The Vault of The Almost Forgotten: Let’s Talk Old School Hip Hop

Once again it’s Saturday and the weather in the Northeast isn’t too bad so I figured why not take it back to some party tracks from back in the day. These are the songs that when they came on everybody knew the words to them and even if you didn’t know the words to them your a$$ was on the dance floor gettin it in. Back in the day it was the house party’s that reign supreme so let’s look at some songs that would definitely have your house shaking when the DJ threw them on peep. Continue reading

‘The Making of Mobb Deep’s The Infamous’

Recently Complex released an interview with the people involved in the making of The Infamous peep this excerpt
Prodigy: We’d recorded at Hav’s crib in Queensbridge or my crib in Hempstead, Long Island in the basement. After that we’d take it to the city to make it sound good. ‘The Start of the Ending’ was probably recorded at Platinum Island. That was one of the main places we’d take the songs to after we finished. That was one of the later songs on the album.

At that point me and Havoc were making the beats together. It was produced by the both of us. I’d probably add a little piano or something, and he’d add this. Just a late night, drinking 40s, wilding out. The Usual. Mad cigarettes, mad weed. That was most likely done in one session. Because back then, we were real quick. We’d make the song in the crib and then we’d go back to the studio.”
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Food For Thought Hip Hop Quotes…

Here at Just My Thoughts, you know we are lovers of thought provoking hip hop lyrics. Hip Hop is that food in the common saying “Food for Thought”. Every so often, MCs will use the words “food for thought” and put some type of play on the words afterwards. I use to think it was only so many you could think of, but I’ve heard quite a few. It’s quite interesting. I’ve kept track of what I’ve found thus far…

“They never realized, how real NaS, is so decisive
It’s just the likeness, of Isrealites mist, that made me write this
A slight twist, of lime rhyme, be chasin’ down your prime time
Food for thought or rather mind wine” –NAS on “Watch Dem Ni**as” Continue reading

!llmind – Behind The Curtain Album Review

As one of the most underrated producers today, !llmind continues to grow and impress listeners with his versatile style. He has the ability to create stunning audio landscapes using various sounds, elements and/or samples. You would think that a producer like this would have released some type of instrumental album by now but that isn’t the case. This is !llmind’s first official instrumental album release and once I heard about it, I was excited to get a listen. Continue reading

The Introduction to Christopher Bridges

Some might look at Ludacris as your average rapper who has good singles and funny videos. However, Ludacris has had his share of good albums and I’ve enjoyed most of them. But one thing that I really respect from Ludacris’ catalog is his vision on what an “Intro” should be about. When listeners think of album intros they might think of a skippable track or a track thats ok but not really a song, more like an interlude. When I think of a album intro in hip hop, I think of something that should be striking that really gets you in the mood and sets expectations for the album to come. It’s an advantage that is missed at times. These days, many rappers don’t take that advantage but Ludacris does, consistently. Continue reading

First Time I heard Kendrick Lamar’s O(verly) D(edicated)

Well I woke up early this morning and decided to do some spring cleaning (f^%k the northeast cause it don’t feel like no spring out here, shout out to NC!). Well as all hip hop heads know, we need music to do most of everything so I was like hmmm what can I blast while I do my thing. Since I am a fairly new fan of Kendrick Lamar’s it’s only right that I get that Overly Dedicated, so I proceeded to do so. The intro of the tape threw me off cause I was like damn the homie is off beat but what the concept was genius. As I moved into Growing Apart I was like DAMN! now this is I what I was expecting. Night of the Living Junkies was real soulful and so sick, especially that sample in the background. The skit at the beginning of P&P was soooo funny, good ole Martin Pane! Continue reading