Well since it’s 4/20 how about a little Method Man spiritual!

Method Man – Intro (off 4:21…The Day After)

I know a day early too lol

Outkast’s Spottieootiedopaliscious takes it back

Outkast – Spottieootiedopaliscious

I remember riding around back in the day with my big cuz blasting this thang. This track was like the anthem for all playas back in the day. It was mellow, it was laid back, and it was exotic. Continue reading

XV – Zero Heroes Mixtape Review

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/fweawefwfwwaewe/01Wichitaprod.ByJustBlaze.mp3]

SwagGordon: The build up for this track is so sick
Satchford: Justin blaze on the beat
Satchford: it does build up nice
Satchford: like the wichitaaaaaa sample
SwagGordon: me too!
Satchford: “I just want the world to feel me like a masseuse”
SwagGordon: “take yall to Wichitaaaaaaaa!”
Satchford: “you want bars? Well this page is rikers” Continue reading

Best Verse: DMX ft. The LOX & Jay-Z – Blackout

Back in 1998, this was the ultimate posse track. 5 of the illest spitters on a Swizz beat. First of all, the beat is nice. I still debate with myself about who had the best verse. Let’s see if I can decide now…

Jadakiss: With Jada, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad verse from this guy. He starts the track with confidence, riding the beat like a jockey. While I like his verse, its a little Continue reading

Is No I.D. the greatest hip hop producer of all time?

Well while sitting around and listening to jams from back in the day I decided to throw on that Com Sense “Resurrection”. One thang lead to another and I was looking for No I.D. productions. I found his discography and I noticed that he produced almost all of Com’s “Resurrection”. As expected “Resurrection” dropped in 94, as a lot of classics did (cough cough Illmatic). Well the reason that I raised this question, is No I.D. the greatest hip hop producer of all time, is because Continue reading

The Favs: Lupe Fiasco Solo Joint

New series we’re starting here at Just My Thoughts called “The Favs”. Because my partner and I have different tastes when it comes to hip hop favorites we thought it would be cool to show what are some of our favorites in hip hop and why. The topics will be random so stay tuned in. Feel free to chime in with your favs also.

Continue reading