My favorite hip hop song!

Often I get to thinking what’s my favorite hip hop song, especially after I ask somebody what’s theirs. I’ve heard so much good music in my lifetime and so many spectacular artist. But no song has touched me or meant more to me than Biggie’s Sky’s The Limit, check it out
The Notorious B.I.G. – Sky’s The Limit

I can’t believe he came up with this sh&t off top like that. It’s so thorough and gully. The beat was just so mellow and the feel of the whole song is so pure. I remember Biggie being the first hip hop artist that I really gravitated towards and I listened to all of his work that I could find. The descriptions in this song and the situations that he describes are so relevant to me and the people that I grew up with. The lyrics are authentic and the chorus is so inspirational “sky is the limit and you know you can have what you want, be what you want”. 112 laced Big with that flame. Last of all when I heard the sample recently I was like “damn now this that sh%t”. Mellow out to this for a minute
Bobby Caldwell – My Flame

pure as the stuff from Columbia

One thought on “My favorite hip hop song!

  1. I always loved this song, I can’t decide which Biggie song is my favorite but this is one of them.

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