Crazy Verse: Jay Electronica “So What You Sayin”

With his recent signing to Roc Nation, I felt it was only right to show why this guy is a problem. I’m just going to give you one verse. That’s all that’s needed.

Jay electrolysis probin the globe like a geologist
Puttin all of you pu**ies on display like gynocologists
Listen, I’m on a mission
Most of you niggas just spittin
The wise comprehend-iction hypnotize with the rhythm
Lyrical circumsicion toss the shmuck in the fire
Yea your mans and them is nice but they ain’t f**kin with sire
I’m a higher power devour all you idolaters
You satan worshipers nation perverters thirstin for dollars
Jay coldplay putting the clock on your chess game
I’m a varsity letter-mayne, you a fresh-mayne
Every line of every verse of every song is a quotable
Catch me in Mexico meditating with quetzalcotl, f**kers
I’m raining fire on you lame suckers
My tongue is the burner the barrel the biscuit don’t make me buck it spratt
I’m outta that mac I came into rap carrying the south on my back
And I’m ready to scriddap
I ain’t where you from son it’s where you live at
I never kiss another niggas bum to get me did-dap
I used to sip the coke and rum blowin dime sid-dacks
But now I’m wagin’ war with wicked men in high places
So what you sayin…

After reading/hearing this, your face should be equivalent to the image below…

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