Just My Thoughts On Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower” Song and Video

I think Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower” is one of the most incredible/meaningful records to be released in a while. The visuals that were recently released for the video really struck me and got me to thinking. First, the record is a masterpiece (yea, i said it). A lot of thought went into this and it shows. The production is a smooth flute-sounding sample that feels like an spiritual melody in itself. Props to J.Cole on the beat. Kendrick balances the record with pointing out the good, the bad and also provides inspiration here and there. This is a record points out a lot of the world’s ill and its affect on us. I know what it feels like to become irritated at times with the world we live in but Kendrick Lamar has had enough, obviously, Continue reading

XV’s “Wichita” sample re-revealed

A while ago we reviewed XV’s Zero Heroes Mixtape and ever since I heard the intro to that tape I have been amazed by the production. Earlier on we identified the most obvious sample present in the song (Listen to the song here) but we failed to present the other sample that was in the song. There’s a part in the song when the beat fades out and then comes back in with this orchestra type of sound, that’s my favorite part. You can tell that this part is a blatant sample so after gathering my marbles I got a hold of the sample. peep Continue reading

Some Notable BET Rap City Freestyles

Remember back in the day when Rap City came on BET and you couldn’t wait until the last 15 minutes of the show so Big Tigger and his guest could go tear the booth down? Yeah, me too. The good ol days. Who would cancel such a great show? That was the best show on BET, in my opinion but oh well. Anyways, the other day I got to thinking of those memorable MCs who took advantage and killed the booth. It was quite of few. Have a listen to some of my favorite booth freestyles.

100+ J.Cole Quotes

What’s your favorite….?
1. “niggas owe me publishing, my style got sampled”
2. “my shit on every street like the curb”
3. “A yellow nigga bout to rise and shine like the sun up” 
4. “I wouldn’t say that you a hoe, just made a hoe decision”
5. “It’s the muthafuckin Don, bitch im fuckin up rewind buttons” 
6. “And if you feel that then I guess I sell crack, get it?”  Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Jadakiss – All For The Love

With Jadakiss’ “I Love You” mixtape downloading as I type, let’s take it way back to his first official solo track, “All For The Love”. Both verses are crazy.

Jadakiss – All For The Love

[Verse 1]
When you think of me you think of a problem
Who? What? When? and how you gonna solve em
Automatic or revolve em
The K I double S and, Here’s the lesson
Most beams is infared, but mine’s is flourescent Continue reading