First Elaborate Hip Hop Production I heard…

At this point in hip hop, 2003, the music was strung on soul and funk samples. The era of the partier was in full bloom and the music was nowhere near complex. I was a little one back in High School and my state of mind was like F the bandwagon I’m riding out to whatever I want to listen to ya dig.

When that Speakerboxx/Love Below dropped I was like “now this is some space age type of ish“. Well there was nothing really complicated about Speakerboxx, it was full of confrontational bass, nonstop energy, and homegrown dialect. But once I put that Love Below in the Sony discman Continue reading

The Hip Hop SiriusXM Experience

A few months ago I decided to try XM Radio out. I read up on it and saw some reviews and saw nothing but good things about the non-stop radio play so I went ahead and ordered it.

I listen usually during the day to and from work and anywhere else I may go. Sometimes on the computer and always in the car.

When I’m driving I like to listen to music more than talk radio or sports so I was excited to see what hip hop songs were going to played compared to the radio. Out of over 70 music channels, there are only 3 dedicated Hip Hop stations: BackSpin, Shade 45, and Hip-Hop Nation. There are about 4 R&B channels: Soul Town, The Groove, Heart & Soul, and The Heat. Each has their own rotation of music. Continue reading

Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told Review

1. Station Identification (Intro)

The album starts off with Just Blaze visiting Saigon in prison. He gives him a alarm clock radio that will help him to “keep his head up”. As he turns station, it going through various old Saigon tracks. Fatman Scoop then comes in as the Radio DJ talking over some unknown ill beat. This is a creative intro and I thought it was a good way to start off the album. 10/10

2. The Invitation (feat. Q-Tip and Fatman Scoop)

First thing you notice in this track is the church choir like sample. Saigon speaks on how some people are in a no win situation. Growing up in a messed up situation, the youth is lured into the drug game just to “survive”. One story is of a baby who’s neglected by his mother, the kid grows up to act out in school and fails his classes, his mom disciplines him and he has no father there… “he’s block bound”. The kid eventually sells to an undercover agent and goes to prison. Saigon’s flow is nice on this joint and the lyrics are there. Q-Tip provides a nice chorus yelling out various max security prisons, I really didn’t expect to see him up here. 9/10

“Aint nothing stopping this murder in the metropolis”

“The party is in the pen and the blow is the invitation”

“idolizing the guys with big rides”

“his only dream was to have bricks in a stash, popping the clutch and hitting the gas”

“the coke, that’ll get you in especially if you cook it up, you RSVP to the party in the P-enitentiary…”

3. Come On Baby (feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz) Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Joell Ortiz – Onslaught


This guy just blacked out on the beat, producer, engineer, whole Slaughterhouse, everybody. One of my favorite Joell verses. He went in…

Just be easy, buddy relax
please don’t have me bloody my axe
Or revvin’ my chainsaw to sever your brain off
With no concentration I’m better than Adolf
Never been laid off, forever put in work
Beats and skeets I fucked every bitch that said I was a jerk
It’s like you cuter when you work manuevers
Got every dot com in my palm and Iunno how to work computers
Yeah it’s true Slaughterhouse, I know you heard the rumors
That’s true but in ’02 every verse was ruder
Then you worthless losers
So we formed a four alien alliance, just dying to earth intruders
Everybody’s a president, bunch of Herbert Hoovers
If what I said had legs it could burn a cougar
Speaking of burn, I’m Hip-Hops 60 shoots of Henny on the rocks
You egg-nog with a squirt of Kaluha
Can’t lie it’s mad fun being Zoned
My straight yours slant like Gumby’s dome
A lot of guys don’t want me on
But as long as I get in the spot with my fist my gun be home
I will beat you dudes like you stole from moms
In an audience of shows I just fold my arms
I’m so disappointed in you new rap guys
I’m like no! C’mon, how did he do that..? Why?
Oh no, and diggy do that though
I’m MC so-and-so where’s my ringtone dough
See that ain’t gon cut it as long as I’m around
That goes for every: person, place, or thing that describes a noun
It’s J-O-E-double what I never take,
Whoever feel they can gimme my first one then set a date
I’ll be there like a young Mike Jack
Hip-Hop prayed and God gave Pun right back!
After reading/hearing this, your face should be equivalent to the image below…

Tupac: The Lost Prison Tapes

I had the opportunity to check out the recently released documentary called, Tupac: The Lost Prison Tapes. This is the uncut, raw, uncensored 1995 interview while he was locked down in prison. Bits and pieces have been televised over the years but never in its entirety. I always liked 2pac, definitely one of the most passionate about what he believes Continue reading

Top 10 Kanye West Beats

This list was bound to happen. Kanye is nice on the boards, I can’t lie about that. I love his versatility. I’m like some beat lovers who just like his older productions a little better than current. I feel in love with that soulful sound that he helped make popular. This list was veryyy hard to compile, but I’m happy with how my list turned out. These beats were not chosen from the difficulty of creation, most popular etc, there just my favorites. The beats that I can FEEL in various ways. Nonetheless, let’s get into it… Continue reading

LA is MY Playground Trailer

This trailer hit the net a while ago and I heard that this short film was going to drop soon. I haven’t had any recent updates but I’m anxious to see it. Anyway word is some people want to know what was the song at the beginning of the trailer. Peep the Trailer first

This might sound familiar to ya!
Sade – Soldier of Love