Dom Kennedy – II: From Westside, With Love Mixtape Review

Dom’s Prayer

SwagGordon: at first when this song comes on I was like hmm not really sure if I was feeling it but then the piano keys come in
Satchford: Yea that choppy melody volume is lowered then.
Satchford: Dom keeps it 100 on this one.
Satchford: “I’m handsome from my daddy’s face”
SwagGordon: yea I like the truthfulness of the song
Satchford: the keys do bring this track to life…I’m feeling this one
SwagGordon: I’m kind of feelin the singing at the end….good ole doo-wap Continue reading


Another classic

This is some classic Mark Morrison ish. Return of the Mack! I swear to you Dre, Quik, and all of the rest of the west coast producers have stripped this song to bits. The drums are very familiar by now, especially when you hear them layered. That little sound at the beginning of the song was been used so many times as well. Just had to lace you all with some old school ish.

Trackback: Eric B. & Rakim’s Juice (Know the Ledge)

As many probably already know, Rakim and the Roots recently linked and performed “Paid in Full“. That got me thinking about when I used to be addicted to Rakim’s songs. Just wanted to take it back a little.

“suckas get smacked up, suckas get smacked up”(one of the memorable scratches from Juice)
***DAMN u EMI if you take this video down

Next Up I Believe That’s Me…..Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc is somebody to watch out for in the future. His voice is very soulful and he is talented as well. I first peeped him just like everybody else from that song “I Need A Dollar”. He has be doing his thing for a while, most recently overseas in the UK. I chirped his album “Good Things” and it wasn’t bad at all, I was actually impressed. His lyrics contain a lot of emotions dealing with poverty, relationships, and society. He has the attitude of a hustler with the persona of an activist. My favorite song on the album is “Life So Hard” peep Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Jay-Z – Maybach Music 2 Lost Verse

Why didn’t Ricky just invite Jay back? He killed it.

Smell like summertime to me
First one to cop, I’m the Maybach muse
First one in the coupe, on my third six deuce
White guts, black Benz
I call that bitch affirmative action
Oreo, the Obama
Curtains drawn, they can’t see me, Osama
Cashmere throws as a splash of class
S.C. initials on the Tiffany glass
I guess on the initial Maybach
I was way too official, they ain’t call Jay back
I’m just a bully, I apologize Continue reading

J.Cole – “Workout” Song Review

Initial thoughts…”wtf is this?” You can’t blame me for thinking so because we are talking about a MC who’s track record has been close to perfect so far in my opinion. This is a different type of track for J.Cole. It sounds different, it doesn’t grab you in immediately like most J.Cole tracks. As it did for me, it requires a few listens to catch on.

The production is pretty decent. He samples Kanye West’s Workout Plan song from his 2004 debut, College Dropout. What’s unique here is the way he flipped it. The pieces used Continue reading