Friday Night Phenomenon by J.Cole

Well as I waited for J. Cole’s newest mixtape in anticipation I believe I witnessed one of those sparkling moments in hip hop history. I have to admit it I am a downloader and there are others out there who download as frequently as me. But what I witness Friday night was bananas. First of all I received a tip that J.Cole was going to drop his mixtape via the net within minutes so I hopped on the HP and went to my source sites. The mixtape hit the net and BOOM! it happened. This is something that I haven’t really seen since Jigga dropped Vol.3. The server was flooded and people were all getting the mixtape at the same time therefore there was a delay. Some generous people tried to make multiple links to the album download but within minutes those links were inoperable as well. Finally I hit up one of my last sources and was lucky enough to score the mixtape. My first impression of this joint is suuuuu fire! Satchford is supposed to do a review of this bad boy. Some of the tracks were from the Blow Up mixtape but that mixtape wasn’t slacking so you know this one was up to par. But I can’t believe how many people were waiting for J.Cole’s mixtape. Felt like ’99 again and I was waiting in line at FYE for that Jigga-man Vol. 3 purchase. Goodness I can’t wait to see the reaction for when dude decides to drop an album.