A connection between Hip Hop and a Very Pop Song!!

We all know that the NBA playoffs is on right now I have definitely been tuned in, with that being said if you stick around to watch the commercials during the breaks you will have noticed that they play that Heineken “The Entrance” commercial like a thousand times. Oh you lost now? Which one you say? this one
Heineken – The Entrance Commercial

Yea it’s kind of an annoying commercial right? Well after a while you get to observing everything in the commercial and somethings get attractive to you (in the corporate world they call this “the consumer feeding into the propaganda”). That song is something different, the style isn’t really familiar and then you see the guy with the girl singing at the end of the commercial. Well I did a bit of research and I found out that the girl singing the song, her name is Mette Lindberg, from the band The Asteroid Galaxy Tour. Yea kind of awkward huh. Well this is a fairly new danish psychedelic pop band which has a few songs in other notable product commercials (i.e. Apple Touch) (hold up stay with me I’m getting to my point lol). The name of the song in the commercial is called “The Golden Age” peep…
The Asteroid Galaxy Tour – “The Golden Age”

The song is from their only album called Fruit, which was released in 2008. I purchased the album too because I can. So usually when I am checking out a band for the first time I usually listen to see if they have any sample worthy tracks on their album, this is mainly because I am a hip hop head first and a fan of other music second. Hey I can’t really complain about their album it’s really soul influenced. So as I continued to listen to the album I get to the bonus track called “Inner City Blues” and this is a low key, electric, and funky track. Maybe like 30 seconds into the song you begin to realize “hey I have heard this song before” and if you’re wisdom of the oldies is super then you will recognize the sounds instantly. Here check this out
The Asteroid Galaxy Tour – Inner City Blues

Yea this track might provoke a head bob if you are into the funk, ish this thang might take you up to the “mothership” (shouts out to Parliament, P-funk!). I was impressed that the band did not demolish this classic soul song instead they took it to another level in their own genre. I was taken away by the continuous build of the hollow sound present in the background of the song.
Anyhow for those that haven’t already begin to hum the original version of the song or type some random lyric from the original song into your search bar, here let me take you back.
Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Oh yea that’s pure right there.

To move on how does all this relate to hip hop? Well for those who can recall into the golden days of hip hop there was an artist called The D.O.C. he released a track off his No One Can Do It Better album called “The Formula” and it just so happens to sample that Marvin Gaye. A lot of people considered this one of the top jams from back in the day and one of the top hip hop albums of all time. This that westside fa show
The D.O.C. – The Formula

I think that the D.O.C. held it down on this track and his flow was crazy for this thang to have dropped in 1989. You can hear that “screw you” type of attitude in the way he delivers every line, you already know he’s a rebel from just his whole style. I got a question, is that Dre getting busy at the end of the song on the xylophone? I know some of you young bloods don’t remember that track, yall little meat beaters probably more familiar with this track
Joe Buddens – Who (parts 1-3)

I found that it was crazy that if you follow a path for long enough you will eventually find something that you like or discover some type of correlation between music that is unique is style. Both genres were connected by the soulful song of Marvin. It’s crazy how a Danish band could consider their origins of their music to be built up on from Marvin’s catalog and other related artist. Then you turn around and you have people like Joe Buddens, A Tribe Called Quest, The D.O.C., i.e. sampling Marvin’s music. Just my thoughts man!

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