Lerix – New Heights Album Review

This is a new artist that we wanted to check out and introduce to our followers. Take the time to listen and enjoy his work. HOLLA!

New Heights
SwagGordon: this is kind of a futuristic type intro
Satchford: yea it gives a galaxy type feel
SwagGordon: “your flow is a nightmare, mine is what they dream of”….nice line
Satchford: monstrous drums
SwagGordon: this is more of a bragging type of track
Satchford: yea I get a good feeling for the album after hearing this
Satchford: pretty good intro
SwagGordon: the first 10 secs remind me of a Ratatat production
Satchford: “sick with it, I’m immune to the medicine”
SwagGordon: dude has a Lupe Fiasco type of flow in the intro
Satchford: I was just thinking of that.
Satchford: Chicago mayneeeee
SwagGordon: rating
Satchford: 8/10 Good beat, Good lyrics = Solid intro, I like the feeling also
SwagGordon: 6/10 needs more energy and more of a “I’m here and what?” type of presence
Satchford: understandable

The Premier
Satchford: I really like this beat for some reason
SwagGordon: yea it’s a mystic type of feel
Satchford: kinda beat and hard
Satchford: upbeat*
Satchford: “la laaaa!”
SwagGordon: “ungh ha sicker than your average”…..ain’t that a Beanie Sigel line?
Satchford: Biggie
SwagGordon: true true
Satchford: hypnotize
SwagGordon: good call
SwagGordon: I like the feel of this song…bouncy you can vibe out to this joint
SwagGordon: dude has skills with a hook
Satchford: “see inside and can’t find a clue why you arrogant”
Satchford: ha
SwagGordon: “I’m on my JetBlue you on your rental car”
SwagGordon: aight aight
Satchford: the chorus is pretty good I like it
SwagGordon: I agree
SwagGordon: the quality of the song could be better what you think?
Satchford: yea mastering could’ve been better
SwagGordon: you can tell the chorus is layered
Satchford: would have made a big difference
Satchford: yea its soo much louder
SwagGordon: 7/10 the rhymes are there and the lyrics are decent
Satchford: 5/10 Decent song
Could’ve changed up the flow on this one. The beat was asking for it

Hustle Hard ft. Shane Eli & Thirsty McGurk
SwagGordon: This Hustle Hard beat is nice
SwagGordon: this is track 3 and I can already tell dude isn’t going to switch the flow
Satchford: think so?
SwagGordon: yes
Satchford: the beat is okay. The chorus with voice is played out now.
Satchford: expected better from bks cuz I really like their stuff.
SwagGordon: whoever is featured on this joint…ripped!
Satchford: ft Shane Eli, Thirsty McGurk
Satchford: that 2nd verse was mean
SwagGordon: they ripped
Satchford: last verse was cool. coulda rapped it more in tuned with the beat
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 6/10 just lacking in energy….don’t get it wrong the effort is there and the skill is developed
Satchford: 4/10, yes I agree with you. This seems like a bonus/mixtape track. Just sounded like verses were thrown up there and they were done. Don’t get me wrong, the verses were solid.

Another Day
Satchford: first of, I love the sample in this

at 2:06 the melody begins…some of the song also samples Mantronix’s “King of the Beats”
SwagGordon: yea this thing vibes good
Satchford: he switched the flow up a lil. He sounds right at home on this!
Satchford: the chorus is smooth, something to ride too
Satchford: definitely iTunes playlist worthy
SwagGordon: yea and his rhymes are relevant here
SwagGordon: the substance is real
SwagGordon: 100%
Satchford: “go from overlooked to every radio playing em”
SwagGordon: “whoooooo am IIIIIIIIIII”……do or die muthaf%$@a!!!
Satchford: “cowards skip the ladder…..” dope line
Satchford: petey pab mutha#$#$#?
SwagGordon: nah that’s Snoop’s line!
SwagGordon: from Doggystyle album

Satchford: pure
Satchford: u should know lol
Satchford: “baby you complete me”-him talkin to his dreams….good stuff
“I hit the ground running no time for shoe laces…”
SwagGordon: geez that’s a hustle right there
Satchford: “never snapshot, plotting to capture the big picture”
Satchford: you can really feel his hunger in this song
Satchford: I like that
SwagGordon: yea he makes a complete song here
Satchford: like I said, this is all truth….str8 from the soul
Satchford: 10/10 he does a great job with this song, its relatable, its smooth, major replay value
SwagGordon: 8/10…..jazzy beat, real substance, rhymes on the beat properly, the structure of this song is somewhat complex
SwagGordon: not your normal verse, chorus, verse, chorus
SwagGordon: a little treat thrown in the mix
Satchford: true
Take a sniff of this product

Insomnia ft. Thirsty McGurk
Satchford: this give a similar feeling to track 1 New Heights spacey, spooky feel
SwagGordon: this sounds like a Dr. Dre production
Satchford: like I’m walking through a graveyard
SwagGordon: dude has a lot internal thoughts spilt into his rhymes
SwagGordon: sinister track right here
Satchford: “freddy kruger you are wasting time, I cannot sleep” nice
SwagGordon: lol
The harmony on this chorus fits into the beat perfectly
Satchford: “I breathe in success, my heart pumpin ambition”
Satchford: yea
SwagGordon: Thirsty McGurk was off beat for a while
Satchford: I don’t like that monster voice on the chorus “sleep when I die”
SwagGordon: I don’t have a problem with it
Satchford: this should have been a solo track, no features
SwagGordon: TRUE
Come on the beat don’t just cut off like that
SwagGordon: fade that shit out homie
Satchford: thirsty mcgurk is going to fast in my opinion. Beat is too slow
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 8/10 nice tune right here….this thing is worth placement on the iPod
Satchford: 7/10. Really like Lerix’s verses and the vibe, monster voice in chorus is annoying, feature wasn’t needed

Feel It
Satchford: this beat is bangin! BKS! So funky
SwagGordon: I’ve been waiting for someone to use this sampluer for so long
SwagGordon: didn’t do it justice tho
Satchford: I like this beat and chorus
Single-quality right here
SwagGordon: too much space to me
Satchford: a high school band playing in the background
SwagGordon: “better get your nose near Folgers” LMAO
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: the patterned drums is pretty nice
Satchford: yep yep
SwagGordon: dude does a lot of bragging in his rhymes….haven’t really heard anything that explains why he is worthy of bragging about
SwagGordon: again stop cutting these beats and fade these shits out bro!
Satchford: “talk like I’m deaf cuz I speak through my actions”
SwagGordon: lol
Satchford: yea it IS alot of bragging
SwagGordon: 6/10 I like the drum patterns and the sample the rest of the song is aight….needs more energy or passion behind it
Satchford: 7/10 like the beat, chorus and most of the rhymes. A beat like that needs alot of energy and that’s what it’s lacking.

Bright Lights
SwagGordon: I like this riff at the beginning of the song
Satchford: different beat, I like it. Like the beat during the verse
Satchford: this guy got the chorus down. Nice
SwagGordon: generic cymbals in the background? Fruity Loops?
SwagGordon: yea dude can hold a chorus!
Satchford: possibly
Satchford: the beat could have used more work.
Satchford: it’s decent at this point with alot of promise. Sounds undone
SwagGordon: “I am working for that paper, yea, Michael Scott”….OMG LMAO the best line I heard from dude so far
Satchford: lolol
Satchford: nice
SwagGordon: this song structure is nice….definitely unfinished product but has plenty of potential
SwagGordon: I believe I heard him throw a bridge in there?
Satchford: yea yea
Satchford: this could be a big club track
SwagGordon: with some work
SwagGordon: it would come across better performed live
SwagGordon: room for breaks and beat switching
Satchford: live drums too
Satchford: sooo much potential
Satchford: 6/10 LOADS of potential, sounds unfinished, the chorus is impressive once again and he has some quotables in here
SwagGordon: 8/10….potential is there, it has that rebel appeal, the song structure is different which is great! This that rock star music ya dig
Inject this in your veins slowly

Back Up
Satchford: this beat!!!
Satchford: I LIKE THIS
Satchford: shouts to Tureek
SwagGordon: gosh this dude has the chorus game on lock
Satchford: upbeat and once again, gives that spacey feeling
Satchford: yea this chorus is major
Satchford: this is single quality
SwagGordon: the balance on this track is nice and the stories are life lessons
Satchford: he’s storytelling in this one too, switching it up which is good
Satchford: this joint is filled with wisdom
SwagGordon: so soulful man
SwagGordon: dude master this thang properly and push this track hard!!
Satchford: those synths!
Satchford: I love this track
SwagGordon: yea pretty good and he actually ended the beat properly! Not just a flat cut
SwagGordon: the transition on the track is pretty much flawless
Satchford: “but she always told em follow your heart and never turn back, she’d be a hypocrite to tell em to unlearn that”
Satchford: 10/10 and that’s all I have to say about that….(forrest gump voice)
SwagGordon: 9/10 everything is pretty much there….unique structure, substance, jazzy chorus, lyrics, flow, proper production
Worth a sync to the pod I would say
You OD’ed yet? Well if not here you go I’m ya puuuuusssssshhhhhhaaaa

Show & Prove ft. Shane Eli & Kamilah Gibson
Satchford: the chorus is nice but the girl needs some type of effect to her voice. The beat is so “monumental” sounding, she gotta match it
Satchford: feel me?
SwagGordon: yea it either needs to be mastered or shorty needs to be replaced
SwagGordon: sounds like a Keisha Cole track though
SwagGordon: I aint even gonna front I like this track
Satchford: nah she can sing but yea, it need to be mastered better
Satchford: this joint smooooth tho
SwagGordon: uh oh another bridge!!
SwagGordon: Kid Cudi type of mood
Satchford: single quality….one again
Satchford: yep good catch
Satchford: cudder would do his thing on this
Satchford: cudder aka wish bone lol
SwagGordon: HA! Lerix kudos on this track dude
Satchford: yo listen to how the track come on
Satchford: “when I’m in it, only speaking in a 2 word sentence, o god” lolol
Man it’s just my thoughts man
SwagGordon: “I only need a minute shed my nice guy imagine:…..goodness!!
SwagGordon: 10/10 shit just listen to this jammy & you’ll understand the rating
Satchford: 8/10 Smooth track for when you got a nice young lady over
if your veins haven’t collapsed yet

I’m On ft. Show Biz
Satchford: sound like a DJ Toomp beat for USDA/Jeezy
SwagGordon: true true
Satchford: once again, the chorus is nice
Satchford: “stick my tongue at these haters like big kids” lmao
SwagGordon: the chorus sounds too soft for this beat
Satchford: lol cool to me
The flow could use some work on this one
SwagGordon: the flow is aight to me….the beat sounds like it is incomplete to me
Satchford: hmmm
SwagGordon: Lerix reminds me of a mix of Pac Div & The Cool Kids
Satchford: and Lupe
Satchford: Chucky inglish huh
SwagGordon: LMAO
dude’s flow is very similar to Diggy Simmon’s on this track
SwagGordon: the delivery sounds like he is just reading off paper hear and not even rhyming to the beat
Satchford: “ill be in the places where the pretty women party lots, they’ll be online busy hating in the comment box”
Satchford: ha
Satchford: Digger
Satchford: yea I feel u, I get that feeling at times too
SwagGordon: OMG that line is so hilarious
Satchford: hahah so true
SwagGordon: he probably talkin about them people that be like “1st” whenever they leave comments
Satchford: hahahha
Satchford: or “F Lerix”
SwagGordon: str8 haters
Satchford: “dick riders!!!” -jigga on Imaginary Player
Satchford: rating
Satchford: 5/10 lacking energy, flow needed work, lyrics were good tho and I like the message. decent track
SwagGordon: 7/10 track was kind of plain but pretty good for a newcomer. Dude should have thrown an audio footage from the Jersey Shore at the beginning or ending of that song “if hating is your full time occupation, then I might have a job for you” (‘The Situation’)
Satchford: lmao!

Satchford: Overall this album or EP is good for a newcomer. Its alot better than most newcomers put out. Lerix has alot of potential and he has some gems on this CD. He seems to have a good ear for beat and working with BKS is always a plus. He needs to work on being a more versatile MC, switch up the flow a lil more and come up with more song concepts. Overall Rating 7/10

SwagGordon: I believe the contents of this album go together well and I agree with Satchford about the work that Lerix needs to do to improve his skills. I’m impressed by the beat selections tho because most newcomers do have a slightly terrible taste. If he can just reach the potential that I believe he can be then he could make a whole album that I would sync to the pod. Overall Rating 7.5/10

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