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Nas – Take It In Blood (w/ unreleased verses and chorus)

Nas – Take It In Blood (off ‘It Was Written’ album)

N.E.R.D. bites off Mobb Deep……hmmm?

I was listening to one of the new tracks off N.E.R.D. Nothing album and I kind of noticed a familiar melody. I want to say that the Neptunes have managed to recreate the melody from Mobb Deep’s “Give Up The Goods”. Listen to the woodwind instrument used in NERD’s song and compare it to the melody used in Mobb Deep’s song.

N.E.R.D. – Inside of Clouds

Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods (Just Step)

Common+JDilla+MarvinGaye=Love Is…

This is a sample I have been looking for for sometime now. In the album booklet for “Be”, the sample for  “Love Is” is credited to Marvin Gaye’s “God Is Love”(which is coincidentally my favorite Marvin Gaye record), but when I listen to the version of “God Is Love” that I have I can’t hear what Dilla used, until now. That is because the Continue reading

Cause Ignorance Is Bliss…

In today’s world, it’s apparent. I see it everyday, but while I try my hardest not to judge anybody it’s tough not to develop an opinion. I can’t because I was once like this and I’m sure most people were too at some point but not everyone snaps out of it as I did. Seeing old friends turn into felons over something bogus or just simply looking at society always spark an equivalent thought in my head. Some people experience bliss that know Continue reading

Most Kings get their heads cut ooooffff……true or false???

Indeed with the resurgence of the talk of power and who deserves to it, it’s only right that I comment on it. Just thinking about hip hop and how some artist is trying to be the king of some area. The king of the south, the king of New York, the king of the west coast, the king of blah blah. I listened Jay-Z’s “Most Kingz” featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay to see if what he mentioned in his verses made sense.

What Jay mentions at the beginning about having the mark on your back is true, but history says that most kings did not have the target on their back; rather it was the fear of the guillotine. Let’s review some history; there were 2 prominent kings, out of 100 plus kings that were decapitated. King Charles I was the only British Monarch to be beheaded. He was beheaded because of his war crimes during the civil war against Parliamentarians. Continue reading