!
Satchford: like the beat on the chorus. props to !llmind
SwagGordon: of course
Satchford: like how he flips the Jay-Z – Prelude opening verse
SwagGordon: provokes a head knod
SwagGordon: yea that was slick
Satchford: “O’s on they mind, it’s looking like Camden Yards” shout to the Orioles
SwagGordon: yep if u listen to the end of the song,,,,this is a definitely a bite off Drake’s “Light Up”….another low pass filter
SwagGordon: B-More!
Satchford: damn good catch
SwagGordon: I like this song
Satchford: agreed
SwagGordon: Sky makes that riding/flying music for sure
SwagGordon: delivers that food for thought and he aint expecting no tips
Satchford: “tipping my fitted to my mirror, the commendable”
Satchford: true true


Satchford: the horn!
SwagGordon: goodness
Satchford: Kenneth G?
SwagGordon: my face so ugly right now
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: crazy
Satchford: the breakdown on it so pure
SwagGordon: more food for thought
Satchford: “it’s like I made 2 lefts and saw the 3rd coming, I’m back to the 4th bar, got my nerves jumping” DAMN
Satchford: “follow those like it’s an @ sign there” slick twitter reference
SwagGordon: “watchin Juice heads watchin me but mutha f&%k a Rodimez”
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: Riverside mutha%#$#$!!!!
Satchford: lmao
SwagGordon: this song is one of the smoothest tracks on the tape IMO
SwagGordon: very mellow
Satchford: true true, This and that
SwagGordon: this that music to sip some Whiskey on the rocks too
Satchford: ill pass. Sierra Mist on the rocks
SwagGordon: lol sip whatever just makes sure you got a full tailored suit on
Satchford: ha this is true
SwagGordon: lookin like T.I. in Takers

Get Him To The Greek
Satchford: the beat smooth but the chorus needs work
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: when I saw the title of the song I was wondering what it would sound like
SwagGordon: with the movie in mind ya know
Satchford: yea me2. funny movie tho
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: not really understanding the vision of this song
SwagGordon: that horn is kind of annoying
SwagGordon: I’m not feeling how the beat goes away and Skyzoo spits accapella
SwagGordon: so out of place
Satchford: “in the meantime, we’ve lined ourselves with rewind, meaning I’m back as soon as I leave”
Satchford: slick line
Satchford: the horn is cool to me
SwagGordon: can’t really dig it
Satchford: the acapella lyrics was dope
Satchford: I think it’ll click with a few more listen
SwagGordon: yea lyrics were nice but the transition was terrible
Satchford: fair enough
Satchford: cool track, I like it

Could’ve Struck the Lotto
Satchford: another smooth beat
SwagGordon: yea it’s N.E.R.D.’s beat
Satchford: word?
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: “the pitfalls in the poetry, truthfully yours” damn!
SwagGordon: “Inside of Clouds”
Satchford: that buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the lotto….one of my favorite nas line
SwagGordon: I like how he played with their album titles
SwagGordon: Seeing Sounds…Fly or Die
Satchford: nerd?
SwagGordon: yep
Satchford: ok ok
SwagGordon: remember I told u that this beat was bit off of Mobb Deep’s “Drink Away The Pain”
SwagGordon: of course the tempo and tone are manipulated
Satchford: I don’t hear it
Satchford: sound more like Give Up The Goods to me
SwagGordon: well it was one of those songs
Satchford: yea
SwagGordon: I like how Skyzoo rhymed over the beat’
SwagGordon: lyrics were pure
Satchford: spitting on staying to himself, not following the norm
SwagGordon: I concur
Satchford: “fully loaded clouds, corner of your dreams” smh
SwagGordon: yea I peeped that
SwagGordon: sick
Satchford: def

For The Awake ft. King Mez

Satchford: like the voice in the back…shouts to Oh No on the beat
SwagGordon: sorry the beat is monstrous
SwagGordon: I can’t focus on Skyzoo with that beat
SwagGordon: loving it
Satchford: too sick huh
SwagGordon: yo….when I was living in the QC King Mez was errwhere
Satchford: “you mind screaming to duck while you leaking from it”
Satchford: dude nice
SwagGordon: people was feelin him, gassin him up
Satchford: I have been listening to the King’s Khrysis tape. cool cd
SwagGordon: decent
Satchford: “because I’m king, they be bishop like they running with Steele” -king mez
Satchford: dope
SwagGordon: ugh they faded the beat out again with Skyzoo just repeating a chorus….I dislike that
Satchford: Mez’s voice and flow fits perfect on this track
SwagGordon: just let the beat ride out goodness
Satchford: the beat changes on the 3rd verse. the sample builds….makes it sound kinda messy with Skyzoo’s voice over it
SwagGordon: I agree
Satchford: dope song, nonetheless
Satchford: like the Mez feature

For The Sleepers

Satchford: str8 wordplay!
Satchford: “eyes wide shut like it bothers them to see more”
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: I love how it’s just the piano keys
SwagGordon: with a taste from the previous track
Satchford: “called for a detour, Tom Tom on the dash but pardon if I reach off”
SwagGordon: a sick transition
Satchford: true true
SwagGordon: LMAO TOM TOM!
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: you hear that drop at the end? sound like Runaway is about to come on huh
SwagGordon: toast to the douche bags!
Satchford: Sky knows he spit some complicated rhymes….he addressing all the sleepers who overlook his lyrical greatness
SwagGordon: what a creative way to do that too
Satchford: lmaooooooooo runaway
SwagGordon: over a basic production
Satchford: yes
SwagGordon: it’s a short track but he gets across so much under 2 minutes
Satchford: damn right
SwagGordon: I was impressed

The Definitive Prayer
Satchford: I knew I heard this sample used somewhere else
Satchford: Lil Wayne – Dr Carter

SwagGordon: yea it was in the background of that Children of the Corn Stretch Bobbito Freestyle first
SwagGordon: portions were taken of it
Satchford: yea
SwagGordon: “the W is at the W spillin off”….nice!
Satchford: Sample is David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

SwagGordon: sweet!
SwagGordon: “heavy as the fade that should feel that New Era son”….lmao
Satchford: haha
Satchford: nice vid for this too

SwagGordon: man he rhyming without any breaths
Satchford: spitting flames
Satchford: that W line sick you said earlier
SwagGordon: this reminds me of Langston’s Pen….just the way he goes out….!llmind just told him to walk it thru
Satchford: “serenade warrant hearing aids”
Satchford: shout to illmind
SwagGordon: goodness
Satchford: “blue and whites move alike if they should think they heard a drum” DAMN!!
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: slow down Sky, you killin em!
SwagGordon: he’s not done…..he’s not done
Satchford: the drum breakdown is crazy!
SwagGordon: the cymbal provides that constant ride sound
Satchford: true true
Satchford: “I come through, windows off still knocking Rae, the Hilfiger version….”
Satchford: smh
SwagGordon: nice spot
Satchford: it’s like his lyrics builds with the beat
Satchford: love it
Satchford: “for the love of money baby, decimals is delicate”
Satchford: what a way to end a tape
SwagGordon: I agree
Satchford: welp, all this food for thought….I done threw up 3 times and I’m still full

SwagGordon: After listening to this tape I feel that this is a nice tape to sync to the pod. Skyzoo came thru as expected and surprisingly impressed me on some of the tracks. The productions were nice especially when gettin near to the end of the tape when all of the transitions were on point. The lyrics were second to none and his flow was good. Overall I would have to recommend people to download this tape. When I think about Skyzoo’s style I think about “no Brook and Robin Lopez, no two alike” lol.
Top 3 Favs: The Definitive Prayer, For The Sleepers, Rap Like Me
Overall Rating: 6.9/10

Satchford: Skyzoo once again delivers a very good mixtape for us. Feels more like an album to me. Sky took his time to craft this project and you can tell he puts major thought into all he does. The food for thought meter is overflowing because Sky throws so much out. I can appreciate it. He has set the bar extremely high for himself and rightfully so, he’s definitely in the top 5 nicest out right now to me. Only downfalls on this tape are a couple missteps with the beats and some mediocre choruses. The replay value is high here because of the high level of food for thought and also the album flows pretty well. It’s easy to listen to. Worth the download and sync. Overall Rating 7.5/10
Top 3 Favs: The Definitive Prayer, Until It All Goes, Complicated Rhythm
Overall Rating 7.5/10

Download Skyzoo – The Great Debater

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