“Things seem different now….ya know?”

Its funny how life can pass by so fast. The older you get the more your tastes/focus change. You’re still the same person but you roll differently. Some people never change, I’m not one of them. Few years ago, I was a typical college student infatuated by the same things as every other young person coming up who didn’t know better. It’s interesting how you go through changes every year or so. I’m a true believer that things happen for a reason. You gotta go through periods of life to see the true light at the end of the tunnel. Now I’m more worried about what the present and future holds, less about the past. I do look back sometimes and shake my head on some of the silly things I use to do and like but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Its the reason I am who I am today. Things do seem different now.

“It’s funny son, just a few years older, more revealings less appealing…”

“Less concerned about rocking fits that ain’t out yet”

“I had to break out this thing, go savage”

Oddisee & Toine (of DTMD) capture this feeling perfectly. Its good to hear their story in a song. I don’t think I’ve heard a story told that was this close to being like the changes I went through. They both seem to come up different paths but one thing is clear, they’ve changed. The sample is by the Manhattans – “Am I Losing You” soulfully singing “little signs of distanceeee….tells me…..we are through”. The sample is fitting because I see it as that “little signs of distance” embodies the thought of you drifting away from the attractions that once held you in that “world”. The part “tells me we are through” reflects on when anyone is pulled away from their usual setting (“world”) they tend to continue to wonder, rarely returning to that place which they use to call “home” and thats when change starts to occur. I could be looking into it too deeply but hey, its just my thoughts man…

“So lazy, the youth in me, I use to be, I use to like a one night stand now I’m all in her house like there ain’t one nice land…”

“I decorate my crib, my homies couchless…”

“My heart’s my instrumental…”

Oddisee & Toine – Different Now (prod. Oddisee)

The Manhattans – Am I Losing You (sample starts @ 1:03)

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