The Vault of The Almost Forgotten: Let’s Talk Old School Hip Hop

Once again it’s Saturday and the weather in the Northeast isn’t too bad so I figured why not take it back to some party tracks from back in the day. These are the songs that when they came on everybody knew the words to them and even if you didn’t know the words to them your a$$ was on the dance floor gettin it in. Back in the day it was the house party’s that reign supreme so let’s look at some songs that would definitely have your house shaking when the DJ threw them on peep.
De La Soul – Me Myself and I (1989)

This is that song that if you were really into Damon Wayan and that Living in Color type of deal you was really feeling this song. When this song came on in a house party the dancing sped up and damn near half way through the song people would already be sweating. You definitely needed a good jumpsuit or overalls on whenever you were grooving to this song. Who knows what these guys were rapping about in this song but it had that melody that made people go nuts when this joint dropped.

Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (1991)

Now when the sound of that guitar string hit the ears of all the fellas and ladies at the party their heads would start to bob. If you was dancing with a shorty back then and this thang dropped you would look at her and she would look at you and both of yall eyes would have been bright. Probably had a big smile on your face too! Then you would proceed to take it low. Everybody would be jumping so high when the part came on that said “Engine Engine number 9 on the New York Transit Line”. The place would go nuts. This is definitely a sweat producer even today when they take an excerpt and place it at the beginning of Faith Evan’s “Love Like This” with Fat Man Scoop going bananas all over the beat. That’s that roller rink round-a-bout anthem.

House of Pain & Cypress Hill – Jump Around (1992)

You know I couldn’t leave this song out. Of course everyone in the party was wilding out “jumpin around”. Even the fat dude by the punchbowl or sittin on the cooler was off his cheeks bustin a move. With all of this jumpin I know somebody’s mom’s fine china definitely got destroyed, pictures falling off the wall and sh%t. This was really a breakthrough track for the Latin community into hip hop IMO. I’m pretty sure there’s a whole list of words to describe the atmosphere in the party when this track was cut in after some so-so track but I’ma keep it simple “CRAZY”

Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray (1993)

Now this track is more for school dances than the house party but I’m not saying it didn’t get the house party crew bumping either. Now don’t front you was in the crowd yelling “heeeeyyyy hoooo heeeyyy hoooo” probably pointing at some skeezer from across the way. This should be the anthem for the hands in the air move them from side to side move! I was probably at the party leaning on a wall or bar with a head bob chunking the deuces up to some of the homies. I will have to say this song is a bit more relaxed than the previous tracks.

Skeelo – I Wish (1995)

For sure this is a track that will take you back and you will say “damn I almost forgot about this song”. They would play this song like near the end of the party or they would play like 30 seconds of the song and cut into something with a bit more energy. This is a song that you would throw in a tape deck and cruise to it in your Buick Regal or Chevy Caprice with the bench seats! Definitely possesses that funky feel!

Now let’s keep it real gully and lace up a few tracks for the homies. These two tracks weren’t really played at the house party, they were played when you was chillin playing some good Sega Genesis or reading an old issue of a “Word Up” magazine.
Big L – Let Em Have It L (1995)

When I first heard this song my big cuz had it playing when we were rolling to a neighborhood party. I remember this track blasting in the background as me and my friends from the neighborhood would be running around with them generic SuperSoakers. If you was listening to this joint back in the day you didn’t feel like dancing or messing around you was mad serious. Listen how L switched up the flow and punches you in the ear with those clever lines. This was one of those songs that was really loved by the authentic hip hop heads back then, you know the people that would just be on “some other sh&t”. “Even if my grandma violate, she gotta go”….R.I.P. Big L
Black Moon – Six Feet Deep (1996)

No words really can describe the scene from where you would have heard this song back in the day. It had to be a sh&tty environment though, somewhere really gutta. I just know that this song made the hip hop heads go crazy. That bassline is sex and that snake training noise is crazy. The lyrics and wordplay were so raw and rugged. Definitely a good Boot Camp Click representation.

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