Currensy & Alchemist – Covert Coup Mixtape Review

SwagGordon: to start off the beat sounds so simple
SwagGordon: it sounds incomplete
SwagGordon: missing something
Satchford: Yea I can agree
Satchford: “seriously, fishburne turn, flip styles, furiously”
Satchford: slick line
Satchford: I like his flow on this one
SwagGordon: Currensy’s flow is slow
SwagGordon: and laid back
SwagGordon: reminds me of Wiz especially when he pauses
Satchford: plz don’t compare currensy to wiz lol
SwagGordon: that flow is near the same
Satchford: wiz don’t have a flow
SwagGordon: whatever you want to call riding the beat then
Satchford: flow. I just see wiz nowhere near currensy when it comes to flow
Satchford: rating?
SwagGordon: 4/10….although I do like that line “ay man been a G since Buddy Lee”
Satchford: 5/10

This Type ft. Prodigy
SwagGordon: now this track has that classic Alchemist sound
Satchford: yea I’m feeling this beat
SwagGordon: that transition into the chorus is definitely Al
Satchford: yep signature
Satchford: “plotting as usual, that’s what I’m doing when I’m quiet”
SwagGordon: I’m not sure if I like when the beat fades out and comes back in or not
Satchford: yea I don’t know why they did that
SwagGordon: me neither
Satchford: no value in that
Satchford: feeling the chorus
Satchford: l m n o P!
SwagGordon: I’m not
Satchford: ok
SwagGordon: they could have just left the chorus out and went crazy on the beat during the transition
Satchford: I think this is the only chorus you’ll hear on the tape….
SwagGordon: man this song has no energy in it
SwagGordon: not my style for sure but hey whatever floats their boats
Satchford: I’m feeling it the mood
Satchford: just vibe out to this
Satchford: it dropped on 4:20….you know why
Satchford: perfect for it
SwagGordon: I feel the piano solo at the end in place of a typical breakdown
Satchford: it’s cool
SwagGordon: I haven’t really heard any standalone instrument playing on an Alchemist production before
Satchford: not really known for it. He uses samples more
Satchford: like a 9th wonder
SwagGordon: true
Satchford: still one of my favs tho
SwagGordon: yea he has talent
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 5/10 mainly because of the lack of energy, a poor chorus, and subpar verses
Satchford: 6/10 cool track to vibe to

Blood Sweat and Gear s ft. Fiend
SwagGordon: aight aight damn Fiend where you been?
SwagGordon: hiding out with Master P?
Satchford: “connect them 4 marine batteries on one of the trunk to go with them other 4 batteries that’s powering the pumps, it’s the juice in them cylinders that make the Chevy jump”
Satchford: haaa
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: this song went downhill when fiend came in with that singing
SwagGordon: man I hate how Currensy didn’t rip the break/cut
SwagGordon: ughhh
SwagGordon: fake ODB?
Satchford: idk, just not feeling it
Satchford: I like currensy verse.
SwagGordon: sounds like he’s reading off paper and ignoring the beat?
Satchford: who isn’t reading off a paper? lol
SwagGordon: but like you can read off the paper and totally not blend with the beat
Satchford: are you saying he could have rode the beat better?
SwagGordon: yea Fiend could have rode the beat better
Satchford: fiend verse hard to listen to
SwagGordon: that’s what I’m saying….there’s room where he could have improved to make it better
Satchford: this beat sick
Satchford: yea agreed
SwagGordon: yea the stressful lady voice in the background gives it that umph!
Satchford: I heard that sample somewhere on an old hip hop record somewhere, can’t remember though
SwagGordon: sounds like a RZA production sample
Satchford: true
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 5/10…Currensy did a decent job but he could have left Fiend off of this track, you can’t really ask Alchemist for anything better
Satchford: 4/10 nice beat, like spitta verse, not feeling the fiend feature

Life Instructions ft. Smoke DZA
SwagGordon: instantly I like how the song starts off
Satchford: beat fire
Satchford: “kick it on your street like bad Chris and them garbage cans”
Satchford: haaaaa
SwagGordon: it sounds like something ride out too with the Santana type of rift
Satchford: ha yea
Satchford: the breakdown between verses is nice
SwagGordon: Currensy sound like Turk on this song
SwagGordon: Young Turkeeeeeyy
Satchford: smoke dza laid a nice verse on this one
Satchford: ha free Turk!
SwagGordon: yea Smoke DZA did his thang
Satchford: “you trying to get in the loop, I make em pay to ride the wave”
SwagGordon: I keep seeing his name everywhere; no I might just listen to more of his songs
Satchford: haha
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 7/10….short and sweet
Satchford: 7/10

Smoke Break
SwagGordon: yea now this is funky
Satchford: this beat nice and smooth
SwagGordon: rather groovy
Satchford: alc gave currensy that heat for this tape
Satchford: love the drums
SwagGordon: I can’t say I agree
SwagGordon: I do like these drums
SwagGordon: in all honesty….this beat has drawn me into it…I have no idea what Currensy is talking about
SwagGordon: he needs to learn how to take control
Satchford: “I’m squeaking pass a yellow light doing 65 hope that wont one of them camera joints traffic eyes in the skyyy” so descriptive
SwagGordon: not impressed
SwagGordon: the onetime Currensy doesn’t have that slow flow is the one time he needs it the most
SwagGordon: I wonder how many times he listened to this beat before he wrote to it
SwagGordon: sounds like 1 time to me or no times
Satchford: it’s obvious on this tape, he just spitting verses on beats
SwagGordon: so terrible
Satchford: it happens
Satchford: you can’t deny how good his flow sound on an alc production
Satchford: they should do more work together
SwagGordon: it’s not supposed to “happen” on an Alchemist beat
Satchford: it happen, not everybody rips a alc beat
SwagGordon: if I was Alchemist and I listened to this I would remind myself why I worked with Prodigy and Havoc for years
Satchford: ha
Satchford: rating?
SwagGordon: 8/10 strictly because of the production…kudos to Al
Satchford: 5/10 another cool track to vibe to. Liked the descriptive verse but was left wanting more
Beat was nice too

Scottie Pippen ft. Freddie Gibbs
SwagGordon: starts off as a happy beat
SwagGordon: but then Al puts that mystical vibe on it
Satchford: this that MOBB type beat for sure
SwagGordon: with the deep string note
SwagGordon: running piano keys in the background
Satchford: so sinister
Satchford: love it
Satchford: “windy city bulls, Mitchell & ness wool jacket, some sweats and Scottie pippens”
Satchford: ok ok
SwagGordon: Currensy bragging on this track but I’m liking the way he choice to come on this track
Satchford: bout time lol
SwagGordon: Freddie Gibbs….”live from the Devil’s Palace”…….thanks for showing people how to start off a verse
Satchford: Freddie Gibbs OWNED THIS
Satchford: his flow was perfecttttt
SwagGordon: no breaths?
Satchford: he sped up and slowed down at the right spots
Satchford: Randall Donovan and Michael
Satchford: ha!
SwagGordon: “I’m trying to make a million dollars, fuck a million downloads but if that equal the same chop it up”…..that part is where he displays raw talent
Satchford: “still push a bucket but I ride it like a Benz hoe”
Satchford: he killed it
SwagGordon: true
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 6/10……just to reiterate Satch’s statement….Freddie Gibbs OWNED THIS
Satchford: 8/10 dope track…

Satchford: the beat is mean
SwagGordon: I agree
SwagGordon: didn’t he moan these same words in the song earlier “jet lag jet lag jet lag”?
Satchford: jet life
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: “moan” life sounds like lag
Satchford: ha
Satchford: this joint so laid back. I can dig it
SwagGordon: “that’s why I only kick it with real ni^%as like DOM Kennedy”…..DOM!
Satchford: shout out to Leimert Park
SwagGordon: I want to hear this sample
Satchford: currensy verse so descriptive
SwagGordon: true “white carpet in my Scarface house”
SwagGordon: 20 thousand dollar Alpaca?
Satchford: haha
Satchford: this track too short
SwagGordon: short enough for me
SwagGordon: if it was any longer I would fear that he would f&%k it up
Satchford: currensy should have given another 16 or alc should have let this beat ride for another 5 mins.
Satchford: lol
SwagGordon: yea let the beat ride so all these bums out there can cut Currensy’s part off and post like a thousand YouTube freestyles on it
Satchford: yea some beats should be off limits
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 8/10 again I give credit where it’s due and this one goes to Al
Satchford: 7/10 nice but it’s too short

Double 07
Satchford: another fire beat
SwagGordon: true true
SwagGordon: jet life jet life
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: shut the f&^%k up
Satchford: tell em why u mad son
Satchford: “my independence remains cuz I aint working for the radio station like martin Payne” ok ok
Satchford: WZUP radio station huh
SwagGordon: LMAO
SwagGordon: “drivin a 96 range”…..that’s so G!
Satchford: x”im on a whole nother level, roof terrace, you the basement”
SwagGordon: aight aight
Satchford: his verse was meannnnn
SwagGordon: “can’t see me less you snoozing, n%^&a Freddie versus Jason”
Satchford: “long flight, turbulence bad, baggage claim, tags, and car service” so much detail
Satchford: I like that Freddie line too
SwagGordon: hmmm decent
Satchford: I just like that detail and how he fit it all in there
Satchford: jet life jet life
Satchford: lol
SwagGordon: I like the concept of this song
Satchford: yup
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 9/10….bout time everything works at one time
Satchford: 8/10 cool trac, fire beat…..too short

Success Is My Cologne
Satchford: this beat is different but I love it
SwagGordon: interestingly enough
Satchford: listen how he start this joint
Satchford: “knowing ima look cool in them black and white pictures when they talk about underground rappers getting high making history.”
Satchford: like his flow on this
Satchford: “something fishy, h*e ni**a, you more bass than boss”
SwagGordon: ugh I’m bitter about this tape so far
Satchford: why
SwagGordon: Currensy has soooo much potentially but it’s like he’s striking out so far….spitting random verses
SwagGordon: doesn’t seem like he put any work into this collab
Satchford: yea I’m liking what he has gave but like you said, he could have done some major things with these incredible alc beats
Satchford: alc gave him some fire
SwagGordon: true true
Satchford: “success is my cologne; I spray that bottle all on me”
SwagGordon: again good concept
Satchford: feeling it but again…tooooo short
SwagGordon: I’m not concerned with the length….could he have gotten better with more time? possibly but what would be the point of the initial verses
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 5/10
Satchford: 7/10

Full Metal
Satchford: intro is okay
SwagGordon: sounds messy
Satchford: I like the feel of the beat
SwagGordon: sounds like another RZA sample
Satchford: is that a bad thing?
SwagGordon: “I call my brother son cause he shine like” METH!
SwagGordon: nope
Satchford: “GT5…my nerves is ice”
SwagGordon: “I just had to pull it back”….goodness!
Satchford: that’s a Full Metal Alchemist sample by the way
SwagGordon: sweet
Satchford: Japanese cartoon
SwagGordon: lmao
Satchford: peep the bell reference to end it out
Satchford: “AZ holding the baby, peeping the whole scene “I’m bout to blow”
Satchford: sick
SwagGordon: I keep thinking that Al is going to throw in a “al al al al alchemist” piece
SwagGordon: SUUUU!
Satchford: ha
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 7/10
Satchford: 8/10 feeling the sample and beat, like currensy verse

SwagGordon: At the end of the day I was ready for the mixtape to end. On one hand I was disappointed that I even bothered getting this tape on the the other I appreciate hearing some signature Alchemist pieces. The content wasn’t too impressive; some verses were descriptive but lacked the emotion. I didn’t have my expectations high before I heard this tape and it still disappointed me, well at least Currensy did. I wouldn’t recommend this mixtape for download unless you are completely out of it to a point where you are not really listening you just want something going into your ears. This tape will probably be deleted from pod. If an instrumentals version of this drops I will surely invest in that. Overall rating 6.4/10

Satchford: I do like the tape and the idea of it. Currensy laid some nice verses but it didn’t seem like he put much energy into this tape as I thought he would. On probably every track I was left with the feeling of wanting more verses more energy, more something. On the other hand, Alc gave Currensy some great beats to work with. I just don’t think currensy took full advantage of them; the project seems unfinished. This mixtape still has its high moments. I hope Alc and Currensy work together more in the future. For what it is, this is a good short mixtape to vibe out to. Overall Rating 6.5/10

8 thoughts on “Currensy & Alchemist – Covert Coup Mixtape Review

  1. You guys are idiots, 6.5/10? Fuck outta here, if he made us pay for it then fair enough but c’mon….

  2. 6.5 was generous. This was a weak ass mixtape for Curren$y. He had 2 maybe 3 hot tracks on the whole tape, and he got outshined by Gibbs. It made me look up some more Gibbs. But fa real this did get instantly downloaded and sync’d to my ipod, but after a few listens I had to remove damn near every song, because they were just weak.

  3. enjoyed it…give it a 7/10. i agree some of currensy verses seem effortless thats wat makes it a lil weak. scored it that high cuz of the al production….some of those beats are just straight fire….

  4. this wasnt curren$ys best mixtape but c’mon guys, 6.4/10? thats not even average. what happened was that this is a more chill, smoker friendly mixtape. i think you guys were expecting way more than necessary. now, i can understand if you said this stuff for weekend at burnies, but the only problems with covert coup are song length and 1 or 2 beats that didnt hit like the others. burn one and reevaluate. 8.1/10

  5. If these ppl was looking for “energy” they def picked the wrong rapper. Curren$y is the most laid back rapper who’s “lane” *call it what you call it* happens to be Lifestyle Rap. This man actually tells the truth with so much detail and percision that you know its true. And let’s not forget; most ppl that rap over Alc beats’ are East Coast, so of course it sounds nothing like this! Curren$y is from New Orleans, LA!; and he murdered this mixtape…8/10

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