Kudos!! (A Dedication to BrandUn DeShay’s verse on “Wish Me Luck”)

Of course this DOM song popped up on the pod this week and I couldn’t help to notice that the homie on the first verse ripped. This is a dedication to BrandUn DeShay’s verse off DOM Kennedy’s Wish Me Luck, which is amazing peep
yo I ain’t really trying to play no games, girl you bomb as hell
your outfit stupid fly, that’s blonde as hell
I can tell we got chemistry, we bonding well
and I ain’t only tryin to hit, Barry Bonds as well
but I’m a different kind of guy
we all got wings, he bug I’m a bird that’s a different kind of fly
I’m lookin in ya eye and I can see that you like it
16 bars and I aint even had to write it
some things just inspired
you seemed to have that affect on me
I know we going to last, cause you the best foe me
save the best for last, I know you know the sayin
think of this as Closed Caption and see what I’m sayin
usually it’s hard to call it
from the Tower of Pisa, it just seems like I’m fallin
in love
but A, awesome B, beautiful C, creative D, damn girl you all of the above (I swear)

DOM Kennedy ft. BrandUn DeShay & TiRon – Wish Me Luck!

That verse was so creative the way he pasted the words together. I was impressed even though the flow was kind of choppy it was purposeful. He comes in riding the beat well with this conversation piece in mind. The bug/fly line was crazy, definitely let to the ugly face. His metaphors were slick as well. I never really heard the homie rhyme except on that DOM song, but this definitely has inspired me to look into more of his work. You all must have some favorites of this artist??? Stay tuned this guy might be rockin on JMT homepage in the future!

Side note: That Electric Relaxation beat is so melodic shouts out to Q-tip

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