Food For Thought Hip Hop Quotes…

Here at Just My Thoughts, you know we are lovers of thought provoking hip hop lyrics. Hip Hop is that food in the common saying “Food for Thought”. Every so often, MCs will use the words “food for thought” and put some type of play on the words afterwards. I use to think it was only so many you could think of, but I’ve heard quite a few. It’s quite interesting. I’ve kept track of what I’ve found thus far…

“They never realized, how real NaS, is so decisive
It’s just the likeness, of Isrealites mist, that made me write this
A slight twist, of lime rhyme, be chasin’ down your prime time
Food for thought or rather mind wine” –NAS on “Watch Dem Ni**as”

“Jigga give out food for thought dog, get a plate” -JAY-Z on “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

“I’m givin ni**as food for thought, the flow is catered yo” –-J.COLE on “Simba”

“Cool and food for thought, But for you he’s a starver ” -LUPE FIASCO on “He Say She Say”

“Five-star dishes, food for thought bit**es” -KENDRICK LAMAR on “HiiiPower”

“But maybe one day we can make some progress
Food for thought, see how long it takes to digest ” –EMINEM on “Stimulate”

“The truth is I’m what the games been needing
Food for thought, the f**k man you lames been eating (them lies!)” -JIM JONES on “This Is Gangsta”

“This food for thought cost the same as two number three’s” –J.COLE on “The Autograph”

“This is food for thought, you do the dishes” -JAY-Z on “Dynasty Intro”

“I give a ni**a food for thought, he rather starve himself” BIG K.R.I.T. on “Free My Soul”

“Food for thought, nutrition for the whole brain, keep your neurotransmitters warm on a cold day” -CANIBUS on “Levitibus”

Food for thought, here’s a fork” -J.COLE on “I Really Mean It”

“I’ll bust your head to the meat, turn ya mind to food, food for thought, think I ain’t lying to you” -LIL WAYNE on “BM J.R.”

“My food for thought so hot, it give you dudes ulcers” –JAY-Z on “Hola Hovito”

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