Cause Ignorance Is Bliss…

In today’s world, it’s apparent. I see it everyday, but while I try my hardest not to judge anybody it’s tough not to develop an opinion. I can’t because I was once like this and I’m sure most people were too at some point but not everyone snaps out of it as I did. Seeing old friends turn into felons over something bogus or just simply looking at society always spark an equivalent thought in my head. Some people experience bliss that know too little or thinking they know so much but don’t, it’s all the same in my opinion.

“Apparently you a parrot, marking ME in MY blueprint…”

“Cats so watered down clowns could sink the Titantic, tie titanium around their neck and watch em panic…”

Kendrick Lamar outlines such examples in this track off his new mixtape, O(verly) D(edicated). He chose to point out the act of “doing things blinded”. You think you know what you’re doing/saying but you really don’t, which can be looked at as a form of ignorance. From a typical unaware “gangsta” to uninformed rappers to uneducated hip hop critics, Kendrick Lamar has something to say to them and I can agree with him.

“I’m hearing the comments, the critics are calling me conscious, but truthfully every shooter be calling me Compton, so truthfully only calling me Kweli and Common proves….”

“Until that day I’ll pistol whip you posers until I’m pissed off…”

“Ask me what I have accomplished, I don’t know, I have no conscious, I just load up and start dumping”

The saying “ignorance is bliss” can go both ways. Is all knowledge good? No. Is it okay to be ignorant in certain situations? Sure. Does knowledge equal power? Perhaps. Whatever your opinion may be, these are just my thoughts…

Kendrick Lamar – Ignorance Is Bliss