“Things seem different now….ya know?”

Its funny how life can pass by so fast. The older you get the more your tastes/focus change. You’re still the same person but you roll differently. Some people never change, I’m not one of them. Few years ago, I was a typical college student infatuated by the same things as every other young person coming up who didn’t know better. It’s interesting how you go through changes every year or so. I’m a true believer that things happen for a Continue reading

A classic, one of your only unscratched up CD’s

I got the audio to this on one of my scratched up CD’s. This used to be my joint back in the day. Bleek, Young Chris, and Jigga did they thang. The only messed up thing about this video is that they left the part off when Bleek and Young Chris was rhyming over that Amerie “One Thing” beat. Goodness they went in!

The White House Band – The Method EP album review

We wanted to review something different from what we’ve been reviewing so we decided to check out some music from a group called The White House Band. Peep the review of their “The Method EP” album.

We On (The Bond Song)
SwagGordon: What you thinkin of this We On (The Bond Song)?
Satchford: I like the feel of this
Satchford: shouts to the drummer, he getting busy
Satchford: the whole band is
SwagGordon: I like the drums, the rhyme is a bit awkward to me
Satchford: the video is mad funny too Continue reading