Wayne is back?

Don’t get me wrong, Lil Wayne is beast. He is definitely a legend. Recently, he’s had his ups and downs as an MC. I am a fan, definitely not as much as I use to be (Carter II and before). His first single, 6’7′, off his next album, Tha Carter IV, is something else. Produced by Bangledesh, the 808s are banging and the sample yells “six foot, seven foot, eight foot….”. Following the trails of “A Milli”, it kind of sounds like a sequel. He goes in, that’s all I’m going to say. Cleverness is what you can call his wordplay on this one. I hope to hear more of this Wayne on the next album. Just a few of the quotables are listed below…

“Life is the b%$ch and death is her sister, sleep is your cousin, what a f$%kin family picture….”

“Young Money run this sh&t, you n$%%as just runner-ups…”

“I beat the beat up, call it self-defense…”

“Ni%$as think they HeMan, pow pow, thee end…”

“Married to the money, f%$k the world, that’s adultry…”

“Mind so sharp I f%$k around and cut my head off…”

“The fruits of my labor, I enjoy them while they still ripe…”

“If these n;^%as animals then ima have a mink soon…”

Cory Gunz was up there too and he did his thing but Wayne owns this track.

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