The Introduction to Christopher Bridges

Some might look at Ludacris as your average rapper who has good singles and funny videos. However, Ludacris has had his share of good albums and I’ve enjoyed most of them. But one thing that I really respect from Ludacris’ catalog is his vision on what an “Intro” should be about. When listeners think of album intros they might think of a skippable track or a track thats ok but not really a song, more like an interlude. When I think of a album intro in hip hop, I think of something that should be striking that really gets you in the mood and sets expectations for the album to come. It’s an advantage that is missed at times. These days, many rappers don’t take that advantage but Ludacris does, consistently.

Over the past few days while listening to random Ludacris albums on my pod, I’ve looked at all 7 solo albums and noticed that all of his album intros showcase him spitting his butt off at the start of an album. Usually laced with a dope beat, no hook, humor and plenty of venomous bars. It’s the type of start us hip hop heads love to hear. If you had any doubt that Luda couldn’t spit with the best of them just take a listen to his intros and that should solve any further suspicion. LUDA!

U Got A Problem? (off Back For The First Time)

Coming 2 America (off Word of Mouf)

Southern Fried Intro (off Chicken N Beer)

Intro (off Red Light District)

Warning (off Release Therapy)

Intro (off Theater of the Mind)

Intro (off Battle of the Sexes)

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