First Time I Heard “First Time” by Diamond District

This song really resonated with me because it contains so much substance and creativity. Obviously my first time hearing this song was when I got the In The Ruff album which is a classic by the way. The first time I heard this song I instantly was reeled in by the sample “from that first time” my face instantly got ugly. The next thing I noticed was the haunting tone in the track that is mysterious followed by the classic sound of the that popular snare, you know the one used in Incarcerated Scarfaces. This song automatically provoked a steady headbob. I was taken in by the production but it wasn’t the beat alone that trapped my mind, it was the power of the lyrics used by the artist on this track. XO with his aggressive style, addressing his first time he experienced empowerment. yU rhymed with a humble tone as he spoke about his memories. Oddisee sounded bitter but you can understand his passion for his craft. The pain of rejection the motivation to prove everybody wrong with that me against the world attitude. This track was full of pure human emotion and the thoughts of young passionate men with agendas. I liked what was presented to me on this track, I knew that I could put this song on repeat and just flow with the vibe of the song. I had visions in my head of a video displaying raw images of what the artists were talking about, it was like going through an old photo album. The word choices were exact and nothing was left out. This song will forever be on my ipod. Peep

first song remembered hearing I think was After The Love Was Gone by Earth first element then went fire“……yU
first time I heard song on the radio reminded me of the first time a record label tried to play me though“…..Oddisee
first time I saw death, first time I seen a man take his last breathe soundtrack was Cassette by Quest“….yU
first I was irrelevant, now I’m used to being first, I don’t know what second is“…..XO
first time I made a beat, first time I laid a verse, first time I let my n$%#a Shawn hear it, then he hit repeat, first time I knew it’s worth”…..Oddisee
first like Genesis“….XO
father back in 0 3, first child, first smile in a while that I showed teeth“……yU

2 thoughts on “First Time I Heard “First Time” by Diamond District

  1. I think this is my favorite diamond district song as well but my favorite song that either of them has ever done is “Lunchin” by yU now that is a lethal track

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