Some of the best statement verses…Part 1

Every now and then you have a new artist thats on a record that just steals the show and bodies the track. They are making a statement like “I’m nice”. Well here were a few I could think of…

Cormega on Mobb Deep’s “What’s Your Poison” (1999)

Fairly new at the time, Cormega easily stole the show on this. His flow and the lyrical venom he spit was just incredible. At this point, you knew he would be great.

Freeway on Jay-Z’s “1-900-Hustler” (2000)

One of my personal favorites, I’ve always like Freeway’s delivery because you can literally “feel” his enthusiam on the track. With the last verse, Freeway easily hangs with veterans, Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek on this one. After I heard this one, I think I puked on myself lol.

Omen on J.Cole’s “The Badness” (2009)

I had no idea who this guy was when listening to J.Cole’s The Warm Up mixtape but I did know that he held his own on a track with J.Cole (something we rarely see these days). He deserves way more shine than he is getting right now. The imagery on this track is just crazy.

“Feel like I’m riding on a chartered plane of broken-hearted pain, turbulence is constant, my pilot is going insane, if I can find a parachute to parasail, maybe these parasites of paranoia won’t prevail….”

Method Man on “The What” (1994)

People will argue who had the better verse but Biggie admitted it himself, Meth got em on this track. Method Man is not a lyrical dude, Biggie is, but the way Meth flowed on this INCREDIBLE Easy Mo Bee beat is excellent.

J.Cole on Jay-Z’s “A Star Is Born” (2009)

Who could ask for a better setup? With all the “freshmen” rappers out , J.Cole is featured on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album. When I heard this, I said to myself “Ok, this guy is serious”.

Ghostface on Raekwon’s “Criminology” (1995)

The aggression Ghost had in him on this verse was just perfect. It’s so much energy in this one verse. Me being a strong Chef supporter, Ghost really caught my eye on this one as someone who could body a track quickly.  Chef gives his stamp of approval at the end of Ghost’s verse, “you laced them ni%%as son!”

Cappadonna on Ghostface ‘s “Winter Warz” (1996)

Most people know about this one. Cappadonna is a decent spitter. He can sometime be offbeat but on this particular track, dude blacked out. He just kept going and going. His style was money the way he flowed on it. This one verse made me buy his debut album “The Pillage” and that says a lot. Check it out

Nas on  Large Professor’s “One Plus One”

Most people would have listed the Verbal Intercourse feature and yea, that one was crazy but this one from Large Pro’s solo album cant be overlooked. He gave well over 16 bars. Vintage Nasir.

Lupe Fiasco on Kanye West’s “Touch The Sky” (2005)

I don’t think anyone was expecting this. I know I wasn’t. he just popped up and held his own on a track with Kanye, whose lyrics weren’t as potent back then. His one big chance, he didn’t blow it. Love this verse

Big Pun on Fat Joe’s “Firewater” (1996)

I read that this was Pun’s first ever track. On a track with Fat Joe and the Chef, you better bring it. Pun killed this. He would turn out to be one of the nicest to ever grab a mic.

Nature on Noreaga’s “Banned From TV” (1998)

The long lost member on The Firm totally surprised me on this one.  Spitting one of his better verses on a track loaded with rookies in the game. Nature owned this track and his future looked bright after this. Too bad he was kicked out The Firm shortly after. Til this day, I think Nature could’ve been one of those better spitters from back then.

Game on “When The Chips Are Down” (2004)

At the time I heard this, I was hearing all the talk of this new kid, The Game joining G-Unit. I had heard a few freestyles and I thought he was cool but when I heard this verse I was like DAMN….talk about a memorable verse. The way he ended it with the flatline was perfect.


Look out for Part 2…

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