First Time I heard Kendrick Lamar’s O(verly) D(edicated)

Well I woke up early this morning and decided to do some spring cleaning (f^%k the northeast cause it don’t feel like no spring out here, shout out to NC!). Well as all hip hop heads know, we need music to do most of everything so I was like hmmm what can I blast while I do my thing. Since I am a fairly new fan of Kendrick Lamar’s it’s only right that I get that Overly Dedicated, so I proceeded to do so. The intro of the tape threw me off cause I was like damn the homie is off beat but what the concept was genius. As I moved into Growing Apart I was like DAMN! now this is I what I was expecting. Night of the Living Junkies was real soulful and so sick, especially that sample in the background. The skit at the beginning of P&P was soooo funny, good ole Martin Pane! Continue reading


Currensy & Alchemist – Covert Coup Mixtape Review

SwagGordon: to start off the beat sounds so simple
SwagGordon: it sounds incomplete
SwagGordon: missing something
Satchford: Yea I can agree
Satchford: “seriously, fishburne turn, flip styles, furiously”
Satchford: slick line
Satchford: I like his flow on this one
SwagGordon: Currensy’s flow is slow Continue reading

XV – Zero Heroes Mixtape Review


SwagGordon: The build up for this track is so sick
Satchford: Justin blaze on the beat
Satchford: it does build up nice
Satchford: like the wichitaaaaaa sample
SwagGordon: me too!
Satchford: “I just want the world to feel me like a masseuse”
SwagGordon: “take yall to Wichitaaaaaaaa!”
Satchford: “you want bars? Well this page is rikers” Continue reading

Best Verse: DMX ft. The LOX & Jay-Z – Blackout

Back in 1998, this was the ultimate posse track. 5 of the illest spitters on a Swizz beat. First of all, the beat is nice. I still debate with myself about who had the best verse. Let’s see if I can decide now…

Jadakiss: With Jada, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad verse from this guy. He starts the track with confidence, riding the beat like a jockey. While I like his verse, its a little Continue reading