My thoughts on the 2011 XXL Freshman Class

I been hearing much about it lately so I wanted to speak on this popular annual list by XXL mag. Let’s have a look at the list and my thoughts on it…

  • Kendrick Lamar – I told ya’ll back then that dude was a problem. Easily the “big man on campus” on this list. I see him just like J.Cole, super versatile. He can spit about it all. His brutal honesty is what I love about his music.

  • Yelawolf – He’s str8 to me. He does have some songs I like and being that he’s on Shady Records now I’m sure he’ll do nothing but go up, hopefully.

  • Diggy – Swaggerdon put me on Diggy and I like his promise. The guy has talent and I like the way he’s coming up. Still some time develop as an artist and he probably has the brightest future to me to be a BIG name.

  • Fred The Godson – I remember looking at them videos in the hood of Fred spittin. Dude be spittin’. He sounds like he should be a part of the Diplomats or something. I like him as a spitter.

  • Lil B – Lil B is everywhere or it seems like it to me. He’s a good spitter. I like him once he got more real and personal. Some songs are silly but when the time is right, this guy is nice.

  • Meek Mill – Just like Fred The Godson, I remember watching youtube vids of Meek Mill in the hood somewhere in Philly spittin his butt off. He nice. Now that Ricky Rozay done signed him (along with Wale) I’m curious to see where he goes.

  • Mac Miller – I heard a hand full of Mac Miller tracks before I found out he was on the list. Some were good, some were not. His flow is questionable. Sounds a lot like Wiz Khalifa. Sometimes I see traces of Lil Wyte in him but he’s not there yet. He’s straight in my opinion.

  • YG – Mr. Toot It & Boot It. Not feeling him….sorry.

  • Cyhi The Prince – I’m still on the fence with this guy so I cant agree or disagree yet with him. He has some nice features and others are questionable. I’ll still be listening to see what happens with him. I just hope he doesn’t end up like a Big Sean on Ye’s label.

  • Lil Twist – Not impressed at all. Surprised he made it with such a small fan base. Well, he is on probably the most popular record label at this point in time so…

  • Big Krit – I really like this guy. A different type of Southern artist that you see these days. If you love that 90’s South music, Big KRIT is for you. He has plenty to say. Recommended.

So that’s it. Of course, I could lobby to get better MCs on the list. Overall, it a decent list, not the best. I always questioned how they come up with these lists but who knows. They had some hit and misses here. It’s there opinion so I can’t hate. Just one thing before I end this….I can’t hold it in anymore……WHERE THE F$%# IS DOM KENNEDY ON THIS LIST? Probably nobody more deserving than the Notorious DOM. Ok, I’m done. 🙂

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