Kanye West – “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Samples

Isn’t this a good Thanksgiving treat? Big ups to the producers on the new Kanye West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the production is good. This is for all the sample lovers.

Classic Ten Commandments to Shut Em Down

Was taking a casual listen to the songs in my library and I ran across this old P.E. / Pete Rock joint I had from back a while ago. I was vibing out to this funky melody joint then I done heard Chuck D say “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9” Take this to your nose on your small pinky nail
Public Enemy – “I Shut Em Down (Pete Rock remix)” check out 1:22~ Continue reading

De-Script-ive……an unauthorized audiobiography

I just recently purchased Jay-Z’s Decoded and the book is very informative. Jay describes his rhymes, reasons, methods, background, and more. Don’t get me wrong I am a Jigga fan but this book totally exaggerates his greatness. People will instantly eat into his views and dick ride him all the way home. So I believe making a judgement without exploring the other side of the pendulum is not judgement at all, its bias. So what I’m interested in doing is kind of showing some of Nas’ work too and maybe others.   Continue reading

Friday Night Phenomenon by J.Cole

Well as I waited for J. Cole’s newest mixtape in anticipation I believe I witnessed one of those sparkling moments in hip hop history. I have to admit it I am a downloader and there are others out there who download as frequently as me. But what I witness Friday night was bananas. First of all I received a tip that J.Cole was going to drop his mixtape via the net within minutes so I hopped on the HP and went to my source sites. The mixtape hit the net and BOOM! it happened. This is something that I haven’t really seen since Jigga dropped Vol.3. Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Jay Electronica “So What You Sayin”

With his recent signing to Roc Nation, I felt it was only right to show why this guy is a problem. I’m just going to give you one verse. That’s all that’s needed.

Jay electrolysis probin the globe like a geologist
Puttin all of you pu**ies on display like gynocologists
Listen, I’m on a mission
Most of you niggas just spittin
The wise comprehend-iction hypnotize with the rhythm
Lyrical circumsicion toss the shmuck in the fire
Yea your mans and them is nice but they ain’t f**kin with sire
I’m a higher power devour all you idolaters
You satan worshipers nation perverters thirstin for dollars
Jay coldplay putting the clock on your chess game
I’m a varsity letter-mayne, you a fresh-mayne
Every line of every verse of every song is a quotable
Catch me in Mexico meditating with quetzalcotl, f**kers
I’m raining fire on you lame suckers
My tongue is the burner the barrel the biscuit don’t make me buck it spratt
I’m outta that mac I came into rap carrying the south on my back
And I’m ready to scriddap
I ain’t where you from son it’s where you live at
I never kiss another niggas bum to get me did-dap
I used to sip the coke and rum blowin dime sid-dacks
But now I’m wagin’ war with wicked men in high places
So what you sayin…

After reading/hearing this, your face should be equivalent to the image below…