Kanye West – “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Album Review

Dark Fantasy
SwagGordon: What you think about the Dark Fantasy track
Satchford: It’s cool. Kinda get a feeling of what the album will entail
SwagGordon: I like the production it has a bouncy melody
Satchford: Prince Rakeem on the beat!
Satchford: with Ye’s additions
Satchford: “you aint got no yeezy nigga~!!!!” lmao
SwagGordon: “I saw the Devil (in a Chrysler Lebaron)”
Satchford: ugly car
Satchford: Alot of things happened in his life before this album so I hope he has alot to say
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: I like the length of the track he knows how not to overplay a track
SwagGordon: The intro gives you that “Alice in Wonderland” mad hatter type of feel
SwagGordon: kudos to Nicki Minaj
Satchford: glad he let the beat ride for a minute
Satchford: yea, evil witch type ish, no Dorothy
Satchford: 5/5 I like how he recreates the feeling of his current state, confused, scared, hopeless, in need of help, but on top of the world also
SwagGordon: I’m going with a 4/5 the vision was clear and the production was not too complicated but edgy enough
Satchford: the sample that rza put together feels as if you were in a tornado….which captures it perfectly, in my opinion
SwagGordon: I agree

Gorgeous ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon
SwagGordon: I’m not quite sure why the song is titled Gorgeous
Satchford: “this week has been a bad massage, I need a happy ending”
SwagGordon: “and the cop look like Alex Baldwin”
SwagGordon: that was so descriptive
SwagGordon: I like how the vocals are kind of muffled
Satchford: yea, the tune is sooo 1970s, Hendrix-like
SwagGordon: yea like a riff in a loop
Satchford: yea
Satchford: what’s a black beetle anyway, a f%$in roach?
SwagGordon: “Face it Jerome get more time than Brandon” I’m happy he said that because nowadays mainstream rap just ignores the problems and what’s actually going on in the world
SwagGordon: it’s like Ye dips back into that time when he said “racism still alive they just be concealing it”
Satchford: this songs seems to described how terrible he is treated, still
SwagGordon: yea it’s his rebel state of mind
SwagGordon: “hug & kiss my ass X & O”
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: well, some of the attention he has brought on himself but I can feel him
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: I like the piano solo that comes on when Chef enters
SwagGordon: Chef’s flow is sharp on this joint
Satchford: with the guitar on top of it
Satchford: jimi is alive!
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: chef always reps
Satchford: rating?
SwagGordon: Someone was getting busy on this track
Satchford: you right
Satchford: out of 10
SwagGordon: 5/5 because of the raw-ness of the structure of this song, Ye presents a song which contains the basic instruments, drums, guitar piano, and he addresses his feels in a reasonable manner
SwagGordon: oops 10/10
Satchford: yes, like I said the backdrop is so 1970s when rebel type music was very common, he wanted to make a statement with this song and he did. love the feeling, cudi and chef came correct. would’ve loved to hear what jay or a lupe on this to drop more knowledge. dope track nonetheless
Satchford: 10/10

Satchford: first of all, the production is amazing
Satchford: soooo complex but comes together smoothly.
SwagGordon: The interruption with the
SwagGordon: Schizoid Man sampluer was so smooth
Satchford: that’s what ye is!
Satchford: you short minded niggas, thoughts is napoleon
Satchford: hmmm……will have to tap into that line deeper later
SwagGordon: that was just a play on words
Satchford: hmmm ok
SwagGordon: Napoleon was actually very strategic & smarts in a way
Satchford: I know but there could be something deeper in it…..
Satchford: “got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault”
Satchford: “reality is catching up to me”
SwagGordon: some Davey Jones locker type ish right there
Satchford: “with these responsibilities that they entrust, as I look down at my diamond encrusted piece…thinking no one man should have all that power!”
Satchford: ^goodness
Satchford: “with these responsibilities that they entrust in me, as I look down at my diamond encrusted piece…thinking no one man should have all that power!**
SwagGordon: Kanye’s tone that he uses when he says “power” is so authentic
SwagGordon: you can hear the passion in his voice
SwagGordon: it’s like he really wants you to believe in what he thinks
Satchford: yep yep
he’s amazed at how much press/media has come for the little things that he does…. it’s crazy. shocks me too
SwagGordon: I get that same feeling too. He struggles with all of the hostilities that comes from being a celeb
Satchford: yea
Satchford: this song is him realizing how big he actually is and he can’t even believe it? agree?
SwagGordon: The laughter at the end of the song takes you back to the feeling of “oh yea this why the album is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”
SwagGordon: I agree with your statement
Satchford: hahahahahhahahah you are right
SwagGordon: Where did those drums come from?
Satchford: “now this’ll be a beautiful death!….im jumping out the window!!!”
Satchford: check the post with the samples man
SwagGordon: cool
Satchford: brb phone call
Satchford: back
Satchford: rating?
Satchford: 10/10
Satchford: everything is on point with this track
SwagGordon: 10/10 very creative, contains substances that is relevant and who else can find samples from different cultural aspects and combined them to make something pure? isn’t that the basics of hip hop
Satchford: yes that is sure. he dug deep for this one. his picture was vivid of what he was tryin to create with this track

All of the Lights
SwagGordon: I like this track
Satchford: this beat is sooo energetic
Satchford: the drums man
SwagGordon: there is like a thousand artists up here but Kanye combined so uniquely
Satchford: yea, were they really needed?
Satchford: I don’t think so
Satchford: fergie’s spot could’ve been cut
SwagGordon: word is that he originally had just Drake
Satchford: ugh why is drake on everything.
SwagGordon: I disagree this is right up Fergie’s alley
Satchford: tired of hearing him
SwagGordon: he was dropped and then all of these people were added
SwagGordon: I can barely hear Elton John but he is up here
Satchford: all I hear is rihanna
SwagGordon: excuse me Sir Elton John
Satchford: was Alicia
Satchford: me neither
Satchford: Cudi sounds like WISH BONE on his part
Satchford: shouts to Cleveland Ohio!
SwagGordon: LMAO
SwagGordon: “public visitation we met at BORDERS”
Satchford: Ugh man Fergie
SwagGordon: I actually know people who do that
Satchford: haha that’s crazy
SwagGordon: you can’t make a lie up like that
Satchford: the horns in this joint are very pure. sound live
SwagGordon: very true
idk who Ye used for the piano but they need to be given props
Satchford: is that Elton John during alicia’s part?
SwagGordon: maybe so
Satchford: yes! ye has a piano in almost all his beats
SwagGordon: track is so energetic
SwagGordon: the way hooks, bridges, and verses are structured in this song is like no other
SwagGordon: they are combined seamlessly
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: this track is gonna sound excellent on tour, played live
ghetto university
SwagGordon: The synth used in this track is underneath the front of the beat and kinds of acts like a pace for the bass
Satchford: I think he brings it home with the overall message of the track: all of life’s lights, which the ones he mentions are no good. correct me if I am wrong
SwagGordon: I agree
Satchford: that’s a very low horn
Satchford: I think that’s what you are talking about
SwagGordon: I don’t think that’s a horn what I am referring too
Satchford: oh ok
Satchford: rating?
SwagGordon: it sounds like a continuous static sound effect
Satchford: yea that’s a horn, a very low note, probably played on some type of keyboard
SwagGordon: I’m going with a 10/10 because geez who can put together this type of ecstatic orchestra and make it sound so energetic. The approach to this song is so pure and a sense of emotion is sprinkled thru out the track
Satchford: yes, ye focused on every element of the production and overall togetherness of this track. he really pushes the genre of hip hop with this one. I like this
Satchford: 10/10

Monster ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver
SwagGordon: Gossip Gossip nigga just stop it
SwagGordon: so rude
Satchford: Ye comes back to the essence right here
SwagGordon: I like how the whole song is a metaphor for talent
SwagGordon: or skill level
Satchford: “do the rap and the track” ye is a one man band….he thinks
Satchford: yes
SwagGordon: and ambition
Satchford: strictly lyrics on this one
SwagGordon: “brought the chain that always gives me back pain”
Satchford: hahaha
Satchford: I’m sorry but Sean Carter ripped this to shreds!
SwagGordon: “whatever I wanna do GOOOSSHH its cool now”
Satchford: “Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong……” whew!
SwagGordon: lol
SwagGordon: “none of yall nigga know where the swamp is”
Satchford: haha
SwagGordon: damn jay what a metaphor
Satchford: “Loveeeeeeee”
“I smell a massacre…..seems to be the only way to back you bastards up” mannnnnn
SwagGordon: At this point I’m sick of Nicki Minaj
Satchford: “with a bad b#$ch that came from Sri Lanka” -nikki now that’s foreign
SwagGordon: she just meets expectations
Satchford: this is actually when she FINALLY impressed me. this and that Up All Night with Drake
Satchford: she bring soooooo much energetic
Satchford: energy**
SwagGordon: it’s like she has a routine for laying verses….go into booth…change voice at least twice…drop a few punch lines….yell in the mic
SwagGordon: chunk deuces
SwagGordon: idk why Ye enlisted her for the track
Satchford: yea that’s annoying BUT in this song, its verryyyy fitting
SwagGordon: Ross should have had a verse IMO
Satchford: she’s a monster!
Satchford: idk bout that
SwagGordon: yea she should have been on a song called “psycho”
Satchford: lmao
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: Jay had the best verse IMO
SwagGordon: agreed
SwagGordon: what’s your rating on this triiiicck
Satchford: 8/10
Satchford: ye could’ve came stronger if you compare him to Nikki and Jay
SwagGordon: 7/10. The concept of the song is clear but it was not as strong as I would expect it to be. When compared with his previous tracks it sounds like a filler
Satchford: yes, I can agree, more like a bonus track
Satchford: and we already heard it
Satchford: on GOOD Friday
if this was the first time I heard it, it would be a different story

So Appalled ft. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz, & The RZA
Satchford: take SWIZZ OFF THIS!
Satchford: why why why
SwagGordon: yea take Swizz & RZA off
Satchford: fail
Satchford: yes
Satchford: and cyHi
SwagGordon: yea and that dude too
SwagGordon: let’s air this out….this is an old track if I’m correct
SwagGordon: but I’m glad it’s on the album
Satchford: yes, this track surfaced with just the first verse bout a year ago
SwagGordon: “true
Satchford: more instruments was added to the beat but the feeling is the same
SwagGordon: “housekeeeepppinnng”
Satchford: hahahah
SwagGordon: “30,000 feet up and you are not invited”
SwagGordon: goodness so selfish
SwagGordon: ungh(Ross sound)
Satchford: you right
Satchford: he must drive a NSX
SwagGordon: “dark knight feeling, die and be a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”….Jay you so focused man
Satchford: once again, Jay comes very Lex Luger(strong) on this
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: “would you rather be underpaid or overpaid”
Satchford: overrated*
SwagGordon: the sound effects in this jammy are not overwhelming nor excessive
Satchford: that wooooh!
SwagGordon: “still move a bird like I’m in bed with mother goose”
SwagGordon: so disrespectful
Satchford: lmao
Satchford: I think this track may tie in with the meaning of Power a lil, your thoughts
So Appalled at how much power I have……? champagne wishes, dirty white b%$es
SwagGordon: I’m not sure where you’re coming from there
SwagGordon: yes I see that now!
Satchford: like they have all the power and they don’t give a F…..
Satchford: so they’re just ignorant with it on this
SwagGordon: “Cars for the misses and furs for the mistress”….that’s some Nicky Barnes type ish
Satchford: you right
the track goes downhill after pusha
SwagGordon: very true, it’s just the quality of the rhyming and the style is kind of wack after Pusha T’s verse
Satchford: yea, sooo much meaning in the first 3 verses
Satchford: ….swizz scattered all over the place…..ugh
Satchford: rating
SwagGordon: 9/10 most due to Kanye, Pusha T, and Jay-Z verses plus the dark beat associated with this track
Satchford: 7/10 (-1 for each unneeded guest

Devil In A New Dress
SwagGordon: this is a beautiful track
SwagGordon: kudos to Bink!
SwagGordon: never disappoints
Satchford: YES!
Satchford: ye adds a piano and guitar to it
SwagGordon: simple sample, but the right sample…….basic drums and the breakdown of the drum loop is second to none
Satchford: Smokey Robinson sample. my goodness
Satchford: you’re right
SwagGordon: sometimes I be think Ye be talking about Amber Rose in this joint but I don’t want to make any preconceived notions
Satchford: man I think he do too
SwagGordon: “I hit the Jamaican spot at the bar take a seat, I ordered your jerk, she said you are what you eat”
SwagGordon: SU
Satchford: sick line
SwagGordon: “haven’t said a word to me this evening…..cat got your tongue”
SwagGordon: that line is so depictive
Satchford: “hard to be humble when you stunting on the jumbotron”
Satchford: hahah crazy
SwagGordon: HA!
Satchford: he could be talking to groupies
Satchford: “don’t leave while u hot, that’s how Ma$e screwed up”
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: “you love me for me, could you be more phony!!”
Satchford: man
Satchford: lmao
Satchford: this is a great track.
SwagGordon: I love the break near the middle of the song…it’s like an instrumental bridge
SwagGordon: then the Boss comes in and graces the beat
Satchford: yea, to break it down
Satchford: Officer Ricky sounds soo out of place
I bet alot of people don’t even know the track is this long
SwagGordon: they should
Satchford: Ross verse aint bad though
SwagGordon: “doubleheaded monster with a mind of his own”….the flow there is second to none
SwagGordon: “when it comes to tools fool I’m a Pep Boy”
SwagGordon: cracks me up every time
Satchford: I like that!! I like that!!!
Satchford: god bless the man I put this ice over
Satchford: mannnn
SwagGordon: can’t you picture a rick ross head in the Pep Boys sign with those other 3 white guys
Satchford: I’m making love to the angel of death…..WOW!
Satchford: THAT’S A BIG HEAD
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: unnnngh!
SwagGordon: man what’s the rating of this ji-zoint
Satchford: 10/10
SwagGordon: I’m going with a 10/10 on this because of the authenticity of this track. It’s so hip hop and the mood is so soulful man
Satchford: the sample fits the song perfectly too

SwagGordon: now this is my jammy
Satchford: it’s cool
SwagGordon: the simple tap of the piano key and the notes used fit the track well
SwagGordon: the drums are mild but funky
Satchford: that piano key is annoying
Satchford: used by Peter Rock
Satchford: lol
SwagGordon: the substance of this track is hilarious to me
SwagGordon: SUUUUUUUUU so sick
SwagGordon: “let’s have a toast for douche bags”
SwagGordon: “I sent this bitch a picture of my diiiiiiick”
SwagGordon: so crazy
Satchford: hmm
Satchford: “see I could have me a good girl and still be addicted to them hoodrats” lol
true right there
SwagGordon: Pusha even did his thing
SwagGordon: he fits well in on this song
Satchford: Look at cha!
Satchford: let me take another listen
SwagGordon: Kanye is either trying to display passion in this song or just make something creative
SwagGordon: either way he scored IMO
Satchford: if you read the liner notes, pusha said he had to do his verse over so many times….ye was asking him to bring the doucebag out!
SwagGordon: now that’s how artist should be
Satchford: this is a smooth track that could be label as soft but that drum loop brings it right home!
Satchford: this is a smooth track that could be label as soft but that drum loop brings it right home!
SwagGordon: The track is prolonged I don’t know if that is necessary seeing that it doesn’t really yell any affect out
Satchford: no, it sounds messy and distorted
SwagGordon: Sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher is having sex
Satchford: lmao
SwagGordon: This track gives off that happy feeling mood with a small smell of desperation
SwagGordon: 10/10
Satchford: 6/10 too long, the beat is cool, lyrics is nice, choruses is nice, gets annoying with that piano key
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: no replay value for me

Hell of a Life
Satchford: This sound like some 1985 Beastie Boys ish
SwagGordon: Rick Rubin type ish
Satchford: yes
Satchford: pussy and religion is all he needs
Satchford: only if life was that simple. smh
SwagGordon: “make a nun cum make her cream-mate ungh”
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: lolol
SwagGordon: this sounds like some messed up video game track
Satchford: the fantasy theme comes to mind again with this track
SwagGordon: the falling of the keys is weird
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: yea it does
SwagGordon: I AGREE!
Satchford: ye’s sexual fantasy lol
Satchford: very graphic
SwagGordon: the only part that I find interesting in this song is that break
Satchford: at the end?
SwagGordon: “fuck with the nights on ugh ugh ugh fuck fuck with the nights ugh ugh”
SwagGordon: this is definitely a fantasy track
Satchford: I tell you what….
ye does a great job making his tracks seem like scores for movie
Satchford: s
Satchford: they are so long and have soo many parts in them
SwagGordon: very true I suppose that’s why he made that short film for the album
Satchford: he pretty much throws the standard bar/hook format out the window
Satchford: yea, most of these songs seem like scores though
SwagGordon: true the structure is skewed in a tasteful manner
Satchford: yes
Satchford: that’s him pushing the genre……its creative
SwagGordon: This track to me is a 6/10….very depictive and conceptual but not strong enough in my opinion
Satchford is typing…
Satchford: I agree. 6/10
SwagGordon: doesn’t sound like the right amount of time was placed in its creation
Satchford: yea not like all of the lights and power

Blame Game ft. John Legend
SwagGordon: Now this Blame Game is crazy
SwagGordon: I love it
SwagGordon: my dick loves it
SwagGordon: LMAO
Satchford: chill
SwagGordon: the lyrics that are sung by John Legend are so close with reality….side note I heard my neighbors arguing the other day and this is like the soundtrack for their conversation
SwagGordon: the key pattern in this song is so melodic
SwagGordon: it kind of pushes the track and gives the rest of the instruments a path to follow
Satchford: yea it’s so soothing
SwagGordon: yea that’s the right word for it
Satchford: john legend was the perfect feature
SwagGordon: it’s funny that the sound of the track is soothing but the conversation in the track never is that peaceful
Satchford: ye recites a beautiful poem by khloe mitchell
SwagGordon: wow didn’t know that
SwagGordon: good stuff right there
Satchford: yea I get the feeling of a soap opera with this one…..think about it
Satchford: a soap opera is sooo soothing with its music but some crazy ish happens in them
SwagGordon: omg very true
SwagGordon: nice call there
Satchford: yep
the Chris rock part was funny but a little long
Satchford: YEEZY TAUGHT ME! hahahahahahah
SwagGordon: HA!
SwagGordon: TWISTA….LMAO…the source…LMAO
Satchford: hahahahahahaha
this track is soooo deep man
Satchford: we could go so deep on this one
Satchford: “you weren’t perfect but you made life perfect” beautiful life
you see how that verse with the different voices…it’s like your conscious talking to you then you talking to yourself then someone else talking to you
Satchford: so much confusion…who’s to blame?
SwagGordon: true
SwagGordon: very creative track
Satchford: rating?
Satchford: 10/10
SwagGordon: 10/10 enough said

Lost in the World
Satchford: FIST PUMPER!!!!!
Satchford: OMG
SwagGordon: LOL
Satchford: “but I’m downnnnn for the nighttttt
SwagGordon: this is a fist pumper
Satchford: (I’m dancing in my chair)
SwagGordon: the intro is a bit suspect
SwagGordon: the transition into the actual song is fair though
Satchford: the drums are so Coming To America-ish
SwagGordon: HA!
SwagGordon: James Earl Jones about to walk in Kanye’s studio?
Satchford: “lost in this plastic life”
SwagGordon: King Joffy Joe!
Satchford: hahaha
Satchford: “you’re my stress you’re my masseuse”
SwagGordon: it’s weird how Ye stacked the drums in this track
SwagGordon: it doesn’t sound like the match to me
Satchford: they bang
SwagGordon: the track sounds patchy to me
SwagGordon: not complete
Satchford: “run from the lights, run from the night, run for your life!” …the connection to All Of The Lights
Satchford: this track is deep but sooooo groooooovyyyyy
SwagGordon: this track reeks of a King returning back to the Motherland
Satchford: hahahaha
Satchford: Prince Hakeem, his servant Simmy
Satchford: imagine a packed club yelling they are “Lost in this worllllldddddd”…..take a minute to imagine that
Satchford: smh……wow
SwagGordon: a bit too much for me
Satchford: I will touch on that on a later date
SwagGordon: 6/10 just not really feeling
Satchford: 9/10

Who Will Survive In America
Satchford: I think this is a perfect closing…just listen
SwagGordon: I think Gorgeous should have been the closing and at the end let that guitar fade out
Satchford: the way we live in America, is not good….
Satchford: everyone is headed down the wrong path
Satchford: gil scott heron always was a deep thinker
basic message of it: America is an F’ed up place, who will survive
Satchford: sooo many avenues of hell
Satchford: that’s just my thoughts though
SwagGordon: I can see this guy just went into a zone!
Satchford: it’s an excerpt from a old gil scott heron track where he dropped knowledge

Satchford: interesting that ye chose to sample this
SwagGordon: I see he got these bongos
Satchford: haa so do you think with the album ending this way that ye is blaming most of his problems on America?
SwagGordon: Maybe more on the media and our interactions……well…..yea America
Satchford: I would say, partly
Satchford: yes that part^^^
Satchford: the other part, he brought on himself

SwagGordon: Overall the album is wonderful, minimum flaws, well structures, the substance was personal and relevant, and the productions for the most part match what the songs were about. The concept album worked well for him this time. Overall album rating 8.9/10

Satchford: 10/10….I think ye should have sampled more of that gil scott heron
Conclusion: I agree, Kanye with another concept album. But is this really a concept album? Sound true to his life if you ask me. He spent alot of time to make this, going to Hawaii and inviting friends to come and get on the album. Where I think he went wrong is putting too many features on songs. Alot of these songs could have been masterpieces. Some are close but we could have passed on a few of them features. That would have made the album more personal than it is. Furthermore, this album is one of his best overall. Not his best lyrically or production-wise, just overall best. He found that balance, everything comes together seamlessly. You can tell that’s where his main focus this time around.
My total rating: 8.8/10

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