Inspiration: Mos Def

“I give a damn if any fan recall my legacy, im trying to live life in the sight of God’s memory…”

Some of the best statement verses…Part 1

Every now and then you have a new artist thats on a record that just steals the show and bodies the track. They are making a statement like “I’m nice”. Well here were a few I could think of…

Cormega on Mobb Deep’s “What’s Your Poison” (1999)

Fairly new at the time, Cormega easily stole the show on this. His flow and the lyrical venom he spit was just incredible. At this point, you knew he would be great. Continue reading

Random Jay-Z sample!

Well while I was at work today chillin doing my thing I slowly noticed that my head had slowly began to move and vibe with the melody coming from neighbor’s headphones. My initial thoughts, word is bomb, was to yell out “AY YOOOO turn that ish down!” But instead of getting mad n-word-ish I came to my senses and realized that “hey that’s an old Jigga sample”. Continue reading

Forgotten Verse….Oschino

I’ve been wanting to post this verse for a while now. I don’t even know if people even remember Oschino from State Property but I do and he spit this verse during that Rocafella/Hot 97 takeover that was sooo real. His flow ain’t the best and that Oochie Wallie Beat don’t help it either but if you listen to the words they are so real. The imagery and the reality of his story is crazy. When I heard this I was like damn. Peep

Flip, bounce, re-up and move it again
Last seconds of the game and I’m shootin to win
look at the arc, the form, and the way it release
it’s all butter like them seats up in them Jeeps Continue reading