First time I heard Black Milk

The first time I heard Black Milk was when I had peeped his song called “The Matrix” of his album Tronic. In all honesty I saw the song online somewhere and I clicked to listen to it because I seen the legendary DJ Premier was on it so I had to take a listen(1st rule of being a hip hop head, you never pass over the chance to listen to a Premo track). I was impressed by the uniqueness of the track and it’s presentation so I began my research. I searched for Black Milk to kind of see who he was in the rap world and see what the word is on this guy. Found some pretty interesting feedback so I was like, well might as well start listen to his album Tronic. The first track is what gripped me and made me an instant fan. “Long Story Short”. So the track starts off with this robotic sound saying “tronic” and it fades out as the piano keys beginning to elegantly build the intro. It was classic, and I could already feel it. Then BOOM! the organ comes in and begins to glorify the soft piano keys and not too far off the drums kick in (no pun intended). It’s not your generic techno type of drums you would expect peeping the title of the album and the robotic futuristic sound, but it’s the raw old skool boom bap. Then just as my head goes into a constant bob, Black steps “8….14…1983 N%$#A I’M HERE”. He comes in with so much confidence, energy and ambition. It’s like he’s got to tell his story and get it out to those who want to listen. I feel his lyrics (i.e. “listening to Pete Rock, Premo, Dilla on the regular”). The song doesn’t only sport a clever production but it contains substance that is revealing. You get to understand who he is instantly and what he’s been through in the industry. I had my breath taking away in a matter of 5 minutes and 4 seconds. The song was so developed that it kept me trapped to the end, with the addition of the horns and piano playing. I was amazed that an artist like this really hadn’t made his way into my ipod. But trust me now he is sprinkled, if not poured, in my itunes library.
Take a listen to this track:
Black Milk – Long Story Short

If you think about it, for the time this was released it was something different. Very experimental and organized. For an artist to emerge, with this set up of skills and talent, in this time period was unbelievable. It’s not too far from the basics of hip hop either. Peep:

That’s Sugar Billy’s “I Got Some” and guess who else has used this sample? Premo, surprising huh? NOPE!, Black Milk is an advent fan so why not? Gangstarr’s “B.Y.S.”

One thought on “First time I heard Black Milk

  1. Long Story Short is one of my favorite tracks from Black Milk. Those drums, the keys, and the story he raps really make it sound so triumphant.

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